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Knowing how to delete a LinkedIn account is something that some users have been looking for. The decision is not final, but some issues such as safety and productivity can cause abandonment. Regardless, the social network is interesting and has several positive points.

Maintaining different profiles on the most different social networks is not a simple matter, after all, they always need to be updated.

Knowing how to delete a LinkedIn account is information that can be interesting at some point, especially if the user has not adapted or even does not have time to maintain the profile the way he would like.

Despite being professionally important, not everyone can have a good relationship with the social network. She is somewhat different from others, such as Facebook and Instagram, above all, in approaching the profile and way of communicating.

If this is a problem for the user, it is important that they know how to stop using their profile at any time.

Next, we’ll show you more about LinkedIn, how to social network and its main features, but we’ll also bring you a simple guide if you don’t want to keep your profile there anymore. Check with us!

How important is LinkedIn as a social network?

Active since 2003, LinkedIn is a social network that has always had a very well-defined role: be a space where professionals could present themselves through a complete profile.

This was the beginning of a trend in which simple paper curricula are no longer the main record of a professional in the market. However, perhaps this platform has the due importance recognized only today. The world has changed and the era of digital transformation is already a reality.

Knocking on doors to leave resumes is very little for those who really want to be seen. In addition, having the prospect of a new position in a better company depends on other methods and, especially, on the positioning of the professional.

In this new reality, influenced by technology, the relationship between those in the market and HR has changed a lot. LinkedIn is a fundamental part of this nowadays, being an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to follow this new perspective.

Market visibility

Being visible to the biggest companies in the market: it looks interesting, doesn’t it? At the present time, having a LinkedIn account represents exactly that, since companies are also in this network.

Much more than this online presence, companies are looking for new talents to fill their positions, and the HR sector is always looking to attract professionals. There are several ways to get a big company to notice you as a professional, but it is undeniable that being online is one of the main ways.

A good presentation, combined with a good track record and important qualifications, can be the ideal combination to display on your LinkedIn account. You will be visible and ready to be picked up by the companies!


More than relating to companies and staying in the window, LinkedIn is also a social network at the origin of the word, however, with another proposal.

It’s not like Instagram, where you share your routine on Stories, but a place where you can convey your perceptions about the market and trends. This attracts people and can generate a large network of contacts.

Networking will always be something indispensable for those who want to have a prestigious space in the job market. People who are interested in you and who are able to see talent will always be ready to help you, of course, in an exchange network.

Having contacts is essential to be indicated for good vacancies, and there is no better place to create a networking like LinkedIn.

The search for vacancies

On LinkedIn, it is also possible to find the best opportunities available at the moment, as companies have realized for some time that this is where the most engaged professionals are.

For those looking for new opportunities, the social network works as a real great platform to always be aware of what comes up, regardless of whether employed or not.

Who has a LinkedIn profile does not necessarily need to be active in this search for jobs, after all, they can appear in your feed.

In addition, companies also search for candidates through filters related to professional qualifications and experiences. You can either do a daily search or simply be found by recruiters.

What reasons have led people to leave the platform?

People are really looking to know how to delete a LinkedIn account. This is not exclusive to this platform, but also to many other social networks.

Not by chance, spending a lot of time in front of a computer or cell phone screen demands something very valuable for professionals: time!

Furthermore, keeping an updated profile is not easy. Everything changes quickly in such a dynamic world, and it is not always well digested by everyone.

There are also issues related to mental health, since not everyone can feel safe and, of course, a social network in which people only expose the best of themselves can be a trigger for arousing anxiety.

Next, understand different perspectives that may make someone want to delete a LinkedIn account. Do you identify with any of them?


How much time do you spend on your day browsing social media? Although not so attractive for fun and hobby, LinkedIn can also have an impact on people’s day management. There, there is much more than profiles and vacancies: blogs also have great content!

The desire to have a stronger and more attractive space for companies is not always well digested and conducted in the best way. Some users spend too much time searching for the ideal profile, which undermines productivity. In that case, some people choose to close their account altogether.

Risks with data security

The leakage of data from social networks, unfortunately, is nothing new. Among the most famous cases, Facebook really was the one that shocked the world the most. However, LinkedIn has also been a target of hackers, which represents a further risk for those who use these platforms.

Despite solid security parameters, the social network faced this issue more than once, the last one being released in January, with the registration of 159 million passwords exposed. Therefore, many people have abandoned the social network for fear that their information will be leaked.

Insecurity about quality as a professional

Mental health is an issue that is increasingly discussed worldwide. Professionals are always under high levels of stress due to their demands and obligations. Even the dispute in the market and the war of egos is something that can be a problem.

Wanting to have a successful LinkedIn profile is a search that sometimes borders on exaggeration. For many people, the effect is toxic, generating anxiety at dangerous levels, in addition to the feeling of dispute. Not knowing how to deal with this can influence the decision to put an end to the situation.

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How to delete LinkedIn account?

If you really didn’t know how to handle LinkedIn, deleting the account may be a favorable decision. This is something that belongs to each one, due to the various factors that may be involved.

The good news is that there are not many difficulties in ending participation in the social network, either using a cell phone or through your computer. Look at that!

The process on the computer

On the computer, our tip will help to make the process as fast as possible. First, open LinkedIn and log in normally.

After that, paste this link in your browser’s address bar. Upon uploading, you will be taken to the account termination page. There, double check the information regarding the deletion of your profile and, if you are sure of the decision, click Close account.

how to delete Linkedin account

This is a quick shortcut, for those who are already decided and know that LinkedIn will not really be missed. Remember that you may have some important content that you don’t want to miss, like texts. Before you even delete the account, check if there is anything relevant that can be kept.

The mobile process

On the cell phone, the process is less straightforward, but it’s just as simple. Open the application and then touch your photo to open the profile. When this action is performed, you will see a gear icon in the upper right corner, so select it to enter the settings.

Automatically, the open screen will already be in the first tab, called Account. Scroll the screen to the end, then tap Close account.

You will see another message about your connections and also the button Continue, which you must touch again.

step by step how to delete account on likedinhow to delete account on linkedin

After that, LinkedIn will ask for a reason why you are leaving the platform. Select one of the options and click Advance. If you click Other, you’ll need to leave a brief message justifying deleting the account.

close account

To finish, just enter your password on the social network and then click on Concluded.

Ready! You finish the process by cell phone.

close linkedin account

This is a decision that is up to each one and, as much as it is an interesting social network, knowing how to delete LinkedIn account is very important. Now, you have already been informed and can think better, if that is your wish.

LinkedIn can also be a great platform for marketing your company. Learn more about this possibility in this post!

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