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Instagram polls are a great tool for playing with friends and, mainly, interacting with followers. First, create content in Stories, then drag the screen upwards. Select the poll resource, define the question and answers, and finally confirm to post.

The fact that Instagram is not just a social network is already known to the general public. The platform, which is positioned as a kind of business tool, has powerful resources to generate engagement and user insights around the world, as is the case with polls.

Working in a targeted manner and using the right questions, the consequence is a jumble of strategic information that is transformed into satisfactory results.

It’s the perfect chance to get to know your audience and extract that information that was missing to become the key to your projects, generating solutions that really talk to the audience.

In this post, you will learn how to use Instagram polls and understand their importance from the following topics:

How Instagram Polling Works

Since October 2010, Instagram’s year of creation, the developments involving the social network have happened very fast.

Video support – before it was only possible to publish images -, Instagram Ads, direct messages and the latest Instagram Stories are just some of the great news responsible for “stopping the internet”. After all, everyone wanted to test the features and apply them to their profiles as soon as possible.

In 2017, polls took place. They can be made within the Stories feature, which has several other ways to make them more interactive and attractive, such as GIFs, stickers, text boxes and various filters.

In addition to being a great tool for playing with friends and interacting with followers, brands have realized the perfect functionality of the tool: collecting strategic information about products, services, proposals or projects. The sky is the limit!

All data is generated by users who are interested in the brand – after all, they follow the profile on Instagram – which further increases the relevance of the results.

It is not a random audience answering generic questions, but a specifically targeted strategy with the aim of collecting answers that, in turn, will be used in making important decisions.

How to create a poll on Instagram Stories

Stay tuned to our tutorial and create amazing polls for your Instagram strategy. Too easy!

1. Create the base content

First, you must create the base content for Instagram Stories. It can be an image, a video or animations, but it is important that they have connection with the theme of the poll.

In our case, let’s imagine the profile of a travel agency that is working with the creation of new packages on the coast of London. The idea is to understand the popularity of two different destinations.

2. Add the poll feature

Ready, image created and positioned. Now, drag your phone screen upwards to see the Stories resource page, including the poll, easily located on the left.

After clicking on the poll, you will see a screen directing the places where the texts will enter. It is possible to add two options per poll.

Poll on Instagram

3. Edit the poll data

Choose the question to be worked on. In our case, we will add two destinations on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Poll on Instagram

4. Publish the poll

Ready! Now just click on the publish button and your poll will be available in the Stories tab. It will remain active for 24 hours, and until then it’s important to engage users so that you can get as many responses as possible.

5. Track the results

To follow the result, the story may be on the air or may have already expired. Just open it, click on the number of people who saw the content – it is at the bottom of the screen – and analyze the direction of the responses. You can also see exactly who voted for the options.

How important it is to use the feature

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to work on Instagram polls, it’s time to think about the importance of using the feature.

First of all, it is simple and does not require a lot of manpower – be it time or effort. The strategy must be carefully thought out, like any other project, but just a simple image and the right question to attract the public and collect valuable information.

In addition, the response rate is higher than that of forms, for example. This is mainly because the user does not need to leave the social network to participate, just a simple click.

Finally, there is the strategic issue. The example we worked on in the post is something more comprehensive, but think of the multitude of decision-making that can be made by discovering the subjects with which your audience has an affinity and those that do not generate engagement.

Brands must be increasingly concerned with humanization and the delivery of value propositions. This means that, before working on Digital Marketing, running campaigns, selling products or contacting leads, you really need to understand who we are talking to and what these people like.

What 4 types of questions to use in your polls

Some specific categories of questions can direct answers so that you get exactly the data you’re looking for. See 4 great options when creating polls.

1. Sending doubts

A great way to know the ideal direction of a publication is to understand the main doubts of the user. That way, you will have greater guarantees that the content will be truly relevant for people who follow your page.

In case of doubts, you can also use other complementary features of Stories. Start with the poll, asking which topic generates more doubt in the follower.

Poll on Insta

Once you understand that the public prefers to know how to care for sunflowers, for example, you can invest in the question box to view your doubts in detail. Then, just invest in content!

2. Product or service feedback

Feedbacks are great ways to understand which product is doing well and which is not doing so well. In this case, the poll is very simple and straightforward. Did you like it or not? Ready! You can already get an excellent sense of the general perception.

Just as we did in the case of our floriculture up there, it is also possible to go further and invest in other tools to complement the volume and quality of the data collected.

3. Tips on a specific topic

Creating series of polls is recommended to generate more complex content that requires a greater amount of responses that cannot be obtained in a single poll.

After the poll, it is worth betting on content with tips on the origin of the sauce, as well as curiosities and interesting information.

4. Opinions on comparatives

When you work with more than one product or service, Instagram polls can be powerful to discover those who are most loved by the public.

In addition to the categories we explore in more detail, there are a multitude of options to invest in! It is also worth betting on more personal content, asking about habits and preferences, for example.

How to use the collected data well

By working with questions that go beyond your product and aim to get to know the audience better, you gain great support to outline the persona strategies, in addition to other studies on the personality, worldview and preferences of followers.

Such data is important precisely in the construction of content that delivers a meaning that goes beyond the desire to “sell for sell”. With these responses, the result is a diversity of interesting content with high engagement power.

Still talking about personas, it is important to highlight the importance of engagement. Brands are suffering from the sudden changes in social networking algorithms like Facebook and Instagram.

This means that when there is no investment in media, the reach rates are very low. A page that has 10,000 followers, for example, may not reach even 5% of them! In other words: more than gaining followers on Instagram, find ways to retain them.

Stories, then, can be seen as a great possibility to reach your audience in an organic way, that is, with much lower costs. The idea is not to abandon investment in ads, which are already the reality of online brand positioning, but rather to complement the strategy with another format, with great possibilities of increasing the metrics of any profile.

It is also worth evaluate more broadly themed content that will be driven to an audience that doesn’t follow your page yet, but that can be fully defined by you. It is possible to make cuts of age, gender, profession, among many other preferences that direct the posts to people more likely to know and like the content.

Instagram has a multitude of features that, when used based on a good strategy, generate effective results and affordable values. The era of social media is here to stay, and you have to be ready to find your place in the midst of competition and the flood of information.

In addition to learning about polls for Instagram, you need to know the Stories to make your posts even better. So, access our full feature material and be ready to create amazing actions!