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Bringing your own business to life and using the full potential of the internet to publicize it may seem simpler than it actually is. This is because it has been very common to find mistakes in marketing actions that could be avoided. Among the main reasons is the absence of a digital marketing plan. When he […]

Bringing your own business to life and using the full potential of the internet to publicize it may seem simpler than it actually is. This is because it has been very common to find mistakes in marketing actions that could be avoided.

Among the main reasons is the absence of a digital marketing plan. When it is not done or when it is done incorrectly, the tendency is that the execution will be hampered.

Therefore, it is essential to take the time to think about this issue.

This post will help you to understand how digital marketing planning works, to know the most recurring mistakes and how to avoid them. Follow:

What is digital marketing planning

It is the planning of the actions of marketing that the company will perform in the online environment. It is a stage in the construction of the strategy in which it seeks to determine the objectives to be achieved by the campaign.

Planning can involve the promotion of a brand, a product, a service, among others. In short, it is what will serve as a guide for the company’s strategic actions in the network.

Good digital marketing planning depends on the characteristics of each entrepreneur and their venture.

A professional willing to publicize his acupuncture business, for example, needs to consider the peculiarities of his industry before setting up profiles on social networks to have more efficient results.

Likewise, someone who works in the technology field needs to consider the aspects that involve their activity, such as the type of consumer, the competition and the market to then make the disclosure.

Because of this, the research phase is one of the most important in the process.

How to do digital marketing planning

The search

It all starts with good research. It is she who will point the way for your communication.

It is at this first moment that you can set your goals according to the market opportunities. Set goals for your Communication only then to pursue the results.

At this stage, it is also necessary to consider the scenario in which your company operates, discovering information about the competition and the way it has been occupying space on the internet.

Knowing what they already do on the network, you can identify gaps, in addition to ensuring that you will not repeat content for your audience.

This audience also needs to be identified, as the message will be improved if you know how to speak the language that best suits the universe of these people.

The action plan

After research, it’s time to move on to the action plan. This is where you can define which channels are to be worked on in your campaign – always keeping in mind the objectives previously outlined, the analysis of the competition and the target audience.

Then, the content must be created, an essential element for the success of a digital marketing campaign, as it is at this stage that the company decides what will be disclosed and how this material will reach the public.

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Social media

An interesting aspect that needs to be highlighted is that each channel has its specific type of language:

  • Instagram is about sharing images. Therefore, it is necessary to use more visual communication to impact the public;
  • Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, which requires greater power of synthesis in posts.

Understanding the characteristic of the network is essential for your campaign to be efficient.

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The schedule

The next step in the action plan is to set up the schedule. With it it is possible to make the due control of the frequency of updates and the distribution of the content on the internet, following criteria according to the profile of the target audience.

The schedule can be made even by spreadsheets, but there are more modern tools to improve the process, as is the case with Microsoft Project it’s the OpenProject.


It is also necessary to monitor the results. This concerns checking:

  • the number of visits to the site;
  • the pages with the most hits;
  • the origin of each visit;
  • the purchase of the products offered;
  • the rate of registrations made;
  • among other information.

O Google Analytics is a free service that can assist you in this action.

With the research data being worked together with the action plans, just follow the schedule to follow the actions. If something is not in order, it is necessary to rethink the plan, update and start over so that the objectives bring interesting results.

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The 5 mistakes that destroy your strategy

1. Ignore the target audience

For any marketing action to work, it must be designed according to the interests of the target audience. When it doesn’t, your message may not reach the people with the necessary impact.

A very common mistake is for the entrepreneur to believe that the profile of his consumers is varied. This is the first sign that planning is being done poorly or that it simply does not exist.

It is always necessary to define the profile of the ideal consumer, as it is with him that your company needs to talk, even if there are other consumers with different profiles.

Efficient communication with a type of consumer considered ideal allows the company to captivate people who are more likely to be loyal. The consequence of this is better results.

The tip here is to work with the concept of persona, which is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal consumer.

With it, you can develop a more specific digital marketing strategy by targeting your message to the people who are most likely to close a deal with your company.

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2. Bet on only one path

In the investment world, there is a well-known rule that says: “diversify your portfolio”. The sentence is justified: if you invest all your money in one place, you end up being more vulnerable to crises and can lose your money.

So it is in digital marketing. It is useless to work only with the Facebook, even though it’s the most popular social network in the world. The same goes for other social networks.

The fact is that each chain has its own characteristics and includes a specific audience. It is necessary to think about each platform and only then create content focused on the benefits that they can bring.

A LinkedIn profile, for example, may not have the reach that your company has on Facebook, but it certainly guarantees the necessary visibility for it to promote itself in the face of eventual business partners.

Twitter, on the other hand, allows instant and more direct communication with the public, while Google+ offers better results on Google searches.

This means that in order for your company to stand out in the online environment, it needs to diversify its exposure, following various paths to reach the public wherever it is.

The secret is to plan the content to be published, understand what each channel can offer to disseminate these ideas and create actions according to the campaign’s objective. This is being strategic.

With the focus on the persona and your interests, you are more likely to become relevant in the online environment.

3. Not having criteria regarding the frequency of posts

Imagine the following situation: you know the profile of your target audience, identify content that may be relevant to them and decide to post it on your company’s Twitter.

So, you publish and the next day you realize that the return was much lower than expected. What could have happened?

One of the most common mistakes is to overlook the importance of frequency within your strategy. There are many cases of companies that pile content on their pages.

The problem is that, in the face of so much information, the consumer can simply ignore its content and even stop following the page.

Try to organize your communication in an intelligent way, considering the times and periods of greatest reach of your message.

Also avoid mixing different subjects. When you have an interesting idea, try breaking it down into different posts throughout the day instead of focusing on a single update.

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4. Don’t measure results

In the world of digital marketing there is no room for guesswork. This is because measurement is one of the great differentials that the internet offers in relation to the offline environment.

Therefore, there are metrics that allow a closer monitoring of each action developed in an online environment, whether on social networks, blogs or e-mails.

So it is a serious mistake to stop betting on:

  • calculating the return on investment (known as ROI);
  • conversion and rejection rates;
  • the cost of acquiring customers (CAC);
  • among other metrics.

Without them, the entrepreneur has no way of assessing whether the campaign is going in the ideal direction or not.

5. Not setting goals according to what the market presents

The goals need to be very clear right at the marketing planning so that all the effort made is due to them.

And, for these goals to be defined correctly, the company must combine its history with in-depth market research. This allows the identification of opportunities compatible with their potential.

It is essential that the objectives are realistic and, above all, measurable for communication to work in creating a link between the company and the public.

For this reason, an efficient marketing plan must fundamentally offer a diagnosis of the market in which the company operates, considering variables such as competition, the economy and, of course, the company’s internal environment.

A common mistake occurs when companies ignore the market in which they operate to explore the possibilities of digital with reference to major brands.

Thus, when trying to imitate campaigns from companies in another sector, they end up losing time and money, as their communication becomes inefficient.

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