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Want to know how to delete your Twitter account? See the step-by-step that we have prepared to help you delete your account from your computer and also from your phone

In a wave of fake news and data leakage scandals from gigantic social networks like Facebook, many people have been rethinking their lives online.

The question “is it really worth it to feed my profiles daily?” is constant, which results in another question: how does the platform shutdown process work?

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Twitter account and how long it will take for it to be permanently deleted. In addition, we propose an interesting discussion about ways to deal with the daily presence of social networks in our lives.

Come on?

Why has the desire to disconnect from social networks increased?

The digital transformation has made access to social networks grow dramatically in a very short time, and the numbers don’t lie.

The numbers are impressive

A report published by Hootsuite in 2018 found interesting data: of the 7 billion inhabitants of the planet, 4 billion have access to the internet, 3 billion are active users of social networks and 2.9 billion people have been prioritizing smartphones when using it them.

It is important to remember that the process of popularizing the internet started only in the 90s – when we think of London, we are talking about the middle of 1995 -, that is, 4 billion people entered the online universe in a period of less than 30 years.

After a continuous increase in the number of people registered on social networks, an awareness discourse started to be raised: how far they are being used in favor of the user?

The downside of social media

The association of social networks with mental disorders started to be studied, and a public health institution in the United Kingdom found that Instagram is the most harmful social network when the agenda is mental disorder. Issues such as well-being, anxiety and loneliness were assessed.

In addition to the issues surrounding mental health, another important issue was highlighted: the leak and sale of Facebook user data to a policy-related data analysis and consulting firm.

Finally, the fake news phenomenon was another scandal that has recently gained worldwide media, also in the political context.

The need to do something about it

When thinking about so many questions responsible for raising long and somewhat complex discussions, the best way to answer the question raised in this post ends up being simple: you need to analyze when a social network interferes with your routine, mental health and social relationships.

The social pressure surrounding the act of being seen is great and totally understandable, and the problem should not be underestimated: social networks have completely changed the way human beings live their routine, dealing with others and thinking about issues such as success and idealization.

This idea is fueled by timelines filled with publications that, in many cases, do not portray even 20% of a person’s life. After all, how to stay connected 24 hours a day?

The act of waking up in the morning on a Monday and finding contents that refer to that perfect body, an ideal dietary routine or dream work can frustrate people who are living in the midst of doubts about their own lives.

Remembering the fact that everyone has bad days and that the reality exposed on social networks is only part of a larger context is a task that deserves daily effort and several exercises of self-knowledge and self-esteem.

It is precisely because of the topics covered here that many people prefer to spend time outside social networks – either to “breathe” a little, or to get back in touch with reality, or to look for new ways to cultivate interpersonal relationships.

If you feel anxious and have developed a need to access and post to your accounts daily – or feel bad when you are unable to do so – maybe it’s time to take a break.

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How to delete your Twitter account?

By the computer

Now that you have understood important points about the questions surrounding the use of technologies and their limits, it is time to learn how to delete your account. The steps are very simple and intuitive and, in a matter of minutes, it is already deleted from the network.

First, log in to your Twitter account. Then, click on your photo icon, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, click on “settings and privacy”.

delete twitter account

After entering the settings tab, you will see a menu with numerous adjustments related to content and security, for example.

delete twitter account

Without leaving the tab you’re on, scroll the page to the end. There, you will find a link called “Deactivate your account”. After clicking, the following warning appears:

account deactivation notice

The recommendations are extensive and include important information regarding deactivation. For example: if you want to return to Twitter, you have a period of 30 days to recover your account. After that it will be officially deleted.

In addition to information regarding the possibility of saving data, for example, Twitter informs that it is possible that some remnants of the account are still visible in search engines.

For more details about each notice, you can click on each of the hyperlinks located in the text. They are intuitive and have steps responsible for making the user make sure that deleting the account is the best option.

disable twitter account

After clicking on the link, the last action will be to enter the password you use in your profile. After that, Twitter sends a small farewell message, and the account is finally disabled.

By cell phone

There is no possibility to delete Twitter through the platform application. Therefore, to be able to delete the account, it is necessary to enter the browser and search for the Twitter address. From there, the steps are just as simple.

login on twitter

After logging into Twitter, you need to click on your profile picture and select the “settings and privacy” tab.

twitter account information

Then, click on the “account” tab. It is the first button just below your username.

twitter account information

When accessing, a screen with personal information about your account will appear, and you will need to choose the option “disable your account”, located in the bottom corner of the screen.

deleting twitter account

Just like on the desktop, some important information can be read.

deleting twitter account

If the decision is really to disable the account, you will need to enter your password.

delete twitter account

Finally, a final confirmation is required, and the account is finally deactivated.

Bonus: how to use social networks more positively?

Even when deleting the Twitter account, it is essential to understand ways to deal with social networks more positively. After all, we never know when it will be necessary to be present on the network again – for work reasons, for example.

Another more positive scenario is to reactivate the account of your own free will after dealing with your own insecurities and overcoming the factors that triggered negative reactions.

Learn how to deal with fake news

The phenomenon of fake news has become harmful disinformation tool and it’s really hurting timelines around the world. But there is a way to deal with them without having to delete a social network.

First, follow reliable information vehicles and, preferably, have the Twitter verification seal. The seal, however, is not an automatic indication of veracity in the information. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account other important factors:

  • check any and all information. The speed with which messages are posted on Twitter can increase the number of hasty disclosures;
  • if the news came through a user, look for versions of reliable and well-known media outlets;
  • be careful with bots: when the profile has few followers or follows a very low number of people, and has a high amount of content that talks about exactly the same subject, it is possible that they are robots;
  • do not share news without checking it in order to know that it is true information. Fake news would not be as powerful if their disclosure power was not so great either.

Understand more about the online data issue

It is very difficult to be on a social network without providing information for that platform. After all, at the time of registration you accepted terms that, even though they may have gone unnoticed, authorize the sending of certain personal information.

One way to better deal with the issue is to read articles and understand more about it.

Before you sign up for a new social network or purchase a product online, understand how the privacy policy works. Yes, the same ones that, in many cases, go unnoticed by us!

There are activist groups around the world that advocate greater autonomy on the part of the user to define what information can be stored and which should remain confidential, and the tendency is for changes to happen better in the coming years.

The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, in fact, comes into force in 2020 to ensure greater security for Internet users.

The discussion involving disabling a Twitter account – and other social networks – is extensive and deserves more and more attention. After all, it is not possible to ignore the negative implications that accompany the phenomenon of digital transformation, and a good start is to be on the platforms where you feel safe and happy.

Now that you know how to delete your Twitter account and, more than that, you learned about important issues in the online universe, get to know the best profiles to follow on the network!