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Advanced Twitter search helps you find specific content in users’ tweets, such as specific keywords. In addition, it is possible to segment by location and date, in options that make the search more accurate and optimize the work of social media.

Digital Marketing strategies applied in social networks are already concrete options for positioning on the web. The results are satisfactory and it is always possible to measure the campaigns and understand how the public is engaging with the brand.

Among these possibilities, the advanced search on Twitter is a mechanism that facilitates the control of interactions and citations.

The large volume of messages on this platform can hinder the work of social media, which does not always find what it wants in the traditional search.

The more filters are applied, the more refined the result, according to what you want to know. For commercial use of Twitter, having the possibility of a feature with more detail fit like a glove!

In this post you will know what you need about this resource, in a detailed content among these topics:

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What is advanced Twitter search?

The advanced search on Twitter is a feature of the social network that allows you to do more in-depth searches, applying filter terms to the results.

This possibility is very interesting to find very specific tweets, which contain keywords of interest, that are from a certain region, that come from some people and at specific periods.

A Digital Marketing strategy on Twitter has its particularities and, among them, the high level of interaction made possible by the platform’s mechanism stands out. This is a characteristic that obliges companies to remain dynamic in their responses.

This closer contact is related to facilitated engagement. If more people talk about the brand, a product, a service or even a campaign, there is naturally an indication of involvement.

Therefore, monitoring is a fundamental part of the strategy and, to do this with greater precision, the advanced search on Twitter is a very useful resource.

The targeting options

The basis of the advanced search option is precisely the segmentation it allows. Amid the volume of possible citations of interesting terms, the greater detail of the filters is what makes a search accurate and with really valuable returns to what is intended. This differential is a true tool for those who need high performance resources.

Managing business accounts on this social network may not be easy, especially when it comes to understanding how your audience is seeing your brand. In this scenario, the advanced search on Twitter is like a big magnifying glass amid millions of lowercase letters.

Without this feature, manual labor would be practically impossible to do, especially when it comes to large accounts. Segmentation is also great for working with a more strategic analysis, such as the simple possibility of evaluating tweets that are from a certain city or in a neighborhood.

In the advanced search on Twitter there are great options for broad segmentation, followed by a few more filters related to each of them:

  • words;
  • people;
  • local;
  • dates.

In the “Words“, You can use the following filters:

  • “All these words”;
  • “Exactly this phrase”;
  • “Any of these words”;
  • “None of these words”;
  • “These markers”;
  • “Written in” (language selection).

In the “People”There are the filters:

  • “From these accounts” (select specific users) ”;
  • “For these accounts” (your interactions with specific users);
  • “Mentioning these accounts”.

In “Locations”It is possible to activate the location or select another region, such as countries, states, cities and even neighborhoods.

How important is Twitter in social media campaigns?

Digital Marketing campaigns are directly linked to the presence of commercial accounts on social networks. Today, amid the high level of use of these platforms, failing to take advantage of this communication and service channel can be a big mistake.

More than just doing this active job, brands must always be attentive and monitor what their target audience says. The absurd number of daily tweets, among a proportionately gigantic number of users, can count, even if small, a significant portion of mentions to your products or your brand.

These quotes will not always be direct, which is why it is difficult to have precise control. When the consumer actually tags his account, the work is much less. However, this does not always happen – aside from the fact that tweets bring keywords that are interesting to your business strategy.

In the midst of all these possibilities, Twitter is an indispensable social network for a complete campaign on social networks, since it works as a real thermometer for specific subjects. It even helps you know where the people who are talking about your brand are, which can be a mainstay for adjustments and optimizations related to the segmentation of your campaigns.

What are the benefits of advanced search?

Advanced Twitter search is not a feature that was simply designed to be functional. Naturally, this possibility has a very positive impact on business and influencer accounts, which is why it is a real hand on the wheel!

The work of those who manage accounts needs objectivity and productivity. In this sense, the search tool with greater detail is essential.

There are many benefits provided by advanced search, but some are really strategic and decisive in managing these profiles. Below, learn about some of these advantages and how they benefit those who need to generate accounts of the type!

Measure opinion about campaigns and products

Twitter users will always be talking about a campaign that the brand advertised on the networks or even about products, those when they are already customers. The social network encourages these manifestations, since it is a personal blog in which people share ideas, reports, opinions and a series of other content on a daily basis.

The interesting and strategic part of this is precisely to analyze what is said. There is no better opportunity than this, in which the brand checks exactly the opinion of its audience.

It is a clear and totally transparent meter on absolutely everything, from the brand to other details, those that can be searched thanks to the keywords of the advanced search.

Monitor engagement with your brand

Engagement is the “gold” of the Digital Marketing era!

Vanity metrics may be important at some point, but what will really guarantee the strong brand and continuity of online work is engagement. Measuring this is not difficult, especially with the advanced search on Twitter.

There are two ways to achieve this: through the content of tweets and interactions.

If the user speaks well of your brand, praises products or has other posts of this type, always positive, it is a clear indicator that there is engagement.

This is the starting point for the other best way to measure: interactions. Interacting users are concretely engaged with the company, and this results in a very important close relationship.

Being able to monitor these two situations is very comfortable, productive and also strategic. They are spontaneous manifestations and they appear all the time. Constant monitoring work can bring very positive results.

If you anticipate calls

Twitter is also a service channel widely used by users, as well as other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The advanced search is an excellent way to detect doubts, dissatisfactions or expressions of need for contact. Even on purpose, users cite the brand to get due attention.

On the side of those who manage the accounts, this behavior is also interesting. The advanced search on Twitter allows you to detect these users, understand their needs and then act proactively, offering a contact and asking about the problem.

This is a position highly valued by brands and consumers, which can be done with search support.

How to do the advanced search on Twitter?

No mysteries: the advanced search on Twitter is quite simple and intuitive! The following is a step-by-step guide on how to access and how to use the resources.

Access the advanced search option

In the common Twitter search field, do a search with the term “search“.

Then select the option “Advanced search“, Which appears as the last alternative on the list. You can now use filters for locations, for example.

advanced twitter search

You can also take a shortcut and skip all that way, just by directly accessing the link to the advanced Twitter search window.

Fill in the targets

After selecting “Advanced search“, The segmentation panel will open on the screen. It is a scrollable window, in which you can configure the filters of the options that we show in this content.

advanced word search
advanced language and account search
advanced date search

Features like advanced Twitter search are of great help for those who need to manage business accounts. Digital Marketing is a reality for companies, and the relationship with the public is essential, as well as monitoring what they are talking about!

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