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Softwares are one of the first investments of a company in Marketing, right after hiring a responsible for the sector. That’s because at the beginning of the company, we are working on it, organizing leads in spreadsheets, sending emails through the free Mailchimp plan… But when the business starts to escalate, there is no way, you need to […]

Softwares are one of the first investments of a company in Marketing, right after hiring a responsible for the sector.

That’s because at the beginning of the company, we are working on it, organizing leads in spreadsheets, sending emails through the free Mailchimp plan… But when the business starts to escalate, there is no way, you need to hire a tool. And in London, the tool of the moment is the RD Station.

According to Tech Trends 2017, RD Station is the automation tool most used by Brazilians and also the most popular in terms of creating landing pages and managing social media.

Therefore, in this content we will teach you everything you need to know about RD Station from hiring the software to analyzing reports.

About the tool

RD Station is the software of Resultados Digitais, a digital marketing company located in Florianópolis, and presents itself as a complete marketing platform.

Its main features are triggering email marketing, marketing automation, creating landing pages, social media and contact base management, lead scoring and lead tracking – fundamental applications to scale your sector, especially if you work with Inbound Marketing .

Currently the tool has three plans: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

Basic offers database management, email marketing, landing pages, simplified automation (with only one type of flow) and costs from R $ 329 per month. If you are starting to structure your marketing now and don’t have a lot of money to invest, it will be enough.

The Pro plan is the best, in my opinion, because it serves small businesses well to large companies. In addition to the Basic features, the Pro offers lead tracking, lead scoring, complete marketing automation and even allows integrations. The cost is R $ 679 per month, which I consider a fair investment for the quality of the tool.

Finally, the Enterprise plan starts at R $ 1789 per month and, in addition to all the features already mentioned, it offers personalized reports and an unlimited number of users per account – a nice but dispensable plus.

In addition to the values ​​of the plans, right at the time of purchase there is a charge for an implementation package that is mandatory for all new customers, as it works as a training to use the tool.

It is also worth remembering that the value of the subscription may vary as your lead base grows. That’s because RD also pricing the tool according to the size of the base, so the best way to really know the value of your plan (and which one is right for you) is by talking to a salesperson.

Pros and cons of RD Station

If you are thinking about hiring the tool, you may want to know a little more about the advantages of RD Station in relation to the other tools available in the London market.

To help, I listed the main pros and cons of RD Station that caught my attention over the past two years using the software.


  • Friendly interface: RD Station is very visual and even beautiful;
  • Simple and intuitive navigation: even a new user will be able to perform their actions on the platform in a short time;
  • Range of functions: you can centralize several tasks only at RD Station;
  • Cost benefit: it is a very accessible tool for what it offers.


  • Simplified automation flows: the existing options are quite primary;
  • Static landing pages: the templates are great, but allow little editing;
  • Basic reports: show only a summary of conversion data, for example;
  • Scarce A / B test: there are few features that allow testing with variables.

In short, the tool may fall short only for advanced users or those accustomed to American standards.

However, the Digital Results team has evolved a lot in this direction! Some A / B tests as an email subject, for example, are already available in beta and should reach the gringos level very soon.

RD Station Tour

Now that you know RD Station by definition, how about taking a look at the tool?

In order to get to know the Digital Results software better, let’s take a tour of all screens using the Pro plan as an example, as it is the most common among users, ok?


The dashboard is the tool’s control panel and presents a compilation of the most important information for you to reach your RD Station marketing objectives.

In the first part of the screen, you can follow the progress of the monthly goals that you set yourself and the most accessed pages on your site.

dashboard rd station

In the second, it is possible to check the performance of the last email shot and the last landing page created, in addition to details on the latest conversions such as date, time and origin event.

rd station dashboard

To attract

The RD Station’s first menu brings together four functions to help you gain visitors. They are: Posts on social media, Keyword panel, Page optimization and Blog tool.

In the Post function on social media, you can create posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and then view everything on a monthly or weekly calendar, in addition to comparing the performance of the posts. It is very useful to organize the posting times and keep the frequency in those that give better results.

attract at rd station

attract function on rd station

There is also a Facebook Ads feature, still in beta.

In the keywords panel, it is possible to monitor your keywords by CPC, competition, position in the ranking, search volume and even mark with stars which are the main ones – all to ensure the best positions on Google. It is not a complete report like SEMRush, for example, but you can get an idea of ​​your progress in SEO.

keyword panel

In addition to the keyword panel, the SEO optimization function shows your site’s score for specific keywords and gives you some insights to make your page appear better on search engines and attract more organic visitors.

It works more or less like Yoast SEO, which points out points of improvement in SEO. And, like him, it should not be taken literally, as it does not consider the context.

rd station page optimization

Finally, in the Tool for blog option there is a generator of ideas for blog posts. You can play absolutely any term and receive various suggestions for content.

Very useful for those moments when you need to talk about the same subject for the thousandth time and you are totally out of ideas!

rd station ideas generator

In Blog Tool it is also possible to request your own blog, if you don’t already have one. But beware: it is not Digital Results that will make the blog, nor is it possible to do it inside RD Station. The function works only as a raised hand that will put you in touch with the team of partners of Digital Results to start creating your blog.

To convert

Now that you have social and organic traffic, it’s time to take your visitors and turn them into leads!

By clicking on the “Convert” menu, you can create landing pages to exchange data for special offers, pop-ups that invite visitors to download some material, forms that can be embedded on your website and define custom fields to request specific information from your visitor.

The first feature, Landing pages, is one of the best functions of RD Station, in my opinion.

It allows you to create lead capture pages and thank you pages of the most diverse types. There are several templates: thematic, minimalist, complete … just choose the most suitable for you.

However, as I said in the pros and cons, they are static and you can make changes only in the colors, fonts and images used. This leaves a little to be desired when it comes to customization compared to Unbounce, for example, but it is not a reason to give up the tool.

Also on Landing pages, you can monitor your results for each page created and export conversion data to better understand where your leads are coming from.

landing pages rd station

To start converting your visitors without forcing them to change pages, RD Station offers the Forms function, in which you can create forms the way you want and generate code to embed them on any page of your blog.

It’s a great way to optimize your conversions, but be careful not to tire your visitor with a form on each page of your site. Choose well where to use!

rd station forms

Finally, to ensure that your landing pages and forms collect the information you really need, in Custom Fields you can choose which other questions you would like to ask your leads.

It is the place to go beyond traditional email, job title, company etc., and ask about lead pains and other information that can be used to optimize his conversion in the future.

You can even leave pre-defined answers, which I strongly recommend you do to make it easier to segment the leads – imagine having to copy the leads’ responses one by one ?!

custom fields rd station


With leads generated by landing pages and forms, it’s time to get them to walk through the sales funnel using the Relate menu functions. Are they:

  • Monitoring of social media;
  • Lead base;
  • Lead Scoring;
  • Lead tracking;
  • Lead segmentation;
  • Marketing Automation;
  • and Email Marketing.

RD Station’s social media monitoring is very basic and functions as a large wall of mentions and interactions. The idea is that you visualize in one place the engagement of your followers with your pages and identify the need for public relations actions, such as responding to an exalted follower who is influencing others.

Particularly, I do not consider it a strong tool and I believe that Social Media Analysts prefer software focused only on social management. But for lean or inexperienced teams it can be a very useful function.

social media monitoring on rd station

On the other hand, the lead station part of RD Station offers several essential functions for your marketing team.

The Lead Base, for example, is a great query tool and serves to give you an overview of your lead by lead base, to know which companies are registered and to document all your imports.

lead base on rd station

Lead scoring, in turn, helps in selling your company. Through it, you can define a weight for each prerequisite that a lead meets – position, number of employees, etc. Thus, the higher the lead’s final score, the more customer profile he has and the more suitable he is for contacting a salesperson.

lead scoring rd station

Lead tracking, on the other hand, traces your lead’s journey to identify pages with great conversion potential.

Just define which pages should be tracked and place the RD Station tracking code on your website. Soon the tool will start showing the pages that your leads went through before the conversion. But, to have access to this information, you will have to look at the lead profile within the RD.

It is worth remembering that both lead scoring and technical are not available for the Basic plan, only for Pro and Enterprise.

lead tracking rd station

Lead segmentation is, in my opinion, one of the essential features of RD Station, as it allows you to group leads with common characteristics – conversions, personal data, tags, etc. This is especially important when creating automation flows, because it allows you to choose the right leads and control exactly who will be nurtured.

lead segmentation rd station

And speaking of Marketing Automation, in this function you can create main and parallel flows, in addition to tracking how many leads are in each flow and how the corresponding emails are performing.

marketing automation rd station

As you can see in the print below, Marketing Automation recently received new features and now the creation of flows is done in a visual editor, which creates an organization chart – a gringo pattern that has already arrived here.

organization chart rd station

Finally, Email marketing is the place where every RD Station user goes to live permanently, creating, scheduling emails and analyzing click and open rates.

As in Landing Pages, RD Station offers several options for email templates that allow from the customization of headers to the inclusion of preview text and buttons. There are always Christmas, Black Friday and other themed templates.

rd station customizations


To build a marketing machine that really works, you need to measure your results, right? In the Analyze function, you will find six options to monitor your performance and make the best decisions.

Marketing BI is the custom reporting feature and is only available to Enterprise customers, but all others serve any RD customer very well!

In Reach, for example, you can check your daily, weekly and monthly growth in the number of leads and followers on social networks. What I find most interesting about this report is the variation in the number of leads, which can indicate whether you are maintaining healthy base growth.

rd station analysis

Likewise, in the Visits, Leads and Customers report, you can monitor the health of your sales funnel in stages, comparing the conversion rate of visits to leads and leads to customers.

In addition, it shows all the visitors, leads and customers generated by the acquisition channel, so it already looks good on which channels you are not sending so well and need to improve.

traffic source analysis rd station

In Traffic and Conversion Sources, you have the same option to analyze the funnel by acquisition channels, but in more detail. However, it is possible to see its progress only in organic, referral, social and ads.

funnel analysis by rd station acquisition channels

The Most accessed pages option offers the same dashboard report, with added time on the page and bounce rate – a very simplified version of what we have in Analytics.

most accessed pages rd station

And also in Analyze there is the option Reports, where you can generate a compilation of the most important information about your performance by day, week or specifically on social media.

analysis between dates rd station

The weekly report, for example, makes a comparison with your performance from the previous week and shows how much you have grown (or not) in terms of traffic and leads, in addition to the most visited and most rejected pages.

weekly report rd station

This report is my favorite because one week is enough time to collect data to create a more solid comparison. But, if you are in the habit of monitoring your results (if you don’t, you should), all RD Station reports can generate great insights!

By identifying sudden drops or surprising progress in a report generated by RD Station, for example, you can analyze what you have done to achieve this result and create an action plan to ensure that you will achieve your goals. It all depends on what you do with the data that RD offers.


Coming to the end of this post, I hope it became clear why RD Station is one of the most used software by marketers in London.

Among the tools available in our market it is by far the best, both for cost-benefit and functionality. In addition, the team at Resultados Digitais has invested in legal support work, which counts a lot when investing in a tool.

But there are also other cool options that can meet your needs. So, my final tip is: search, search and search. Make lots of quotes, talk to other customers and build your own list of pros and cons before hiring your software.

And if you have any questions and want to know more about some RD Station functionality, leave a comment and we will be happy to answer you and update this post.