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The world has changed and so has marketing. With all the means and channels available with the arrival of Digital Marketing, the customer’s purchase journey has become much more complex. And that is where Content Marketing platforms arise. Today companies need to think not only about the quality of their product and […]

The world has changed and so has marketing. With all the means and channels available with the arrival of Digital Marketing, the customer’s purchase journey has become much more complex. And that is where Content Marketing platforms arise.

Today companies need to think not only about the quality of their product, but also about the best experience for their users. This experience requires relevant and consistent content that will reach people at the right time.

Therefore, in the era of immediacy and that of the most conscious customer, Content Marketing is the one that will help your brand, mainly because it is directed to those who really make the profile of your ideal customer.

According to Content Trends 2017, 71% of companies adopt the Content Marketing strategy, and of those that do not, 58.3% intend to adopt it and have already started the implementation phase.

The success of this strategy is due to its main mission: to increase its sales. The other consequences are benefits that come as a gift, such as highlighting your brand, products and services, educating your market and publicizing your company.

Importance of choosing the platform

It is important to remember that with the evolution of technology, all the work that involves the production of content – including planning, execution, review, dissemination, measurement and monitoring – became increasingly detailed and rich in opportunities.

However, deciding to apply Content Marketing without using a platform is a difficult task, which requires an appropriate team, time, discipline and dedication.

Investing in a Content Marketing platform will help you make the best decisions with an interface designed for your best performance.

However, not every company that provides this service is concerned with the details that will make all the difference to your strategy. In this reality, you need to be aware.

It is precisely for this reason that we decided to prepare this article that will serve as a basis for you to establish your brand as a reliable source of information and knowledge for your ideal client.

Learn how to choose your Content Marketing platform, whether to start your journey or to reassess whether the solution you have now is really the best.

Challenges that need to be faced

We need to be sincere, it is not easy to produce and disseminate material that attracts and helps in the conversions of a brand. In fact, if it were, it would hardly be considered a different and exclusive content.

There are some challenges that need to be faced if you don’t use a qualified Content Marketing platform.

First, make sure you identify any of them in your strategy.

Produce content at scale

It is not enough to write a good text, leave everything aside and after months of publishing other fantastic material. To be successful it takes constancy, both in publication and in quality.

That is why there are two requirements that will help you face this obstacle when choosing the Content Marketing platform:


When we are at the beginning of a content strategy we have fantastic gas to be able to produce material. We obey with remarkable dedication everything that we aim to achieve.

But over time – after the first or second month – day-to-day tasks, emergencies and many other factors end up causing your blog to start with small delays that cannot happen.

One platform helps facilitate processes that end up blocking the desired and planned flow of information in your editorial calendar, keeping you up to date on your strategy.

To do so, it must be easy to use and help to clearly designate the roles of each team member.


To produce with quality and consistency – these two adjectives will be a constant double in our article – it is also necessary that the entire team is involved and engaged.

For this, have a series of care between the management of objectives, time and cost, while monitoring the actions of your team, keeping everyone motivated to achieve the desired results and follow increasing quality.

In other words: your team needs to want to maintain a successful strategy and use the platform with that goal in mind, knowing which Content Marketing goals need to be met.

Manage talent

Managing talent is difficult. It is necessary to find freelancers to produce your material, which means testing your skills to know if the production of the article will be of quality and will satisfy all the requirements – of the company, the brand, the strategy – continuously.

When dealing with professionals who do not work immersed in the environment of our company, it becomes more complicated to align expectations and the objective to be passed.

Therefore, choosing the platform for Content Marketing will also be essential so that this administration can take place in a clear manner, avoiding communication problems and ensuring that its content is being produced and reviewed by qualified people.

Align the funnel stages

Whenever we produce content, we have to think about its objective and at what point in my sales funnel it fits.

With a Content Marketing platform, it is easier to do this planning and create a sequence of steps and approvals that will help you determine which future guidelines will be better used by your prospects. The secret is to do all this thinking about the persona in a documented way.

However, this mistake is very much made by companies. Content Trends 2017 revealed that most companies that have Content Marketing do not present it in a documented way (46.3%).

This serious error can compromise the entire strategy. After all, without documentation you do not guarantee that everyone is aligned on the same purpose and you lose comparative data to keep up with your strategy growth.

Development and maintenance of marketing routines

This also requires constant and strong work, since one of the most complex things is getting establish a routine, without losing strength or care for your strategy.

We said above that one of the magic words for success is discipline and here it will also be one of the most important tools.

The platform here has a very obvious role – but not for that reason unimportant: it comes in as the practical set that allows your team to see the functioning of each of the processes (production, calendar, editing), as well as their integration into the set , to be able to make a complete assessment and to know the positive points and where it will be possible to improve.

Choosing a Content Marketing Platform

The choice of the Content Marketing platform to be used is a delicate moment that needs investigation. For this, pay attention to the following points:

Size and structure

The first item consists of size and structure.

Even knowing that the platform is easy to use and that it offers numerous tools that make your life easier, it is necessary to take into account the number of people who work so that your content has that dynamic duo: quality and constancy.

It is necessary to take into account more than good intentions, knowing in advance what these people can, in fact, offer, among qualified labor, know how, without forgetting the constant search for improvement.

How can you trust someone who claims to be a Content Marketing expert if he doesn’t have a consistent and successful project himself? Therefore, eyes and ears always attentive to know differentiate advertising from reality.

#Tip: ask yourself “how many are involved in this team? Are the team members responsible for my strategy professional? ”.

Volume of content

Each objective with Content Marketing and study of your persona profile leads to a specific strategy of volume of materials.

Therefore, to choose a platform that will lead your brand to success, you need to think about amount of content that will be made available.

Therefore, based on the objectives of your company, the study of your audience and your market (environment, competition) it will be necessary to design the frequency of posts within the blog you created.

After all, it is necessary to think about how much time is better to publish materials on the blog and how to vary the types (videos, ebooks, posts, articles) so that a balance is drawn and show the personality of your brand in valuable content for your readers .

In our Content Trends 2017 survey, participants responded that the most produced quantity is between 1 and 4 monthly contents (38.9%). We asked if this volume showed any changes from last year, and 68% stated that production was expanded.

However, when preparing a comparison in relation to the monthly volume of content produced and the number of visitors reached, we found that companies that produce more than 13 contents per month win up to 4.2 times more visits than publish up to 12 contents.

However, we cannot generalize, sometimes you do not need a large volume of content and this can even harm your strategy, so stay tuned: try to find out more about the planning that the company has done for you, ask questions and ask examples.

#Tip ask yourself “does the Content Marketing platform I choose manage to maintain the necessary volume of content for my company? how much content will it really take to succeed? ”


Time is one of the most important items to consider when choosing a Content Marketing platform.

According to Content Trends 2017, among the 29% of companies that do not adopt Content Marketing, the main reasons are lack of time and available staff (38.9%). Part of the fundamental tripod of any project, together with planning and budgeting, is organizing the time to be able to outline a successful strategy.

We know that finding the time to dedicate yourself fully to this is complicated – that’s why you need a Content Marketing platform that is practical, agile and that makes your life easier, making this whole process much easier for your team.

#Tip ask yourself “How much time does your team have to dedicate to Content Marketing?”

Quality of the content made by the platform writers

People are interested in quality, information that adds value in an interesting way and something that captivate.

If it weren’t for that, search engines wouldn’t have the strength they have in the internet universe.

So, the calculation of that time is much more based on the paths designed to offer what they seek and the profile of this audience to be won as a reader. Does he seek practical answers or is he willing to take a little extra time to find his answers?

Therefore, you need to ensure that the content that will be produced by the platform you have chosen is of quality, with a team of available and qualified reviewers to ensure that your content is perfect.

Look for customer blogs from the Content Marketing company you have chosen and read the content available.

#Tip ask yourself “is the content well produced? Conversation with brand values? Does it teach the public well? Could this company produce content like that for my brand? ”

Adoption by the team

Every company that integrates a new technology needs training for its employees so that they have a 360º view of the strategy and know what they need to do to be successful.

Therefore, it is extremely important to always seek to qualify your team with training and certifications that guarantee your employee’s learning. Content Trends 2017 reveals that only 51.9% of companies require these qualifications.

However, when choosing a Content Marketing platform we take into account a million small details, but we end up not taking into account the people who will make daily use of that platform: the team.

It is necessary to make them learn to use and embrace the solution, jointly seeking the best for their brand.

#Tip ask yourself “is my team qualified to use this platform? what do i need to do to guide her? does my team know digital marketing well? ”

The secret of business success

Today, with all the access to information we have through the digital world, it is easy to identify companies that produce content correctly and those that do not.

However, many companies feel that this strategy is not working due to several reasons, whether they are a problem of execution, planning and even anxiety.

This happens because we are used to action and reaction in marketing strategies. However, consumers are more demanding when it comes to interacting with companies. They are getting more and more intimate because the internet brings us closer.

Content Marketing is not a strategy that works immediately, but it makes all the difference because it is an investment that will always bring returns.

When we asked the participants of Content Trends 2017, regarding the time for a Content Marketing strategy to generate results, 46.7% stated that it has results in up to 6 months and 34.9% 7 to 12 months.

In this relationship, 71.7% of successful companies are present at a stage of maturity in the strategy considered intermediate / advanced.

Therefore, the secret of success is to follow the right steps, take care of the details, have a good team working with you, make a well thought out strategy and mainly know how to identify the results.

Get to know cases of big companies that have achieved their success using a Content Marketing platform and get inspired.


With the right Content Marketing platform and a specialized consultancy, Tray – complete platform for e-commerce:

  • achieved a 264% drop in CPA;
  • increased sales conversion by 86%;
  • reduced churn by 53%;
  • LTV grew 50%;
  • increased the ROI from 2 to 5.3.

Its main objective was to increase the number of lead generation and its challenges were to increase blog traffic and produce quality content.

Learn more about this case here.

MRV Engineering

MRV Engenharia is the largest residential construction company in London and sells around 135 properties daily throughout London.

With the right Content Marketing platform and specialized consultancy, this company:

  • increased organic traffic to your blogs;
  • increased the number of hits and engagement time on your blog.

These numbers are more important than you think, since according to Google, when your website takes a long time to load and does not have an intuitive navigation, 43% access the website of another brand.

In addition, 41% of users still state that there is little chance of returning to a website that has had a bad experience.

Learn more about this case here.

Blue Account

ContaAzul is an online management platform for micro and small companies. She realized that she needed to create a more direct channel with her client, providing greater proximity to her target audience.

With the right Content Marketing platform and specialized consultancy, this company:

  • reached 300 thousand monthly visitors on the blog;
  • increased the number of leads and trials generated by the blog by 3x.

Learn more about this case here.

Final considerations

By understanding the main obstacles that will involve your choice and what aspects we need to take into account we arrive at a result much stronger and more likely to succeed.

Every choice will directly imply giving up some things for the sake of others, which both separately and together will be more effective in achieving your brand goals.

You must have will and strength to seek new ways to sell more and better in a world that changes faster and faster.

Did you like our content? So keep learning to have more results in your strategy, by downloading our Content Marketing encyclopedia!

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