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The truth is that Google Plus has a small amount of users compared to other networks and it is unlikely that it will pass the number of Facebook users in the medium term. In this case, using the network frequently may not be the best option possible, as the ROI of your investments may […]

The truth is that Google Plus has a small amount of users compared to other networks and it is unlikely that it will pass the number of Facebook users in the medium term. In that case, using the network frequently may not be the best option possible, as the ROI of your investments may not pay off.

However, the network shows a growth of 6% per year and has a lot of potential. And, because it is relatively similar to Facebook, there is the possibility to reuse the content, publishing it on both networks.

And if you have a local business (where your store address is important, for example) you can use Google Places or Google Plus Local, which have geolocation features that may be of interest to you.

In addition, having a Google+ page makes it easier for your content to appear in Google’s search rankings.

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Did you decide to create a Google+ page? Then follow these 5 tips to learn how to create a Google+ page!

1. First of all: create your page

To create a page for your business on Google+ click here. From there, choose the category in which your business fits: place, product, brand, company, etc. Now that you have a page, just optimize it!

2. Have a complete and well-filled profile

It is important that you fill in all the correct and updated data on your page, so that your followers and potential customers can easily find you on the social network. Follow our checklist to know what to put on your profile and how this data should appear on your page:

google + 1google +

3. Join communities

One of the best benefits and expertise that Google+ offers is communities. They work in a similar way to the late Orkut communities: you can create topics and interact with your followers in a way that Facebook does not allow, since business pages cannot yet join Facebook groups. Be authentic and use this opportunity to create sincere and human communication with those who follow you on Google+. Avoid self promotion at all costs. Chat, comment, share. This is one of the best ways for potential customers to see how your brand is engaged in openly engaging in a dialogue with them.

4. Use Hangouts

Hangouts is a video chat open to the public that can be used for various presentations, answering customer questions, webinars … the options are varied and you decide how to use it. It’s an incredible opportunity to chat with your fans and humanize your brand: after all, with Hangouts they will have a real person interacting with them and taking any possible questions that have arisen. Be creative!

5. Use SEO

As we mentioned above, having a page for your company on Google+ is a great advantage to improve your position in Google ranking. Use SEO strategies on your page. Use the right keywords and always update your profile, optimizing your content so that your brand is always easily found in search engines.

The Websites Are Us SEO Guide

Learn from the expert company on the market to make a good SEO strategy.

6. Use the scrapbook

There, you can place some images that represent the ideals and posture of your business. Try not to invest only in branding. Show the world your workplace, your business employees, event images and even your company mascot. You can also use this space to place images of celebrities relating to your product or service. Doing your best to make a pleasant impression is an essential strategy in Google Plus for businesses.

7. Enter your contact information

Keep in mind that, once you create a page on Google +, there are great chances that it will appear in the search results. And there is nothing more frustrating for a customer than trying to contact a company and not finding a way. Therefore, put all your communication channels, such as phone, email, address, among others.

8. Post regularly

As said, Google + is a ranking factor in the largest search engine in the world. The +1 button is largely responsible for ranking and sharing posts on the network. Remember that the largest search engine in the world is also responsible for the social network in question.

Therefore, it is very important that you share links and posts regularly, encouraging virality. The number of hits to a page is paramount for positioning in searches, so make it a chain to generate effective results for your business. To share something on Google+, make sure you’re signed in to your business page (not your personal profile) and click “what’s new”.

9. Recommended links

On a Google+ business page, there is a special field where you must place the main links on your website, such as the official website, blog, Twitter profile, YouTube channel or Fanpage. Remember to list them in order of priority, as users tend to always observe the first results, see the searches on search engines.

If you have a conversion landing page, it may be a good idea to insert it here, taking traffic directly to the most important location.

10. Use content mix in posts

There are several similarities between Mark Zuckerberg’s network and Google+. One is the format of posts. You can choose to share links, where the importance of flashy images stands out, just like on Facebook. There are also options for texts, images, videos and check-ups. Make sure you share it with the public by looking at the “public” button just below the post, otherwise you can limit the post’s reach.

11. Gain followers

Unlike Twitter or Instagram, where you can follow users expecting reciprocity, you need to wait for the Internet user to add you to their circle to do the opposite. Therefore, the key to getting new followers is the quality of the posts. Be useful to your target audience and you will certainly be able to engage them, creating a solid base of followers for your brand.

12. Organize your followers

A unique feature of Google+ is the organization of followers. After all, we know that not all customers are equal. There are four initial categories, which are “following”, “customers”, “team members” and “VIPs”. The latter refers to your most important followers, such as celebrities or big customers of your business. Thus, it is possible to even target who your content will be sent to.

However, you can include new categories, such as business partners, or separate them by niches such as female and male audiences, age, geographic location, among others.

13. Choosing administrators

In Google+ settings, you can choose other administrators for your company profile. It is a good idea to add members of your team, so that everyone can share content relevant to the target. The administration of a page can (and should!) Be carried out collectively, and used for interaction whenever possible.

14. Control your posts

Google+ also allows you to block comments and shares. It is a little used resource, but it can be useful in certain situations. To do this, simply select the desired option at the time of posting.

15. Analyze the performance of your business page

From the same company, Google+ and Google Analytics work very well together. With the data platform, you will know which referrals generate the most traffic to a given landing page, or which type of posts generate the most engagement and visits. There are also advanced options that allow you to compare the performance of the page with other social networks.

16. Use hashtags

Yes, Google+ also allows the use of hashtags. You must use them strategically, aiming to separate the content by categories, or use the resource for promotions and events. It is important to remember that hashtags can also link to your posts on search engines.

17. Engage with your followers

As with any other social network, it is very important to connect with your followers. Be sure to respond to comments, suggestions and even complaints. It is possible to use Google + for customer service, in addition to disseminating relevant content in communities. In this sense, Google+ is a plate to create healthy relationships with customers, leads and potential customers.

18. Use Google Events

Google has several connected applications, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Maps, among others. So, why not abuse this feature? Whenever you are going to hold an event, be sure to disclose it and facilitate access to information. Interactions with other applications can be of great value to customers, as they are encouraged to carry out interactions between platforms. For example: if you create an event and add the address, it is possible for the consumer to access Google Maps or Waze to reach the location. The keyword is ease.

19. Share live content

Whether at events, parties or in situations that require registration, Google+ can broadcast in real time. This can be an excellent tool for transmitting information live and engaging consumers who were unable to participate,


These are basic tips for optimizing your Google+ page. Remember to always analyze your results and find out what has worked for you and your brand. Plan your content, engage with your fans and always publish quality content.

Do you have any doubt? Criticism? Comments? Tips on how to have a social network to envy your competitors? Share with us, we love to hear from you!

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