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The first step to be found on the internet is to be there. After all, each new survey of your potential customers regarding your area of ​​expertise is a new chance for your company to gain their attention and, consequently, their trust. There is very little space for this purchase stage! Having a website left […]

The first step to be found on the internet is to be there. After all, each new survey of your potential customers regarding your area of ​​expertise is a new chance for your company to gain their attention and, consequently, their trust.

There is very little space for this purchase stage!

Having a website is no longer a “good start” and has become a basic prerequisite for any company. After all, this is the first step towards achieving quality digital positioning, and this is not a privilege but a requirement of the market.

However, how many people still don’t know your business and could become customers?

They will hardly find your site, after all for that to happen, in 90% of the cases they will need to enter your name in the search field on Google.

For this and other reasons, Content Marketing is an excellent way to achieve your online positioning and make your business more “findable” by your customers.

The problem is that many times this argument alone is not enough to convince your boss, marketing director or even CEO that the investment will bring good results for the business.

Therefore, we list the main reasons that make a Content Marketing strategy the best option to strengthen the online positioning of a business, and several benefits that are added to this positioning.

Makes the company a reference in the market

Imagine the companies that you consider to be a market reference today. What do they all have in common?

It is possibly not just a good Facebook page, an interesting logo or a slogan that works.

Becoming a reference is a process built through a good relationship and a good experience between brand and consumer. And do you want a more efficient way of strengthening that bond than helping your potential customers?

With Content Marketing you solves the main doubts of your audience, increasing his security in relation to your brand, your products and services, which gives more credibility to your business.

And, the more you know about your area of ​​expertise and pass that knowledge on to your audience through content that inform, educate and help in their daily lives, the more you become a reference.

Each new content is a new possibility to be found

Today, how many people is your sales team able to serve to explain in a really efficient way what your company does and what are the benefits of your product?

As much as you are a multinational, this capacity is limited not only by the number of people, but by the cost of this operation and business hours.

In contrast, each new content used in your strategy is a new possibility for thousands of people to find you and identify with your brand. All of this every day of the week, anytime.

No other action will bring so much visibility for your business as a strategy like this, especially at such an affordable cost.

And by the way…

Low investment cost

All Content Marketing actions are measurable, and the best: in real time.

With this, you can identify exactly what are the contents and actions that really bring a considerable return to your business, and you will also be able to calculate exactly what that return is.

This alone reduces the cost of your strategy. After all, you will be able to direct your time and investments towards actions that really add to your business.

But, in addition to all this, naturally Content Marketing is a very low cost strategy, especially when compared to other strategies and even more thinking in terms of visibility.

Think about how much investment you would need to make in Adwords or advertising so that the same number of people who access Google every day, with interests related to what you do, have the chance to know your company?

Speaking of concrete figures, according to a survey by Demand Metric, a reference company in marketing research in the world, found that a Content Marketing strategy can cost 62% less than other strategies.

Sales impact

The main objective of a business is to sell more. After all, this is the reason why it exists and only then will it be able to maintain itself.

And few marketing actions act in a more targeted way to increase sales of a business than Content Marketing.

First because, more than attracting visitors and generating relationships, the idea is that you attract the right people, that is, those that really have potential to purchase.

For that, all your content will be thought, produced and disseminated focused on attracting that ideal customer – which we call personas.

The themes, the language, the formats, the chosen channels, the keywords: everything needs to be geared to your persona, which naturally already increases your visitors’ chances of buying.

However, more than that, Content Marketing is a strategy, so much more than producing content, the idea is that these texts, images and videos have high power of conversion.

In other words: that they can reduce the purchase process, taking their visitors more prepared to the moment of purchase.

With this, you will not only be generating traffic, but sales opportunities, capturing the contact information of those people who have everything to become customers, and just need a “little help” from their sales team.


We already said that at the beginning of the content, and you must be tired of knowing that “who is not seen is not remembered”.

In other words: the first step towards purchasing is to let your potential customer know that you exist!

Apart from all the benefits that we have already mentioned, Content Marketing is the best way to win good search positions, like Google.

All of this simply by optimizing your content with a good SEO job.

We know that this process is not easy, and that it will take some time for your content to reach the top positions. However, once again, every new content is a new possibility to make it happen.

Unlike your website, a content strategy is an inexhaustible source of chances to rank better and, in fact, the more quality content you make, the stronger your domain becomes and the shorter your path is to the first page and to the top positions.

Want more visibility than that?

Build good relationships

Remember that we talked about the data that content strategies generate?

They help your company achieve predictability and lower investment costs, which is already excellent news.

However, in addition, these same data also help you better understand your customers and potential customers, which will only benefit your business.

Firstly, by better understanding the needs and preferences of these people, you can communicate better with them, building a relationship of trust and gaining a great competitive advantage over your competitors.

In addition, all this data can be used to also improve your business processes, your product and your brand positioning, further strengthening this relationship of trust and complicity.

Help with after-sales and customer loyalty

Last but not least, the content helps you maintain that relationship with your customers after the sale and increases the chances of loyalty.

This is much more important than you think!

First because the cost of acquiring a customer is much higher than the cost of retraining a person who has already purchased with you, which represents savings for your business.

Second, because loyal customers tend to become evangelists of your brand, indicating to other people and growing your authority in the market.

If none of this convinces your boss …

Remind him how competitive the market is and how much more customers are demanding from companies.

This means that somehow he will need to invest in a marketing strategy, especially in Digital Marketing. Otherwise, it will be swallowed up by the competition.

And, as we know that it can raise other arguments or even that new doubts may arise along the way, we created content that responds to the main objections that people have before making a decision for this strategy.

Download and overcome the main objections that may arise along this path.

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