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WhatsApp is one of the best sales channels today. Creating a direct link to your profile is the fastest, most practical and cheapest way to make life easier for your potential customers and boost sales with this tool. Learn how in this article.

There is no denying that technology has affected the way we buy and, consequently, sell forever.

Everything is dynamic. A Google search, a Facebook review or a quick WhatsApp conversation can define a purchase.

That’s why, in addition to investing in SEO and a good social media strategy, many companies have also been concerned with optimizing the use of messaging applications.

It is difficult to find someone who does not use “Whats” on a daily basis, whether to chat with friends, to exchange photos and memes in the family group, or to conduct important business at work.

And, as we like to automate everything we use frequently, today you will learn how to create a link to your WhatsApp.

Thus, no prospective customer or business partner will need to add your contact before sending a message. Are you ready for action? So come on!

What is the link for WhatsApp?

The most common practice among companies and professionals who use WhatsApp as a service tool is to make the number available and invite interested parties to get in touch.

The problem with this is that anyone who wants to speak to you will need to add your number to the contacts, and only then send the message.

It’s nothing out of this world, it’s true, but what if there was a way to cut down on work and make your prospect’s life easier? It exists, and it is the direct link to WhatsApp.

With him, the person just needs to click on the link, and will open a conversation with you. Easy, practical and without compromise.

Why is it worth creating a link to your WhatsApp?

There are several good reasons to link to your WhatsApp profile and share it on your digital channels.

The reasons below are more than enough to convince you that this is a good tactic and worth applying.

It’s quick and easy to create

When we get to the step by step to create the link you will see how simple the process is.

So, if you are thinking about not creating the link because you think you will need to make a lot of effort, know a lot about technology or spend a lot of money, you need not worry.

Explore a channel that is used a lot by most of your customers

No matter what your industry is or the size of your company, chances are your potential customers will use WhatsApp on a daily basis, including for shopping.

When creating the link, you will only make their lives easier, as it is a tool they are already used to.

Shortens the sales process

Any action that removes the work between a person’s interest and their final purchase decision is welcome.

The link removes the need for someone to add you as a contact to answer a question or request a quote.

With that, more people will access the link and start conversations that can result in meetings, negotiations and new sales.

In short, you don’t invest any time and money to greatly optimize a tool already used by your ideal customer and remove steps from the purchase journey. Can you want more than that?

the customer journey

Can be applied to multiple channels

Once created, the link can be placed anywhere you want. The more options, the more chances of leveraging your sales through this channel.

And if you are out of ideas, just keep reading: below we have a list of 6 places where you can apply the link after creating it.

How to create a link to WhatsApp?

There are two ways to create a link to WhatsApp. Now let’s see what they are and how they work.

The most important thing, however, is that both options are very easy, fast and, even better, free.

Manual link

The first way is to create the link manually. In this case, you will need to create 2 different links, one to be displayed to users of mobile devices and one for those who use WhatsApp Web, on the computer.

For mobile devices is the following:

  1. Copy the link;
  2. Change the “SeuNumero” part to your WhatsApp number, including the country code and the area code.

For those who use the browser, just change “api” for “web” in the code, which is “”.

Want an example of how it looks? Let’s assume that your number is 99999–9999 and that your company is in the city of São Paulo, where the area code is 11.

The link code for London is 55. With all this, your link would be:

As everything is responsive today, it is difficult to know when to use the mobile link or the web version. So, my recommendation is to use the following method, with a link generator.

Link generator site

Since it is to facilitate, then we will do it completely. Forget everything you just read above if you want to use a link generator, because you just have to go to a website and enter your phone number.

A good link generator is WhatsApp Link Generator, which automatically detects which device the user is on and redirects you to the correct version of the link.

Finally, you can also customize your links in two very cool ways. The first is by put a ready message, which interested parties can send as a default.

The second is even better, since you can shorten the link and make it easy to put it on social networks or on your website.

Where to put the link to WhatsApp and boost sales?

Link ready, customizations made. And now, where to put the links to wait for that rain of contacts and boost sales once and for all? In a way, you can say that the sky is the limit.

After all, you can place a link almost anywhere on any digital channel. Here are some options below that can help boost your business.

E-commerce pages

If you have an e-commerce, you can put a direct link to WhatsApp right on the home page, along with an integrated online chat option.

You can also place the link on a product page, so that customers can ask specific questions right before a purchase and prevent them from leaving the cart without returning.

Pages on social networks

Your Facebook fanpage, your bio on Instagram and Twitter and even your company page on LinkedIn can benefit greatly from having direct links to WhatsApp.

It is true that they all have their own messaging systems, but many customers prefer WhatsApp to all of them.

Corporate website

Your corporate website and blog can also have links in several places. Some good locations are:

  • the main navigation of your website;
  • help links at the bottom;
  • blog sidebar;
  • funnel bottom articles on the blog;
  • contact or budget page on the website.

YouTube videos

If you have a video channel on YouTube you can also take advantage of the space to put a direct link on strategic videos, and even a fixed one in the contact area of ​​the profile.

These links can be placed in both the description and cards of the videos, along with calls to action.


Even slide shows, like the ones you might share with your audience on Slideshare, offer good opportunities to put a direct link to chat with someone at the company.

In this type of content, it is worth putting a link at the end of the presentation. After all, if the person got there, it is possible that he liked what he saw and wanted to know more.

Rich materials

Rich materials, such as e-books and webinars follow the same line as blog posts and slide shows. They offer the chance to open a direct channel of communication from content that generates high value and holds the persona’s attention.

Do not waste the opportunity to place links well positioned in this type of production, as they can give what the persona needs to advance the purchase journey.

It’s very easy to create a link to WhatsApp, and you have great reasons to do so as soon as possible. This simple action can be the leverage your business needs to grow and sell more. Finally, just be creative and spread the link to as many channels as you can.

Do you still use personal WhatsApp as a service channel for your business? Get to know WhatsApp Business now and learn how to use this perfect tool for companies!

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