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Want to learn how to do Legal Marketing and attract more clients to your office? Check out our tips and what legal limitations you have to be aware of.

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Marketing plays an essential role in the success of any business, even in the most traditional ones, such as medicine and law.

Never has it made more sense to invest in marketing than in recent years, when consumer habits and relationships between customers and professionals have changed dramatically.

On the other hand, it is necessary to make sure that legal marketing does not go against the code of ethics established by the OAB.

Are you interested in the subject and want to know how to correctly apply legal marketing so that your office has better results?

We will show you everything that makes up a successful strategy, and what are the mistakes to avoid in planning.

Why legal marketing is important

There are still some who are somewhat skeptical about the adoption of legal marketing as a really necessary strategy for success.

After all, the legal profession is one of the most traditional and prestigious in existence and there is no shortage of clients looking for legal help in the most varied fields of expertise.

Thinking about it, what are the benefits that make legal marketing so relevant? Here are 3 reasons not to fail to adopt it in your business:

Competitiveness in the market

For the current consumer, it is much more advantageous to research carefully and find someone trustworthy than to take chances every time you need a service.

Therefore, the way of contracting services, including those of law, has changed a lot. Adding this factor to the fierce competition that exists in the market, it is clear the need to stand out in some way.

And legal marketing is the perfect strategy for this, since it aims to create a good reputation in the market, which will certainly result in an advantage when attracting customers.

Focus on the profession

It may seem strange, but investing in legal marketing will give office professionals more freedom to focus on the practice of the profession, and to worry less about how many clients are coming through the door.

As soon as the firm follows an adequate planning and follows the results of that, the concern and uncertainty will leave the scene and give way to good work.

Furthermore, for enlist the help of competent professionals marketers will see faster and more expressive results without having to worry all the time about implementing the strategy.

Authority in the legal environment

Being seen as an authority in the legal environment is not easy, but by applying legal marketing efficiently you can certainly gain more notoriety.

The fact is that legal marketing involves a series of actions that help to strengthen your credibility with customers, but also in front of other professionals.

Therefore, having a strong presence in events, websites and specialized publications, for generating value and creating an effective networking, will bring you good evaluations and recommendations by colleagues.

Best practices in legal marketing

In order for your strategy to have the desired effect, it is very important to follow some principles that govern legal marketing.

See 4 of these principles and how each of them will directly impact the success that your office will have in winning and retaining customers:

Relevant content

The production of relevant content is simply the basis of current marketing, not just for the legal sector. In other words, without it, the strategy will not deliver as good results as it could.

But, what can we classify as relevant content? Any material that is of interest to the people you want to attract as customers.

This means that the your content needs to be targeted, that is, it is not enough to talk about any subject related to law, but about the themes with which your office works on a daily basis.

Finally, the content is only relevant when it is understood, don’t you agree? Thinking about it, it will be necessary leave aside the “juridiquês” when talking to your audience.

Remember that you are talking to lay people on the subject, and offer simple and objective explanations that will motivate them to continue consuming what you produce.

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Flawless look

The look is of paramount importance to a lawyer or law firm. From the logo to the matching materials, everything needs to be well thought out to make a good impression.

If the potential customer perceives any sloppiness in the brand’s look, he may think that his case would be viewed in the same way, without due care, and will probably look for another option in the market.

In particular, look carefully at these elements:

Easy access

One of the main objectives of legal marketing is to bring professionals closer to their potential clients, but this is only possible if you are accessible to them.

What does that mean? Optimize your communication channels and make it easy for interested parties to get in touch by any of them.

It is important that the initial contact is answered quickly, by email, phone, text message or some social network.

The dynamic routine will probably prevent you from answering all of these channels, but leave someone in charge of carrying out this function and screening the people who will reach you.

Good relationships

Good relationships are indispensable to be successful in business, and legal marketing follows this principle very clearly. Everything revolves around helping customers.

When you meet with a potential customer, give real attention to what he needs. In most cases, being accessible and concerned will be better than showing great knowledge and no empathy.

This is essential, because no matter how good your content is, it is in personal contact that he will decide whether or not to count on your services.

Attracting Clients for the Legal Sector

6 legal limitations of legal marketing

The OAB decided to regularize the practice of legal marketing by establishing a set of rules that limit disclosure around legal services.

This is all aimed at preserving the dignity of the profession and ensuring that the service’s credibility is maintained. That is why, do not see these limitations as a problem, but as a protection.

In addition, even with them, it is possible to do an excellent job and achieve great results. Here are 6 limitations you must respect:

Advertise on radio or television

If you have ever considered the possibility of advertising your advocacy services in mass media such as television and radio, know that this is not allowed.

This would make the competition extremely unfair, since only large offices could invest in advertising campaigns for the most popular vehicles.

Furthermore, imagine how this type of business relationship could affect the development of processes highlighted in the media.

Promote services in events outside the legal area

Events are great opportunities to promote services, get new contacts and open business opportunities. However, in the case of legal marketing, care must be taken.

Events outside the legal area cannot be used to promote such services.

For example, going to an ecological fair to promote your services under environmental law would be a potentially very good action, but it is not allowed by the OAB code of ethics.

Use common expressions of business activity

Very common expressions of commercial activity include “Don’t miss this opportunity!”, “Call Now!” or “Come check it out!”. All of this is normally used in retail, to draw the attention of consumers.

However, the idea of ​​the OAB is that it hurts the sobriety that should surround the profession at all times, as it is a matter as serious as the representation of the legal rights of persons and entities.

Because of this, this type of expression must pass away from your website, blog, social networks or any other promotional material.

Disclose the price of services

As in the case of medical marketing, it is not allowed to disclose the prices of services and fees. This type of information needs to be given in person, in a consultation.

But why? This type of tactic could also easily trivialize the profession and create a price war between professionals.

Instead of focusing on prices and payment terms, the alternative is to rely on credibility to handle cases with seriousness and knowledge of the law.

Offer free consultations on the website

Although the site is an excellent digital marketing tool, there are also some restrictions on what you can use on yours.

For example, offering free consultations is an option that is outside OAB ethical standards, and cannot be performed.

However, there are other options that can be used to work around the situation, such as offer free content to answer the most common questions and encourage visitors to get in touch for more information.

Use photos of court buildings

Using photos of court buildings in promotional material or even on their digital channels could easily confuse part of the public, who would think of some kind of connection or partnership with these bodies.

In order to keep the neutrality of the courts away from any questioning, the rule is that photos of these buildings should not be used.

Still, there are several free image banks that you can use to create your promotional pieces without losing any quality.

To see a list of all limitations, see this material produced by the site Jusbrasil.

How to do legal marketing that works

Now we just need to stay on top of some practical tips that, if followed closely, will make legal marketing an excellent investment for your office and your career in the future.

Observe 4 actions you need to take in order to win more customers, strengthen your name in the market and even become a more complete professional:

Adopt content marketing

Content marketing is one of the main digital marketing strategies today, precisely because it meets the main point that we highlight here: helping people through relevant content.

Whenever someone needs a service, the first action is to go to Google and start a search on the subject. What will your potential customers find when they search?

Content marketing is approved by the OAB code of ethics, and can help transform your office’s image as likely no other tactic marketing would be able to.

Want to understand more about content marketing and how it can be applied? Read the full ebook!

Download the content marketing ebook: first steps

Participate in legal channels on the internet

Participating in specialized channels on the internet is another great way to do marketing and gain exposure without violating any OAB rules.

In addition, this type of platform generally offers good opportunities to connect with other professionals and exchange interesting experiences, in addition to serving to expose your services to the public.

Some of the main platforms aimed at the legal sector in London are:

Use online ads

Something that the OAB does not prohibit is the use of advertisements on sites like Google and social networks, and these channels can be great for attracting visits to your website and blog.

Bearing in mind that these ads are highly targeted, think about how many people will contact your content and be able to order your services.

Participate in events

Events related to the exercise of the legal profession can – and should – be used as opportunities to promote your office and the services it offers.

However, just being present is not enough. Look for opportunities to speak, as this will serve as a showcase and will serve to increase your credibility and optimize the effects of all other marketing actions you take.

Legal marketing is one of the most valuable weapons you can use to differentiate yourself in the market, establish credibility with clients and create career opportunities. Just respect the legal limitations and follow the good practices listed above to see the results appear.

Applying legal marketing correctly involves many factors. Want some help? See our complete guide to create your marketing plan!

Marketing for the Legal Sector