How to choose which persona to prioritize? – WAU

Often a company has more than one persona, and there is the question: how to define the prioritization of your persona? It is important to have this defined in order to invest in strategies that really deliver results for your company. Understand!

If you have a content strategy, you probably already understand the importance of defining your business persona.

Unlike your target audience, it will help you target your strategy to really attract the right people and thereby generate more results at less cost.

However, many companies, including ours, because they have one or more products that solve the problem of more than one type of person, end up having multiple personas. This is not a problem.

But you need to be very careful! Often, for failing to organize the strategy to meet all of them, or even focus on one that really makes sense, some companies sin and end up losing control of their Digital Marketing actions.

With that, even with well-defined personas, you can end up working with a target audience in practice.

But do not worry. We will help you to solve this problem and strategically establish your main personae and how not to leave the others aside.

Guide to creating personas

A quick concept about personas

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I’ll quickly explain what a persona is: a semi-fictional profile, based on actual data from your buyers, which represents your ideal customer.

The advantages of working with personas are endless:

  • It helps to really attract people with purchasing potential;
  • This saves resources that could possibly be used with the wrong people;
  • It contributes to the definition of the channels of its strategies;
  • Assists in understanding the best tone and language of your communication and its contents;

Anyway! The advantages are endless and will certainly bring focus and clear objectives to your business.

You can have more than one persona

As we said earlier, this is not a problem, and it is often healthy. Think for example of a store that sells products for home.

Regina, a 36-year-old housewife who has 2 children and is modern and practical is an excellent persona.

However, Marina, 26, who is the best friend’s maid of honor and needs to organize an incredible bridal shower, is also a person who deserves the company’s attention.

The big question is not the number of personas you have, but:

  1. If they really make sense for your business;
  2. If they help or harm your strategy.

That’s because having too many personas can cause you to lose focus and not actually reach any of them.

Especially if you have a smaller strategy, with little content or a small team.

Okay, but how do I know what “The” persona of my business is?

There is a concept in Digital Marketing that, although little known, it is very important and it will certainly illuminate your mind in this aspect: heros.

Hero is nothing more than his main persona. That is: the one your company really exists for.

Because, as much as your product solves the problem of many people, there is that person who gives a total “match” not only with the solution, but with the way of being of your company, with the volume you can deliver and even limitations of your product or service.

To illustrate better: imagine that you have a tomato sauce factory. However, they are made in a more artisanal way, which decreases their volume but increases their exclusivity of the product.

You may even want to attract large supermarkets, but will you really be able to serve them? And will neighborhood stores be willing to pay for your product’s differentials, which end up affecting its cost?

Possibly, your persona will be the owner of an organic products store, or that focus on handmade products.

content marketing first steps

How to identify my hero

It may be a lot simpler than it looks, but as with every point in your content strategy, you should rely on data, not your perception of the business.

For that, some questions can help:

  • Of all your personas, which one brings more return —- ROI – for your business? In other words: who else buys from you?
  • Das pain of your different personas, which one is most widely resolved by your product or service? That is: who has less problems after making the purchase?
  • Thinking about your business, what are your medium and long term goals? In other words: where do you want to be in a few years?

That’s because, during the “choice” – strategic and data-based – of your hero, you can see that today you are attracting more person A but that you would like to change your actions to reach person B. Whether for business reasons or because your market is already saturated.

However, this can totally change your strategy: amount of content, language, channels … in short, everything that is directly influenced by your persona.

Let’s go back to the example of the home goods store. Perhaps, for strategic reasons, she is even selling more to housewives, but she wants to start attracting bridesmaids more.

And with that, think about how much her strategy will change: from “how to keep the cabinets organized longer” to “what is indispensable in a bridal shower?”.

And what about the other personas?

They kept buying from you, don’t worry. This will happen in a natural way.

However, your marketing team will be really focused on finding people who really generate better returns for your business, and that consequently need to have a clear funnel in order to become your customers!

That is why the name of its main persona is hero – which means hero, in London: it is one that really considers your solution not only a good option, but the best that they could have and that can save you from the problem you have.

And at the same time, this is the person that your product or service really exists for.

In other words: it is she who saves your business and makes it develop, grow and perfect, to be more and more the client of your dreams – and consequently the one with less objections and that will give you less headache.

In practice, you can continue producing content that speaks to all personas, if that makes sense for your blog and your other channels. However, when it comes to investing heavily, it is your hero who will be at the head of your team.

However, your personas may have nothing to do with each other …

… And if it does, you have two options:

  • It creates a strategy for each one – that’s what we do here at WAU, but we know that this is expensive and a lot of work. However we recommend if you have enough resources and hands, after all the more customers, the better!
  • And, if that doesn’t work, then it is best to really focus on your hero – who is the one who brings the most return and generates business for you – and ensure that your funnel is well aligned, to increase both the attraction of these people and their conversion . Even more so if you are unable to maintain a consistent strategy for all personas (producing at least one weekly content per persona).

However, the worst mistake you can make, without a doubt, is not having a focus!

Whether producing content for two personas that have nothing to do on the same channel, or having a strategy so comprehensive that it makes no one really identify.

In these two cases you will have problems with communication, language, tone, frequency, identity, to generate conversion points, to define the steps of the funnel, to validate the channels … and they just continue. And all of that, in the end, delay your results a lot!

summing up

Build on data and focus!

It is much better to attract a profile of the right people rather than to effectively reach several personas. Especially at the beginning of the strategy.

So, after defining your persona, if you identify that you have many, understand who your Hero is and make the best possible strategy so that these people really fall in love with you!