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YouTube Live is an essential tool for your Digital Marketing strategy. With a low cost and easy handling, the channel facilitates the transmission of videos in real time, which allows the creation of extremely engaging content. All of this from your computer or cell phone.

What do you do to increase your company’s reach on the internet? The diversity of techniques offered by Digital Marketing makes it possible to use different strategies, often in a combined way. In all cases, the production of captivating content is essential to consolidate the relationship with the public.

Realizing the effectiveness of this approach, more and more companies are competing for space on the main internet networks, which increases the need to diversify the channels on which their content is displayed.

One of the great current trends is YouTube Live, a platform that has proven to be an excellent way to engage the public and generate leads. Do you want to know more about the tool and understand how to use it to your advantage? Throughout this article, you will understand:

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What is YouTube Live?

Do you remember Hangouts On Air? The service was integrated with YouTube and allowed the transmission of video conferences to countless viewers. Before its discontinuation, in mid-2016, it was widely used in Content Marketing strategies, especially for hosting webinars.

In its place, Google announced the launch of YouTube Live. Like its predecessor, the tool enables real-time transmissions targeted to subscribers to your channel. In addition, at the end of the live, the content is automatically made available for unlimited viewing.

Why do a live stream on YouTube Live?

The creation of video content is fundamental to the success of your company on the internet. We are not the ones who say this, but the numbers. According to a survey conducted by Optinmonster, a video marketing strategy has the power to increase brand reach by 54%.

In addition, the sense of urgency and exclusivity generated by live streams makes YouTube Live an extremely beneficial tool for your relationship with the persona. It is the opportunity to hold a kind of seminar for a segmented audience, without the restriction of viewers.

However, there is no rule for the type of live broadcast. You can use the feature to present a service, test a new product, advertise promotions, or talk about anything else that keeps the audience engaged and is beneficial to the company.

During broadcasts, the platform provides a comment box for viewers. That way, they can interact with the live director, who, in turn, has the chance to get even closer to potential customers. We don’t even need to talk about how it facilitates generation of qualified leads, it is not?

With so many advantages offered, we leave the best for last. Conducting a live broadcast on YouTube Live is a task of low cost and high ease. In the next topics, you will learn how to do it, either by computer or by cell phone. Follow!

What to check before the transmission starts?

Regardless of the equipment used for the live broadcast, it is essential that you are prepared to perform it without any problems. First, you need to verify your account, which you should have done if you’ve posted videos longer than 15 minutes.

Then, make sure your channel has no restrictions on live streaming. The network suspends account transmissions for 90 days that violate its usage policies. If you follow all YouTube usage rules, you should have no problem with that.

How do I broadcast live using my cell phone?

Ease and low cost. These are the benefits that we have pointed out as the main ones for YouTube Live. Therefore, there is nothing more fair than to start explaining how to carry out the whole process using an equipment that you certainly already have: the smartphone.

The features and functionality of YouTube Live for mobile are strictly identical to those found on desktops. The advantage is that the device usually already has a camera qualified for transmission. In some cases, however, it is worth investing in more powerful microphones.

To start live, access the YouTube app on your phone. If you don’t already have it installed, download it for free through the App Store, on iPhones, or Google Play, on Androids. With the app open, click on the icon in camera format. On the next screen, select “broadcast live”.

After the click, the application will ask for some information about the transmission. This is the moment when you define the video title and the type of privacy. It is also possible to use your device’s GPS to inform your exact location at the time of the live.

How to exploit the transmission capabilities?

After setting the title and privacy preferences, select “more options.” There, you can add a description for the live. It is interesting to use a short and informative text in order to attract your followers to the video. Besides that, be sure to use hashtags pertinent to your persona.

In the next step, click on advanced settings. The page that will open will allow you to choose whether the live will feature a live chat or not. In most cases, allowing viewers to post messages during the broadcast is a great way to generate engagement.

In addition, it is on this page that you must indicate whether the video is age restricted or sponsored by a partner.

With the adjustments made, proceed to the next step. Once this is done, the application will launch a three-second countdown to then capture the image that will be used as the transmission cover.

So, just click on share and spread the news about the live on your social networks. When everything is ready, just click on “broadcast live” and the live will start automatically.

How to do the live broadcast using the computer?

Not all computers have a webcam and a sound system suitable for a live broadcast. So the first step that you must take is check the presence and quality of these features on your device to, if necessary, invest in improvements.

Here, it is worth remembering that the quality of the transmission is decisive for its success. After all, pixelated images and distorted audios work as a true repellent for spectators, since, as soon as they notice low quality, they tend to abandon live.

After taking care of hardware issues, you need to ensure that the software used supports the live. According to the Google support page, your computer must have one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or higher;
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher;
  • Ubuntu 10+ or ​​higher.

Another important point is the browser to be used. So make sure you have one of the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. In terms of connection, it is important to have a qualified internet in order to avoid interruptions or drops in transmission.

Thus, if your intention is to transmit a video with 4K resolution, you must have access to a connection of at least 20 Mbps. For an HD 1080p resolution, the minimum is 5 Mbps, while an HD 720p video requires at least a speed of 2.5 Mbps.

How to start the transmission?

After checking all the aspects mentioned in the last paragraph, go to the YouTube website, click on the camera icon and select the option “live broadcast”. From that point, the process is very similar to that performed using a smartphone.

The website will open a window to request the nomination of the broadcast. It is crucial that the title is drawn up in a way that is appealing to the persona, making clear the type of content that will be addressed. On the same page, you can select the privacy settings for the video. There are three options:

  • public: for all users of the platform;
  • toilet: directed only to users who have the transmission link;
  • particular: which closes the transmission just for you.

By clicking “More options”, you can set a description for the video and select the category that best suits it. In addition, you must manually select the camera and microphone to be used.

To define whether comments are opened or closed to viewers, select “Advanced Settings”. There it is also possible to block access for users of certain age groups and indicate whether the transmission is paid for. If there is an endorsement of a product or service, it is mandatory to inform YouTube.

With everything done, go back to the previous page and click on “next”. YouTube will start the three-second countdown and take a photo using the camera indicated by you. The image will be used as the cover of the broadcast, so pay close attention to this step.

The next screen allows sharing of the live through links or social networks. When you’re ready, select “Broadcast live”. There, you’re in the air!

Running live streams on YouTube Live is an excellent way to stimulate your audience’s engagement and offer a qualified experience. The feature is simple to use and low cost, which makes it completely accessible. Plan what will be covered, follow the instructions presented in the text and get to work!

So, ready to perform your live broadcast? YouTube is a very useful tool for your Digital Marketing strategy. So check out valuable information for you to master your channel masterfully!