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When we put a digital marketing strategy to work, we always take into account that, among the possible channels for disseminating content and interacting with the target audience, are social networks. After all, these are spaces where people are more willing to make contacts and share knowledge from their contacts […]

When we put a digital marketing strategy to work, we always take into account that, among the possible channels for disseminating content and interacting with the target audience, are social networks.

After all, these are spaces where people are more willing to make contacts and share knowledge based on your contacts and tastes.

Other than that, social networks are more navigable on mobile devices, a format increasingly chosen by people to connect to the internet.

And that is exactly why more and more companies create profiles and pages on the most different networks.

But to make your content seen, liked, commented on and shared, you need to build an audience for each of these profiles.

At first glance, it may seem that the growth of your follower and fan base is something organic, but the reality is a little different.

It is necessary to establish lines of action that guarantee, not only that your audience knows about your presence on social media, but that they also become part of your legion of visitors.

So we are going to talk today about the aspects involving audience building, among strategies, methods, tips and tools.

So you guarantee more clicks to your content, greater possibilities to generate leads and, with that, increase sales opportunities for your business.

So, let’s go to the fight and towards success!

Why is building an audience for social media important?

Social networks are social. And we know that this may seem like the peak of redundancy, but it is important that this concept is very well understood.

They are virtual communities that primary objective is to establish and maintain the relationship among your users to be able to work.

And when we think, then, about content marketing, we realize how interesting these virtual universes can be.

The point is that much is said about the need to produce and post a lot of quality content, relevant to your target audience.

But the concern is so much with the creation of this material that they end up forgetting that, no matter how great the material produced is, it is necessary to let him find his way to the consumer.

From the moment a company perceives a social network as an opportune channel to disseminate its material, we begin to understand how important it is to build an audience for your brand within each community.

It is there that your content (in the most varied formats) will have a greater chance of being perceived and accessed. And, even better, it can be multiplied. With a click or two, a user can make their content reach hundreds (or even thousands) of other interested parties.

Other than that, a social network can be interesting to work on attracting and retaining customers using their profiles as a customer service channel.

Taking advantage of the entire structure that these sites offer, it is possible to train a service team to receive and interact with customers and prospects from comments on posts or through the exchange of messages or chat windows.

It’s a very interesting universe.

The main channels for building an audience

But it is necessary to know how to choose the set of channels that can work most effectively. It is no use creating profiles on all networks and not being able to monitor these pages satisfactorily.

You need to think strategically even when it comes to knowing which set of channels can work best for your brand. Because, depending on the target audience, you will work with a different set.

A very precious tip is: if you don’t know where to start, to avoid taking the first wrong step, do a survey with your clientele to know directly from her what the main channels she uses.

Only, as we are always here to help, we have separated a list with the most popular of the year 2015, so you can evaluate:

  • Twitter – the little blue bird was half forgotten, but came back with full strength. Messages with up to 140 characters that can be liked, shared and commented on. Simple and effective especially for smartphone users, who need to make the biggest impact with the least amount of words
  • Facebook – one of the favorites and most popular, mainly in London. Networks can be built from contacts (friends, colleagues, family), participating in groups and supporting organizations by becoming a follower or fan.
  • LinkedIn – made mainly for professional contacts, interviews and business establishment, how to find partners and customers.
  • Google+ – between successes and failures, the giant Google is finally managing to get its social network out to its users – and look that there are many. Now it is waiting to see if it will be able to become as popular as the email service or the search portal.
  • Instagram – photography lovers quickly declared their love through numerous hashtags and filters. And with the possibility of sharing your clicks on other social networks, this network has won even more admirers.
  • Youtube – and if we have a social network for photos, why not have one made to publish and share videos? Older sister of Instagram, she is now part of the giant Google and has achieved status as a giant in the audiovisual world.

It is worth remembering that there are several other options available in the market (in our panorama of Content Marketing there are several others).

There are even interesting tools that help manage multiple different profiles without having to open multiple tabs in your browser window. A real hand on the wheel.

Oh, and even after the research you are still in doubt about the elected networks, it is worth remembering that most of them have also noticed your interest in them.

And it has already prepared, on its official sites, very interesting materials, with the profile of its users, other companies that also do business there and even special services (sale inside your page, paid posts and the like), something that does with that your decision is much easier and more correct.

The best methods and tips to build your audience

Well, the moment you and your team hit the hammer on the best social networks to share your brand’s content and communicate with your audience, you need to plan your strategy.

Because building an audience means creating a set of specific actions to make it seen within these communities.

First of all, take the time to read the terms of use and policies for each site. So you already avoid doing something that is not allowed and start with a headache, instead of a brilliant campaign.

Simple (but super effective!) Strategies

  • Create and / or join groups – with millions of users wandering through their contacts’ profiles, it is sometimes difficult to recognize who has similar ideas and tastes to make new contacts. That is why the groups are interesting cutouts to participate. In fact, the purpose will be exactly that – to offer your knowledge in the exchange of messages, not to post advertisements or create topics.
  • Promote question and answer sessions – a very frank and direct conversation, answering the main doubts of followers and future followers. Depending on the subject and your brand, it is worth launching a hashtag to recognize the participants. The cool thing is to make it a well-defined action, with a beginning, middle and end, so that people can focus their attention on your brand. Oh, and many companies open the channel to receive questions in advance. So they can prepare without fear.
  • Create awards – who doesn’t like to receive a treat? So, take advantage of those gifts that you already make for your customers – or create something exclusive – and take very quick and practical actions, along the lines: like and share this message (openly) in order to compete. The cool thing is to make followers and interested parties feel tempted to participate and in a few clicks they already pass on their profile.
  • Create surveys – it doesn’t have to be something with 35 questions. In fact, it can be quite commonplace, linked to the universe of your brand. For example, if you sell yogurt, you can ask for your favorite flavor. This strategy for building an audience is interesting because it shows that your company is there to listen to your audience and not just post advertising. And will one of these surveys end up having the idea to launch a new product, based on popular opinion?
  • Create CTAs for your social networks – also make your website content work for you. Take advantage of the calls to action that you probably already make at the end of a material and invite them to be part of your networks.
  • Use the calendar to your advantage – be sure to show that your company is made up of people and that they care. Create messages or profile pictures with special messages about causes in which she identifies and defends. It could be the birthday of Christ the Redeemer, Christmas, the pink October and the like.

From this set of actions, implemented in a continuous and structured way (it is worth reinforcing this idea), your brand will appear in more and more profiles and, added to the efforts that are already made in the production and dissemination of content, you have huge chances of gaining more and more followers who can become new customers.

Tools that can help you with this task

And in order not to leave you in the dark to manage all of this – and also to have great data to evaluate your actions – we could not fail to present you with some good tools to help build and maintain your audience on social networks.

  • Free Review Monitoring – as the name says, it is free, but has plans and upgrades. It is very cool for you who wanted to have access to the criticism that your customers make about your business. It works for many foreign sites, but it is also a partner of the London Reclame Aqui.
  • – you can confess that you also hit your head on the table when you needed to create a beautiful infographic. This free tool helps to create these materials in a surprisingly simple way.
  • – URL shorteners are great for those who have counted characters. This tool not only does this, but it helps to manage the results of the clicks. Ah, it is also free!
  • Hootsuite and AgoraPulse – remember that we mentioned above that there are really cool tools to manage your social networks? Well, we’re introducing you to two of them. Both are free and also have a paid version for companies.

These are just some of the main tools for social networks (we have a list with 35 for you to know). The important thing is to know which ones are best for you and your team work in an organized way.


Social networks, as we noticed not only in this article, but in so many other materials we produce, are a wonderful opportunity to win over and engage internet users.

It is possible, not only to offer them your products and services, but (and this is much more valuable!) To obtain information and strategic data to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Thus, you go ahead and leverage not only your sales, but also the percentage of loyal customers.

So be sure to bet on building an audience for your social networks. And more than that, put in your planning actions that make these people are always attentive and interested in what you offer. Diversify the strategies and never forget to measure the results.

This is a winning recipe!

And so that you can continue to delight your customers and improve your sales results, be sure to check out our “Marketing Kit for Social Networks”, 4 free ebooks on today’s biggest social networks!

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