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There are several social networks focused on images, such as Instagram and Pinterest. And just like the other networks, you can also use them for your marketing strategies, just understand the specifics of each one. And as they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, the content you post on them […]

There are several social networks focused on images, such as Instagram and Pinterest. And just like the other networks, you can also use them for your marketing strategies, just understand the specifics of each one. And as they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, the content you put in them has to be as good as any other.

If your products have a great prominence in the aesthetic part, creating a profile in one of these networks can be very advantageous. If you work with fashion, for example, having a Pinterest profile can be very useful to spread your name and your style. Design and architecture companies can also benefit from these sites.

With 400 million users and an annual growth of 6%, Pinterest is another visual network, along with Instagram (based on images) that had a considerable audience gain. The network is based on sharing pins and new ideas.

Some important data about Pinterest:

  • Most popular among women
  • Most popular with people with higher education
  • Most popular with people with higher income

As you may already know, using images improves your engagement on networks, so when it comes to this type of network, you can expect a lot of interaction with your followers. Does your audience fit into this data and would your business benefit from a social network made to share new ideas, images and products? Make a Pinterest profile!

How to create a successful Pinterest page for your business

1. Create your account and complete your profile

First of all, let’s start with the basics: before creating an account, think about your goal with it. If you are a public figure, for example, you can use your own name. But if you are creating a profile for your company, remember to use it professionally and officially. To create a company account on Pinterest click here. Also check your website here, this step is important to increase the level of reliability of your profile on the network. Also download the pinterest guide for companies to answer any questions that may arise during this process.

Also remember to complete your profile correctly. Our checklist will help you with this task and will also show you where each item fits your profile. You can also install the pin button for websites, the button to follow you on pinterest and other resources here.

2. Check the source of the pins before starting to repeat

Pinterest must have a code of ethics to be followed as it is a network based on image sharing. When repeating a content, for example, make sure that the sources listed on it refer to the original site and that it is not just a user copying content and calling it your own. Give credit to those who actually created that content. If you have any questions you can check Pinterest’s copyright policy here.

Also consider adding a watermark to your pin when you create original content so that, even if someone takes that content without authorization, it is still connected to your brand and your website.

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3. Have a strategy when adding and creating new Pins

  • Create and diversify your boards: Add pins little by little (after all, you don’t want to flood the homepage of those who follow you). Create creative boards that are easily found on the website’s search engine. Use the right keywords!
  • Follow whoever interests you: Follow users and boards that are of interest to your brand. This creates an engagement with your target audience and allows you to see content that you can repeat.
  • Use the rich pins: Rich pins (or advanced pins) can be interesting for more established companies on the social network. Advanced pins provide additional information. There are currently five types of Advanced Pins: movies, recipes, articles, products and places. You can read more about them here.
  • Add links in your descriptions: the more information about the source of your pins is present in your description, the more your brand will be publicized. These links can lead to your website or your blog.
  • Do not overdo pins: Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows your pins to remain visible at all times. A few minutes a day dedicated to the network is enough to start your profile. Then, make those minutes a few days a week.

4. Produce quality visual content

Only 20% of all content on Pinterest is original. The other 80% are repins of network users. Be part of the 20%: choose good images from your blog, create diverse content (infographics, texts, videos, etc.), and be objective and interesting. A good pin is what will guarantee the success of your profile on the social network.

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5. And finally: measure your results

As with all other social networks, on Pinterest it is also important to measure your results and know what is working or not. What created engagement? What content has been most repented? Pay attention to your recent activity on the site: it shows you who followed you and liked your pins recently. In addition, you can also search the pinterest search tool for which keywords and trends are hot on the network. It is a good way to plan your future posts. Also measure in Google Analytics how the Pinterest traffic source for your site is doing – this will tell you how the site helped you get visitors to your site.

Now that you know how to use Pinterest, some questions may have arisen about how to use other social networks or which social network to choose for you. If this is your case, Download our free Social Media Marketing kit now!

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