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Guiding the customer in all stages of convincing, starting with the attraction until reaching the purchase decision, demands great skill from the entrepreneur, especially when we talk about online sales. More than just pique your potential customer’s interest, you need to have good pitches and know how to exploit each one, […]

Guiding the customer in all stages of convincing, starting with the attraction until reaching the purchase decision, demands great skill from the entrepreneur, especially when we talk about online sales.

More than just pique your potential customer’s interest, you need to have good selling points and know how to exploit each one, at the right time.

The creation of relevant content is the most efficient way to increase the number of online sales.

Entrepreneurs who focus only on ads to advertise their product end up creating a problem, as this makes the audience feel bombarded by advertising.

Usually, constant advertisements are not well regarded by consumers, which is why they should be done programmatically, without excesses. That is why the process of creating your sales pitches must be done thinking about the profile of the company and, especially, of its consumer.

We know that creating sales pitches can be a difficult task. So from now on, we’ll help you better understand how you can use your sales pitch in valuable content to attract more customers.

What are pitches?

For those who work in sales, it is essential to have the ability to show customers the qualities and differentials of the product offered.

The selling points are nothing more than arguments used to convince. The customer is expected to make the decision to purchase the product from an argumentative speech.

When the salesperson works in practical life, he must always have the right arguments at the tip of his tongue to hook customers. On the internet, these arguments must be inserted in the context of relevant content.

The entrepreneur speaks to several people at the same time. So there is a need to create persuasive sales pitches enough to attract as many people as possible with the same material.

What is valuable content?

The internet is known to be a virtually limitless source of information. Every day, a large amount of data is inserted into the network, such as videos, photos, articles and other types of digital content.

However, much of this material adds no value to the online community, serving only for entertainment purposes.

With that in mind, people are increasingly looking for ways to filter the content they interact with. Nobody wants to be bombarded by information without content, that does not transmit knowledge or that is not even useful to solve an immediate problem.

That is why entrepreneurs working in the digital market must invest in the creation of relevant content. That’s because they are materials that really help people to identify and solve a pain, a problem in their lives.

By producing relevant material, the entrepreneur is able to create authority on a given subject, which captivates his audience the most.

In short, relevant content is nothing more than content that helps people solve their problems. It may seem counterintuitive, since the focus of any salesperson is always to offer a product that sells. But the truth is that only a small portion of the content produced should take the form of advertising.

Always talking about the product itself, its qualities and differentials, is not a good idea. Your audience may end up identifying these contents as irrelevant and, from that, they will do their utmost so that they are no longer affected by information from this source.

Here are some examples of valuable content to attract customers and build authority:

Blog posts

One of the most efficient ways to sell on the internet with content is through blog posts. With them, it is possible to explore subjects of the most varied, in depth and with relevant information for the client.

Keeping a blog updated, with posts that are not aimed at the sale itself, but the attraction and creation of authority, is ideal for anyone working with online sales.

The posts for your blog should address issues of interest to your audience, addressing their pain and proposing really effective solutions.

They should start with more general texts from their niche, so that readers can identify with the subject. Then, little by little, the posts should go deeper, until reaching a solution that helps the client to solve their pain.

In this way, you are able to demonstrate all your authority on the subject matter.


Many entrepreneurs sin by creating only sales videos. When produced in excess, they end up bothering their audience, who identifies the material as advertising.

That is why it is important that you invest in creating quality content in this format, with relevant information and without focusing on the product.

Videos are ideal for attracting customers’ attention, as they work not only on the auditory, but also on the visual. It is worthwhile to create short videos, but with impactful content, without being boring.

A good option for generating engagement using videos is to explore the possibilities of YouTube. Many brands are producing quality content and disseminating within this digital platform, in order to create authority and thus attract new customers.


With infographics, it is possible to inform and educate your audience by offering answers to the pains and problems of this group.

An infographic is basically a graph filled with information. But, unlike bar charts or pie charts, which are generally more difficult to read, infographics are didactic and attractive.

Generally, they are well worked on in the design, with striking images, highlighted colors and very objective information. They are a great option to show your persona how to solve a problem, transmit knowledge and pass on relevant information on a certain subject.


Working as a digital bait, e-books generate great engagement, especially when they are made available free of charge, as a bonus for customers.

To further explore this feature, it is possible to condition the availability of the e-book to the performance of an action, such as filling out a form.

Thus, you can still have the e-mail of the people who showed interest in your product, which allows you to create a relationship with these users. If you know how to nurture this relationship well, it is possible that they will become your customers.

How to use pitches in content

You can create sales pitches without trying to sell your product all the time.

Sales pitches can be applied subtly within valuable content, leading your audience to take action on their own. And as we talked about before, this way of attracting customers tends to give much better results than the excessive production of advertising.

In the following walkthrough, you will learn how to use pitches within content.

Come on?

1. Show authority on the subject

The first step in applying the sales pitch concept within the content is showing authority over the topic covered.

This means making it clear to your audience that your brand has an extensive background of knowledge on the subject.

The content produced must have quality, be really informative and must be able to arouse the interest of those who are consuming it.

Showing authority on the subject allows the entrepreneur to achieve a prominent position in the market. The more authority you have, the greater the chance that people will purchase the products associated with you.

Authority within the digital market can be seen as trust. And trust is the new global currency.

2. Know your persona to use appropriate language

The persona of each entrepreneur is his ideal client, that is, the profile of a client that aggregates all the characteristics sought by the entrepreneur.

The persona is the profile of someone with the greatest potential to perform an action, such as a purchase. Therefore, understanding and knowing your persona is essential to direct the production of your content.

The creation of sales arguments should take this profile into account, so that the information produced is really relevant to the people who fit it. There is no point in producing quality content if he cannot speak directly to his audience.

3. Think about the pains of the persona you want to solve

Each persona has peculiar pains and the entrepreneur’s focus should be to solve those pains objectively.

Customers do not want trouble when solving a problem. They expect the content to be able to help with a transformation, whether in mentality or behavior.

It is worth studying the client’s profile, getting to know their pains closely and thinking of efficient ways to solve each one. This survey can be carried out with direct questions to the public itself, through questionnaires and feedbacks.

4. Don’t speak directly about your product

At this stage, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting to sell the product.

When it comes to valuable content, talking about the product is not an option, at least, not directly.

The purpose of these materials is to induce the persona to perform an action, but without directly indicating the path. That is, without directly mentioning the solution to the problem.

All information must be placed so that the people themselves can see in the product a suitable solution for their pain.


If you have come this far, you have seen that it is very important to create relevant content for your audience. Thus, you will be able to develop a relationship with your potential customers, in addition to establishing yourself as an authority in your area of ​​expertise.

Always remember that you can get your persona to perform an action (like buying a product), but you don’t have to do it invasively. The big difference on the internet is being able to help educate the market and make people discover for themselves the path they need to take.

As we explained, most of the content produced by a brand must be relevant, not to mention your product directly, and to be able to create arguments like this, there are several writing techniques that can help you. One of these techniques is known as copywriting.

To better understand this topic, be sure to also read our text on what copywriting is.

Guest post produced by the team Hotmart.