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Your company may miss out on great business opportunities from visitors to your site. How about exploring these possibilities and achieving surprising results by attracting customers with Digital Marketing?

Attracting customer attention to your business has never been easier and cheaper. Perhaps you are thinking that we have gone crazy, but do not rush to judge us. We will explain the reason for this statement.

According to Content Trends 2019, today, more than 90% of its audience is on the internet and this is the fact that makes its marketing strategies agile and inexpensive to attract its potential consumers.

Imagine the following situation: you are walking down the street coming home from work and suddenly you see a crowd of people talking, laughing and seeing something that you cannot see. Attracted by curiosity, you approach to see what is generating such a buzz.

Imagine now that this cluster of people is a social network. You notice that many people have commented on it and, even more, some have even invited you to chat with there.

This scenario is what happens today. People are concentrated in different media and segmented by their motivations and interests. You can already imagine where we are going with this whole conversation, right?

As most people are concentrated in virtual places, you just need to find out which one is the main concentration of your target audience and be present there too.

After that, all actions will be focused on connecting with these people, in order to give a great experience with your brand. There, your company is in the game!

Want to know more about this topic? So continue with us and learn how to attract customers using Digital Marketing!

What is Digital Marketing?

As the name says, Digital Marketing are marketing strategies executed online, that is, on the internet.

These strategies only work in the web environment. Through them it is possible to attract business opportunities, create connections and give your company an identity.

What is the first commandment of Digital Marketing?

Right audience. Known in the marketing world as a persona. The persona created by a company has the mission to characterize the ideal customer to consume the products or services of a business, in a way that it is possible to meet their needs.

She is fictional, but has a name, behavioral traits, motivations, is of a certain geography and has specific pains and desires.

An example: Carla is 38, married, has 3 children. He works in a department store where he is a manager. She goes to graduate school twice a week at night and on other days she dedicates herself to taking care of her children and her husband. Carla hopes that with this post-graduation she will be able to make her career transition to lead a calmer life.

If a company sells women’s orthopedic shoes, its target audience will be women who work mostly outside the home, standing in their 30s and 50s and who spend a long time moving around.

Did you notice the difference between persona and target audience? Personas are specific and have a context. The target audience is generic. Digital strategies research consumer behaviors to meet their needs.

How to understand and segment your audience?

According to the GlobalWebIndex survey, London is the second country in the world to spend more time on the internet, about 225 minutes a day – we only lose to the Philippines, with 241 minutes a day on the web.

How is this information relevant to Digital Marketing? With so many people in the online world, it is possible to create an audience and establish authority in your company’s segment.

What you will need to do is to know which specific social network your persona is in, which one seeks information and how it behaves on the network.

Once this information is clear, it is possible to create a personalized digital strategy focused on the results that your company wants to achieve.

To understand your audience, it is important to invest in marketers and have access to tools that collaborate with the collection of information about the public’s interest. It is from there that you will be able to produce actions to achieve your goal.

With this information, you will be able to properly invest in the ideal channel to expand your online presence.

How to invest in digital strategies?

The main digital strategies are: SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. Find out more about each one below!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This strategy is to optimize your blog so that it appears on the first pages of search engines. That way, your brand is present and accessible when your potential customer is looking for you when they need to solve a problem.

Following an SEO strategy is a way to fulfill the prerequisites demanded by the search engines.

Adapting your website / blog to a ranking standard is one of the most advantageous and cost-effective strategies.

Inbound Marketing

The mission of this strategy is attracting personas to your company. In this strategy, brands seek to understand the real precision of the person to connect to them and present themselves as a solution to a certain problem.

Through the creation of relevant content that interacts with the persona, it is possible to create your own audience.

In this way, your company becomes a source of information for solving your pains and needs.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategy used to engage your persona. With it you can give your brand an identity, answer questions, create connections and, finally, attract sales opportunities and new business for your company.

This strategy can be considered as the pillar of all the others. After all, content can communicate in many ways at different levels and with any type of person.

Just hit the channel of your promotion and the tone of the message. This particular strategy has the advantage of attracting visitors and converting them into customers by enchanting the audience.

Ideally, content production is fully focused on educating the persona about your product and providing them with information that is valuable for their knowledge and decision making.

Content Marketing draws a lot of attention for interacting with consumers. This means that even after making a purchase, customers remain engaged with your brand because they understand that your company is not only motivated to sell to them, but also to provide a good experience from the beginning to the end of the purchase journey.

This positive experience helps to build customer loyalty, who continue to return to their communication channels.

How to implement digital marketing in your company?

Hiring a Content Marketing company is the first step to start your digital campaign on the right foot.

This type of company is able to create its strategy from end to end: from creating your persona, identifying which digital channels make the most sense for your brand and producing the right content to achieve the desired results.

One of the first actions of the Content Marketing strategy is the creation of a blog. This channel allows direct and exclusive communication with your personas.

And the best: without any type of entertainment that can compete with your communication, as is the case with social networks.

Content Marketing is also responsible for email marketing communications, an important channel for maintaining communication with your client.

How can Websites Are Us help your business?

Websites Are Us is a software company and content marketing specialist.

The main advantages of hiring the company’s services are:

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• if it is a need for your company, the creating a blog with an innovative and optimized template to convert visitors into customers;

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dedicated consultancy in Digital Marketing with the best specialists in the field.

In this way, it will be possible to attract customers with Digital Marketing and start selling their products or services on the Internet as soon as possible, the biggest showcase for the current consumer.

Do not miss the opportunity to start your digital strategy with those who most understand the subject.

Websites Are Us blogs today have more than 4 million monthly visits, distributed among more than 2 thousand customers, what generates around 10 thousand monthly leads and about thousand budget requests per month.

Our company knows the recipe for making your brand a success on the internet. If you still have doubts about how Content Marketing will make all the difference for your company, maybe the next argument will help.

Investing in Content Marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing and the return is greater, since the content strategy brings recurrence, which traditional strategies generally do not.

Talk to one of our experts and learn how to hire an ideal solution plan for your company.