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Creative Cloud brings Adobe Audition as the audio editing tool. From creation to correction and improvement of files, there are a number of possibilities for creating and editing this software, which still integrates with others in the family, such as Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Audition is Adobe software for audio solutions. It may not be very common for some users, but it is nothing new in the market.

The platform is reaching its 26th year of life, increasingly functional, useful and with resources that have been updated with the technology of these times of digital transformation.

Professionals working with both audio and video need to know how this program works and what possibilities of editing and sound treatment it provides. They are simple commands, within a very common interface for those who are familiar with Adobe solutions, such as Photoshop.

In this post, you will get to know Adobe Audition better and have access to tips on how to create and edit audio files. Check it out below!

What is Adobe Audition?

As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite, Audition was released in its latest version in 2018, this time with much more functionality and practically complete. It is the tool dedicated to audio editing, creating sound effects, recording content and a wide range of works.

For those who work with audiovisual, for example, Adobe Audition is a great option to edit the sounds and effects of a video.

It works simply and quickly, seamlessly integrating files with programs like Premiere or After Effects. For those who deal with music, they can be produced entirely with the software, since it offers full support for this.

From creation to editing, all steps can be done using Audition. What makes it stand out, in addition to its ease of operation, are features that serve the work of professionals from different segments.

Today, among the main functions that the program fulfills, it is worth highlighting some such as:

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How do I use Adobe Audition tools?

For those who are not yet used to Adobe Audition, even with the ease of operating the software, dealing with these main features can be difficult. The interface is very practical and follows the look of most CC software, which makes the setting very fast.

To help you, let’s take a basic walkthrough of some of the most useful and common features of Adobe Audition. See how to perform each of these processes and be ready to use them right now!

Create a podcast

How about starting to publish your own podcast? This media model has grown a lot in recent years and is already a success in different niches. If you see it as a great opportunity to communicate, Adobe Audition can help. Just follow a simple step by step to start your podcast!

First, you need to configure the microphone you are going to use. To do this, on the top bar of Audition, go to Edit> Preferences> Audio hardware. There, you choose your device and the configuration is done.

Adobe Audition

Now for the recording of the podcast! With the microphone connected and configured, on the top bar of the software, go to File> New> Audio file. At this point, name the recording and configure the sample rate, channels and bit depth with the following settings:

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After that, you will see a bar with some basic commands, among them, the classic recording signal, known as REC. When you’re ready, just click and get started!

Adobe Audition 3

When you finish recording, just click on the REC and, again, on the top bar, select File> Save.

Audio Softaware

Edit audio files

Audio editing is the most common job to be done in Adobe Audition. Professionals from different areas, from audiovisual to music, need to make corrections and changes of any kind in the files. The software offers simple and uncomplicated support!

If you are using Adobe Premiere and want to edit the audio for a clip, it will automatically be sent to Audition.

To do this, select this sequence in the panel Project and go on Edit> Edit in Adobe Audition. This command causes a copy of the audio clip to be rendered and sent directly to Audition, where the user will do all the editing.

After this edit command, a pre-configuration window will open before you start to operate. To ensure that all changes made are replicated in Premiere, you need to check the following options:

Audio software 2

You can also open an audio file other than through Premiere, as long as it is saved on your computer or inside a USB stick or external hard drive that is connected to your machine.

To do this, just go to the top bar at Open and then select the file at its source. The audio will open for editing, so you can start working with it normally.

Improve the audio quality of a dialogue

Did you record an interview, a lecture or testimonials from a documentary and feel that the audio is not good enough? In Adobe Audition, it is possible to correct excerpts from dialogues, making speeches more audible, clear and with higher quality.

Select the audio portion and add it to an empty track. After that, select the clip and, in the panel Essential audio, click in Dialogue and check Improve clarity. A settings box will open, where you can make several changes to this audio clip.

Check the first 3 checkboxes to ensure that the sound is of the best possible quality. After that, at the end of this window, you will find an option to select between male and female, that is, for Audition to identify the type of voice and make corrections with greater precision.

Audio software 3

Adobe Audition is a complete tool that allows for these possibilities that we have shown, in addition to many others. It is possible to state that it is a complete platform for sound editing, making your project’s audio tracks perfect, in addition to providing support for recording and editing podcasts.

Did you like this content? As we said, it works in conjunction with Adobe Premiere. Enjoy and learn more about the CC Suite video editor!