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Compressing video for WhatsApp is an action that only tends to grow. When we think about traffic in this format, we are dealing with forecasts that are close to 80%. Therefore, it is essential to learn ways to transform the content into something lighter and more shareable. Today we will teach you how to do the action in a practical way!

Did you know that compress video for WhatsApp it is an often necessary action? This is because of size-related limits that prevent certain content from being sent and shared.

In an era when both video and messaging apps are becoming a daily presence not only in everyday life, but also at work, we need to train ourselves to break down barriers that can undermine an online strategy.

In addition to learning how to compress the videos, we will emphasize the importance of working with the content and listing important points when making the production.

Come on?

The importance of video in a strategy

If you work in advertising or related areas, it’s important stay up to date on trends and predictions of user behavior for the coming months or years.

Among the surveys produced in relation to the consumption of online content, one of them revealed extremely important data about the video format. We list the main ones below:

  • by the year 2021, 80% of internet traffic will be made through videos;
  • in the same period, there will be approximately 1.9 billion online video consumers;
  • that audience will watch an average of 3 trillion minutes of content per month.

In addition, the Social Media Trends survey found a fact totally linked to the issue of traffic and preference for content on the move: YouTube is used by 72.3% of respondents.

We can discuss the importance of videos in a marketing strategy for long hours (and many pages of text), but we let the data speak for itself: it is a fact that video consumption has increased and will continue to grow. So, work and develop good content in the format – don’t underestimate its power!

A major challenge, however, is to make it accessible.

The internet scenario in London

As much as we are inserted in a very large technological context – the digital transformation has hit us hard and it is difficult to think of a day without accessing Instagram, Facebook or other social networks – we cannot forget the context of our country as a whole.

London still has certain limitations regarding internet speed. In a world ranking, we are only 67th out of 130 countries that entered the survey.

Much of this number can be justified by the large number of cities (sometimes even states) ruralized and with limited access to technology. In addition, peripheral areas also have limitations that hinder the consumption of online data.

Why did we bring the reflection before talking about the videos? It’s simple! If someone has reduced speed to browse, know that they will have great difficulty in consuming content on the go and turning into statistics in that gigantic traffic that we pointed out at the beginning of the post.

Even if the interest in videos is great, and that person is more interested in the format than in written content, it will still be difficult to access and have a good viewing experience.

Compressing videos then became a great alternative: by decreasing the size – and weight – of the content, we make it more accessible and, in turn, more viral.

Ideal size for social network videos

Now that you have understood the importance of video content and have seen the need to promote accessible content, we will teach you how to compress it in a simple and didactic way.

Until the beginning of 2017, the maximum size for videos on the platform was 16mb. In the year 2017, however, the application released the sending of formats such as .zip and .rar, and dramatically increased the size of the content: they can have up to 100mb.

However, as we said at the beginning of the post, heavy content is not bad simply because some platform “blocks” your upload – the problem, in most cases, no longer exists – but because of the difficulty in downloading and watching it easily.

Not only on WhatsApp, but on social networks as a whole, it is important to optimize the video to the maximum so that it does not live “within the limits” of the weight. Anyway, watch in aspects like quality.

At the end of the content, we will teach you some ways to work with light videos from the moment of production.

How to compress videos for WhatsApp

After understanding the context of video consumption today and in London, the time has come to present the best options for compressing videos and how they are used.

We emphasize that each one of them has its peculiarities, but, in general, all platforms are very didactic and, even when they are in English, they allow the path to be easily walked even by those who do not understand much of the language.

First, it is necessary to download a program capable of carrying out the action. We highlight some well-known options:

  • DivX;
  • HandBrake;
  • Video to Video Converter;
  • Video Converter Android (mobile);
  • iConvt (mobile for iOS devices).

It is also important to note that, during the process, it is possible that some of the video quality is lost. This happens because, to reduce the weight of that content, the resolution necessarily needs to be affected in some way.

When we use a quality program, however, the result is almost imperceptible to the public.

Now that you know the main alternatives to carry out the action, we made a comprehensive tutorial so that you can use it in any of the chosen applications. It’s really that easy:

  • have the original file of your content in hand;
  • open the program in question and click on the “search for content” tab or similar terms;
  • search for that file and submit it in the program;
  • wait for the conversion;
  • download the new file.

In most programs, you can customize some important information to further optimize the content:

  • choose the exact size of the new video;
  • select new formats for conversion;
  • indicate the specifications: if it will be posted on YouTube, sent by email, executed on the cell phone (which is our case);
  • remaster the content;
  • cut excerpts.

Bonus: how to create lighter videos from pre-production

Now that you’ve learned how to compress video for WhatsApp, we’ll also teach you some golden tips to start producing lighter content from the start. Like this, the end result is much better – without losing quality!

Assess the need for a professional camera

The quality of professional devices is indisputable, but with the resounding improvement in smartphone cameras, it is possible to produce excellent content with the cell phone itself.

When we think about videos shared on social networks, the content is more momentary – when the timeline went down, that content was lost – and it tends to last less and less time.

videos filmed on cell phones tend to weigh much less than those produced on cameras. It is worth assessing the need to capture the content and select a part of it to be produced by cell phone.

Beware of editing

A video full of cuts and inclusion of graphic elements (image or text effects, for example) means a heavier video.

Besides that, content full of editing has been pleasing fewer and fewer people: the behavior of the current user on the internet is marked by the need to approach brands.

Then, promote real and humanized content, with that feeling that it was done in one take.

Pay attention to the size

There is no point in investing time, money and weight of content in videos that will not be watched until the end.

Unlike a movie trailer or an advertisement, this format (when placed on a social network) can be easily ignored by the user: just close the video, scroll the timeline or leave the page in search of another one. In the case of WhatsApp, the content must not exceed 1:30 seconds.

The duration has total interference in the size, that is, the longer the video, the heavier it will be. The idea, then, is to combine the useful with the pleasant and produce double-quality content!

Still on the ideal time for content on social networks, it should be noted that each of them has its particularities and specific needs. What works on Instagram will probably not work on Facebook, and so on.

Personalized content, which in addition to the specific duration knows how to work optimally with each audience – they can be very different from one platform to another – has infinitely greater chances of performing better.

The better the targeting, more positive are the results of the publications. Just look carefully for each platform specifically.

If you understood the importance of compressing videos for WhatsApp, delve deeper into the topic and find out the perfect length for videos on today’s major social networks!