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Shadowban is a temporary ban that Instagram doesn’t take, but it does apply to some users. To avoid, the ideal is to stay away from some practices. Learn more about how to avoid shadowban in our post!

Haven’t your posts reached so many people? Are your stories with views well below normal? Situations like these are quite common and the fact that they seem strange really has a basis.

It may be that you are going through a shadowban, which explains the lower reach of the content you generate, which also results in less interaction.

Some user behaviors when using Instagram can trigger the platform’s algorithms. They are understood as inappropriate and unusual behaviors for profiles – and this is exactly the beginning of the problem with your account.

In this post we will talk more about the shadowban and we will solve the main doubts and detail a little this behavior that generates so much dissatisfaction:

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What is shadowban and what causes it?

In the litearal translation, shadowban means something like “phantom ban”. In practice, this is a mechanism that Instagram applies to block the performance of an account’s posts, but so that this impediment is not explicit.

Practically, the platform does this in a hidden way, reducing the reach of feed posts, comments and story views. No one sees your publications temporarily, until that ban is closed.

Account followers are able to view this content, however, never as a priority, appearing on the timeline, something that Instagram normally applies.

For other users, in case of open profiles, publications are simply exposed. If you publish something and place a location, users who enter posts tagged with that place cannot see the content.

In such cases, the only way to view the post is to go directly to the profile that posted it. However, there is no exposure of the publication in feeds, since that is exactly what the shadowban focuses on.

This name is used because there is no explicit and official blocking by the platform, however, the publication is practically hidden in the timeline, hastags and locations feeds.

The platform also never made it official that it actually does this, but its guidelines make it clear that some behaviors can generate shadowban.

Shortest reach for brand profiles

The main targets of the shadowban are generally commercial accounts. Even so, social media professionals began to detect a sharp drop in reach, comments and likes of posts.

The interaction does not happen precisely because the content is not visible to the public. As commercial profiles are totally linked to engagement, which often depends on interactions, it was quickly possible to realize that there was something wrong with the exposure of the contents.

However, Instagram does not make this restriction for nothing: there are a number of policies for proper use of the platform and that, if disregarded, the shadowban will probably happen.

It is a way that Instagram has to keep track of the visibility of posts, trying to make the behavior of the platform as organic as possible.

How to find out if your profile has suffered shadowban?

The shadowban is sneaky and arrives without warning, which is why it is always difficult to understand when it really is the situation of your profile. Many people have experienced this doubt because of the recent changes in the Instagram algorithm over the past few years. Indeed, there is an attempt to stop impulses made through hacks that are not prohibited.

Precisely the overuse of these mechanisms made Instagram realize that, even more, profiles even personal have used these strategies. It is up to everyone to know how they are using certain hashtags and parallel tools for account management on the social network.

If your latest, or recent publications, have received few interactions, you may have been temporarily banned from exposure on Instagram. There are some techniques that will help you find out if this really happened, check it out!

Check if your post appears on profiles that don’t follow you

Start by making a new publication, just as you usually do. Do not change anything, use hashtags, location and do all the common procedure, especially if it is the case of a business account.

From that, it is possible to check the reach of this post, checking precisely from the perspective of people who are its followers.

Ideally, at least five profiles that do not follow you search for the hashtag used in the post, or even the location used. If the publication does not appear in these two feeds, then it is really possible to post that you are in a temporary shadowban.

Use your own tool for this

As much as there is controversy regarding this checking mechanism, Shadowban Tester is a web platform that checks the accounts and performance of your publications. Just enter the username of the platform and the site makes a quick and very objective analysis.

As much as it usually works, there are some users who report weak analysis and do not portray the truth. Ideally, you should use both mechanisms, even as a way of confirming each other. Thus, the chances of having the real situation realized are high.

What to do when you realize that your account is in shadowban?

Did you find that you are in a shadowban? Calm! Now it is a game of solitaire, since the ban is temporary. The ideal is to avoid the practices that generated the ban, to ensure that it does not extend any longer.

In addition, you can follow these procedures:

  • give your profile a break, somewhere between 24-48h without any publication;
  • change your habits, especially in the volume of posts per day;
  • revoke any access from applications that use your profile as access;
  • if the account is for a large company, contact Instagram.

How to avoid shadowban?

As it is a procedure linked to some practices, of course, it is also up to you to prevent the shadowban from keeping your account “frozen” for some time. If you know about inappropriate practices, it’s easier to avoid them.

Here’s how to avoid the shadowban!

Stop using prohibited hashtags

Some hashtags, because they are marked in prohibited photos on Instagram, or for using improper terms, are prohibited on the platform. You can even use them, but shadowban can be a consequence of that. The ideal is always to be attentive to the list of prohibited hashtags.

Avoid exaggerating hashtags

It is common for profiles to simply exaggerate the number of hashtags used in the descriptions, and the reason is simple: the content, in this way, can appear to more people and in different searches.

The ideal number is 6 hasthtags per post, never exceeding 30, which is really well over the limit.

Vary the hashtags

Hashtags are always linked to subjects, which is why some profiles use a series of variations of terms and expressions. Thus, it is easier to be found by a specific target audience.

It turns out that the use of similar hashtags can generate understanding of spam, which results in the shadowban.

Reduce the use of automation

Automations to get followers and interact with posts are prohibited by the platform, something that is very clear and all social media should know. Of course, many use these tools aware of the risk, but it can actually cause shadowban.

Therefore, it is better to have a greater work of dedication than to totally lose the reach of the account.

Like and comment in moderation

Even though the work is done mechanically, if you repeat it many times it ends up opening the margin for Instagram to understand that it is an automation. Be careful when enjoying a series of posts at once, or commenting on the same thing in several publications.

Pay attention to the content of your publications

As much as a content is not explicit, the tone used, or some references, can offend users, or even generate misinterpretation. This will lead to complaints in the publication, which is automatically considered for temporary banning.

Keep an eye out for policy news

Instagram’s policies are always up to date, especially in the face of some attempts to circumvent the rules. In addition, new motivators for the shadowban may also appear. The ideal to keep your account always clean is to be well informed, reading blogs and related websites.

Research before using management platforms

There are many Instagram account management tools available to users, however, not all do a job that respects the restrictions of the social network. Before starting to use, research with users if they have already generated any problems.

Be careful when unfollow

Do you want to stop following some accounts? Take it easy! Even that can be a reason for a shadowban. Ideally, you should not unfollow many profiles at once. Divide the work in a few days and avoid major problems!

Keep your account always active

Despite being a very simple tip, it can make a difference even if you go through a shadowban! Instagram understands that it is these accounts that drive the social network, so they value them well. If by chance the ban occurs, your account will quickly go back to active.

The shadowban does not have to be a ghost that haunts the professionals who manage social networks! With good care and best practices it is possible to stay away from this problem.

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