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Are customer satisfaction and success among your company’s top priorities? So, you need a help center. For a long time, companies exploited customers, who could do little but accept the rules and buy the best their money could pay. Things have changed. Today the power is in the […]

Are customer satisfaction and success among your company’s top priorities? So, you need a help center.

For a long time, companies exploited customers, who could do little but accept the rules and buy the best their money could pay.

Things have changed. Today power is in the hands of those who buy, and companies need to adapt to the needs and objectives of the public to remain relevant.

The help desk shows your company’s commitment to this respect, and makes the tough mission of helping your customers with what they need a lot easier.

Next, see a step by step how to get this switch to work as soon as possible, and what are the main channels for it!

The evolution of customer service

In the past, customer support only existed in the feared SACs (customer service). Feared because the quality, most of the time, left something to be desired, and the only option of service was by telephone.

With the arrival of the internet, the use of emails started to become popular and, with the great advance brought by the digital transformation, we are in times of multichannel support.

The telephone, which used to be the only way out, is now the last option for many, who have become accustomed to using knowledge bases, asking for help on social networks and even chatting with chatbots.

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Why adopt the customer help center in your company

It wasn’t just the number of channels that changed. The quality of service is increasingly important, since a negative experience can be enough for a customer to look for the competitor or even speak ill of the brand on the web.

A help desk that integrates all your support means and offers everything customers need to know is the best solution to stand out in the market.

6 channels to use in your help center

Customers have very different preferences when asking for help, and offering multiple options is a great way to prevent them from giving up on your product or service. The main channels are:

1. Telephone

It is the most traditional service channel we know. Still, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the phone is outdated.

Many people still prefer this form of direct and fast communication, although it is not the most practical in all situations.

Preferably, offer an 0800 number, which does not consume customer credits when calling.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a worldwide communication phenomenon, and it has become so important for businesses and professionals of all kinds that it has even launched an exclusive version for companies.

It is difficult to find someone today who does not have an account on the app, so putting them in your company’s range of options is a guarantee of success with most of your customers and leads.

3. Social networks

Social networks have also become powerful business channels, and each day they create and promote more tools for interaction between customers and companies.

Using support resources such as those offered by Facebook and Twitter is an easy and practical way to reach the public that uses these networks (which, together, are more than 2.5 billion people!).

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4. Email

How many people have you seen complaining about having a full inbox? Does this mean that it is better to abandon email? On the contrary! It indicates that they use e-mail every day, and that it is part of their communication routine.

Whether offering a contact form or presenting the support email in the help center, it is worth keeping this channel active.

5. Online chat

What about the times when the user is browsing your site and has a quick question about something they saw?

Instead of waiting for him to go to the support page, it is worth using an online chat so that he can contact you immediately and increase your chances of conversion.

6. Knowledge base

The knowledge base is a page with tutorials, in text or videos (it is also worth using emojis and GIFs to help), about all the main doubts that the persona may have about your product or service.

A well-done knowledge base prevents the person from having to get in touch, in a kind of self-service that saves time for everyone.

3 steps to creating an efficient help center

Creating an ineffective help desk is worse than having no help desk at all. To avoid this problem, see 4 essential steps:

1. Choose and configure your tools

The first decision you need to make is which of the channels above you are going to use in your help center. All options are good, but choose only those that you will be able to use in the right way.

After selecting the channels, choose and configure the best tools to use them.

For example, tools like Zendesk and Groove allow you to easily create a knowledge base and integrate email support, in addition to other options.

2. Define service objectives and metrics

What are your main goals for creating the help desk? After thinking about what’s most important, choose specific metrics that help you measure those goals.

For example, if the target is to generate brand advocates, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the best performance indicators that you can track compared to other secondary metrics.

3. Train your service team

Even if you use multiple channels, the brand should always be the same for the audience. So, the tone and voice of your service team needs to be consistent at all times.

In addition, it is necessary to adjust to the characteristics of each channel and tool, so as not to offer a plastered and ineffective support.

All of this requires constant training and quick learning. The better you qualify your team, the higher the level of customer satisfaction.

The help desk can transform the way your business deals with customers. This tends to strengthen the relationship with them, improve brand awareness, prevent cancellations and increase conversions. In summary, the center will be of help to both customers and your business.

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