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ManyChat allows the creation of bots on Facebook Messenger in order to increase engagement with your audience and the chances of closing a deal. Learn more about how it works!

Facebook is essential in a digital marketing strategy. Therefore, the tendency is for brands to invest more in chatbots, such as the ManyChat, that allows you to create a bot on Facebook Messenger to support marketing and sales teams.

Messenger, by the way, is the # 1 app in the U.S. and Canada, with over 1 billion active users. According to ManyChat statistics, this is the most engaging channel, with average open rates of 80% and CTRs 4 to 10 times higher compared to email. Your audience probably already uses Messenger every day, and your company should be part of that conversation.

Follow this article to the end to learn how to use the Facebook bot through ManyChat and what are the advantages it has for your business.

After all, what is a bot?

Before we talk about how the Facebook Messenger bot works, it’s important to understand how bots work in general.

When hearing or reading the word “bot,” some people think it is something negative. After all, yes, there are harmful bots, which gave them a bad name. However, we must not generalize.

According to Sitelock, bad bots represent more than 35% of bot traffic. Hackers often create harmful bots to perform simple and repetitive tasks. Thus, they scan many websites in order to steal content, consume bandwidth and search for outdated software and plugins that can be used to capture databases from websites.

As Facebook captures a lot of users on Messenger, it is directing much of the support for bot developers to Messenger.

Thus, unlike the email list where messages can be marked as spam (by unsatisfied leads), Facebook Messenger bots are an option that bring the connection between companies and their audience closer together.

How do Facebook Messenger bots work?

The bot strategy on Facebook Messenger is very similar to email marketing strategies. The difference – obviously – is that instead of using email, messages are used on the social network. Through Messenger you can:

  • deliver text strings to your audience on Facebook Messenger;
  • create a sales funnel for Facebook Messenger itself;
  • send files via Facebook Messenger;
  • have automated conversations with your customers using Facebook Messenger artificial intelligence.

Sending messages via chat applications has already become part of the daily lives of many people and marketers. Whatsapp itself, so loved by Brazilians, is proof that sending messages is the main way that people and companies use to communicate.

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What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is one of the most popular tools that democratized the creation of Messenger bots and won a prominent place in the toolbox of all Marketing professionals.

It is a code-free tool that encompasses a set of features that you can use to grow your audience, engage them with personalized offers, collect payments and feedbacks and offer support.

In addition, there are many built-in ManyChat tools with which you can connect to any third party application or service through External Request and Integromat.

Although you can make an external request to the server to send all types of data, if you are not a programmer, you can use Integromat to send data to a CRM, a Google Drive spreadsheet or any other cloud service you already use , without writing a single line of code. Integromat’s free plan is enough to get you started.

To make good use of ManyChat, you need to be able to write good content and create engaging conversations to be successful with chatbots. If you have a professional or marketing team in your company that is already creating ad text, email streams or video scripts, writing content for a chatbot shouldn’t be difficult.

After all, the ManyChat interface is intuitive and allows you to view your conversation flow and test it at the same time, saving you and your team time.

What are the reasons for using ManyChat?

To give you an even greater understanding of the importance of ManyChat, check out the following data:

  • 1.2 billion people in the world (yes, more than 15% of the world population) use Facebook Messenger every month. This indicates that your customers certainly use it too;
  • some people don’t like to provide their email addresses in exchange for a download (if you offer materials on your website or blog and have already received fake emails, you should know how it is). Or worse: they completely ignore your Marketing emails. Facebook Messenger solves this problem;
  • Besides that, from the customer’s perspective, signing up for a newsletter is laborious, because it requires more steps than opening a Facebook chat;
  • for Marketing professionals, the scenario is not very different since building an email list is very laborious, as opposed to creating a list of leads on Facebook Messenger whose registration can be done in one click, instead of requiring filling out of a form.
  • example of e-mail marketing campaigns, a Facebook bot may have a following whose shipments can be of short, medium or long duration.
  • Messenger strings are often shorter than email streams. After all, in an email thread, you need to wait a few days to send other emails. With the Facebook Messenger, you can send more messages in the time that is most convenient. Best of all, the response is instant. You can chat with your customers in real time.
  • you can get instant engagement with chat, which helps close sales faster. In addition, retargeting with Messenger leads is easier than doing it via email, since the leads are already on Facebook.
  • you have inside information of your leads, such as: where you work, where you studied, gender, age, and the like, which can be very useful for targeted campaigns.
  • Messenger is optimized for desktops and mobile devices so that you don’t need to configure messages according to how devices are viewed.

What are the advantages of ManyChat?

When using ManyChat’s chatbot tool, it will bring a number of advantages to your Digital Marketing strategy. We highlight the main ones below.

Greater reach of people

The ManyChat bot works with Facebook, which has more than 100 million London users. That is, the chances of your audience being on Facebook are very high.

In addition, the use of ManyChat can increase the clickthrough rate on the social network, especially considering that messenger marketing is 80% more engaged than all other online channels, including posts from Facebook itself.

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Service at any time

By having a bot working for your business, you no longer have to worry about the time that the public is looking for your company on Facebook, website or any other channel where the chatbot is installed, because he can provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ask questions

Imagine that, during the launch of a new product or service, your customers have several specific questions that overload the support team. Bots help a lot in those hours and still make you and your team save time, money, and get stay focused on other areas of business.

Deliver content

Delivering content to your audience can be done in several ways. You can even schedule it for everyone on your list at the same time or even target that delivery.

In fact, you can target in a variety of ways, such as using keywords or sending questions to new users during chat conversations.

As you can see, there are many advantages that can be applied to your business’ digital strategy.

How to use ManyChat?

Now that you have understood what ManyChat is and what are the benefits it can bring to your company, check out the step by step how to use it.

Create your account

As a first step, access ManyChat and click on GET STARTED FREE. Thus, you start creating your free account within the platform.

You must connect to your Facebook account for ManyChat to have access to the pages you manage.

Configure your page

After setting up your account, you will be able to access the main panel. In this window, you can manage the pages that you would like to apply Messenger bots to. To do this, access the side menu and choose the page.

Access ManyChat features

After choosing the page you will manage within Manychat, you will have access to some free features, they are:

  • dashboard: here you can see the evolution of subscribers on your list, in addition to consulting the number of entries and unsubscriptions.
  • audience: allows you to access the list of people who are enrolled in your automation. You can apply filters and analyze information about your audience.
  • live chat: with it you can find messages received from subscribers on your list. You can do this interaction through a sequence of messages or manually.
  • growth tools: with this function, you can generate traffic to the Messenger bot. Its use can be applied both on websites and capture pages, among others.
  • broadcast: here, you can send messages to all subscribers to your list at once.
  • automation: allows you to configure the service automation received by your list.

In addition, you can also configure personalized responses and rules to automate responses sent to anyone who contacts you.

Now that you know how ManyChat works, what it is capable of and how to use this tool to your advantage, boost your strategy!

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