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With so many options that people can find on search engines, it is essential that your business stand out and get the public’s attention right away. This is one of the attributes of a good YouTube channel intro, a subject that we bring up in this article.

When we talk about digital marketing, it is not enough to create a persona and compose the sales funnel through which it goes.

It is also necessary to know which online channels you will be able to attract your audience and engage them to the point of converting them into customers.

In 2020, up to 80% of the content will be consumed in video format, thus, it is essential that your business is present on video platforms and that you have a good intro for YouTube channel.

The intro – short form of “intro” – for YouTube channels is a way to ensure that the videos look even more professional.

Also known as a vignette, it gives videos a unique identity that also serves to differentiate your company’s channel from others of the competition.

There are a variety of ways to create an appropriate intro for your YouTube channel.

In order to let you know what they are and the importance they have for your digital strategy, we wrote this article and invite you to read it to the end. Come on?

What is the intro for YouTube channel?

An introduction video on YouTube is nothing more than a short clip that expresses what the channel’s content wants to show. Therefore, the intro needs to be displayed at the beginning of the video.

To produce an intro, you can use a variety of video formats, such as animations, a classic look or simply your logo across the screen.

However, it is essential that this presentation follows the identity of your company (so that the public immediately identifies that it is your business) and has around 10 seconds long.

From the moment your YouTube channel is created, produce the intro to include it in the videos; that way, you increase the chances of having more views, shares and engagement.

Why is it so important to do the intro for YouTube channel?

YouTube London ranks second among the most visited sites in the country, second only to Google. This shows how important it is to include a YouTube channel in your digital marketing strategy.

However, it is not enough to simply have a channel on the platform, you need to be aware of the visual identity of your videos, which needs to be consistent with your product and your company. That way, the public will be able to associate the channel with your business.

The intro, in particular, ends up being seen as one of the brands of your channel. It is also important that it has the same pace as your videos, as it would be very inconsistent to have a dynamic introduction and the published content is time consuming, for example.

Furthermore, the introduction of the channel works as a way of attracting the public. Therefore, it needs to be short but impactful, so that the people who watch it are interested in subscribing to your channel.

What you can’t miss on your YouTube channel intro

Now, we have gathered the main features that cannot be missing in your intro.

  • when doing the intro, assume that the visitor may never have heard of you. So introduce him to what you have and tell him why he should subscribe to your channel;
  • do a short intro. You should be able to quickly spread the best of your channel. It should inform its visitors who you are, what your content is like and when they can expect new submissions;
  • captivate your viewers in the first few seconds;
  • show rather than say. If your channel has a bigger comedy feel, make your trailer funny. Your channel trailer is your pitch for potential subscribers, so think about how you can convince novice viewers to subscribe;
  • ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Your trailer must also show a final card when the video ends, offering the public an easy way to subscribe;
  • using a recently uploaded video may not show the breadth of your talent in a single shot, so get the trailer to tell potential fans what your channel is made of.


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What are the best programs to do the YouTube channel intro?

We have listed here the main programs that can help you create your YouTube videos intro.


O IntroChamp allows you to make video introductions in just minutes. The program has a vast media library to make your intro.

Although IntroChamp does not have free videos, it is possible to buy templates starting at $ 4.98.


One of the most interesting features of Ivipid is that it has many intros based on Hollywood movies.

Some can be downloaded for free, but the resolution is low; in addition, they carry the program’s watermark and have a longer duration than recommended for a YouTube intro.

However, starting at $ 1.99 you can also get intros with a high resolution. To do this, just choose the theme, insert the text and image, select the video quality and your intro is ready.

Intro Maker

You can use Intro Maker to create animations with your own logo, in addition to having surprising effects. You can do an intro for free or choose a premium option starting at $ 10.

To do this, just click on the design that best fits your video idea and upload your logo in JPG or PNG format. No matter that the image does not have a transparent background, Intro Maker will ask you some questions to guarantee the quality of the final product.

You will then receive a link to download your animated logo video to your email address.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora allows you to insert both text and logos in YouTube intro videos. In fact, it has animated titles and labels that can be combined with customized backgrounds and music.

To serve all niches, Wondershare has a diverse library of intros themes focused on the areas of business, technology, fashion, beauty, gastronomy, among many others.

You can download Wondershare for Windows for free. But, if you want to explore all the features, have no watermark on the videos and have technical support, you can buy annual or lifetime premium plans.


FlixPress is one of the most popular sites for creating intros on YouTube. From him, you can choose pre-made video templates and insert the texts that you write yourself.

If you monetize or are interested in monetizing your channel, you can still adjust the conditions according to the intros you have already obtained from FlixPress. The program has four types of premium plans, but you can start using it for free by clicking here.


99Freelas is one of the best known sites for freelancers from around the world for being a space where it is possible to provide services such as website creation and also video production.

So if you prefer a freelancer to create your YouTube channel intro instead of buying templates, check out the list of professionals who offer their services on the platform.

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is not a program made exclusively for vignettes, but for video editing. However, it does offer some intro templates for you to introduce your channel to YouTube.

As it is a little more complex software, if you are not familiar with video editing, it is recommended to delegate the task to a creative professional.


Biteable is a tool that allows you to create intros for free. It features more than 85,000 Shutterstock clips, as well as animations.

To start making videos on Biteable, just choose the template of your preference, personalize it and download it when you are ready.

The watermark appears on the videos, but you can remove it by using the paid version of the program.

With the tips above, it will be easier to produce the intro for your YouTube channel. But be careful! Remember that your user also wants relevant content, not just a flashy intro.

Therefore, your channel’s intro can be seen as your subscription. YouTube receives an average of 30 million visits per day, so having an introduction that really catches the eye helps you stand out from the crowd.

But, after creating your intro for YouTube channel, you need to manage it, right? So, we invite you to read this post where we teach you how to manage your YouTube channel with mastery!

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