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Being at the top of the public’s mind does not necessarily imply being a market leader, but often this relationship exists. Achieving this condition involves actions ranging from investment in branding to presence in people’s daily lives. Understand the reasons and see how to invest to become a top of mind brand!

When a brand is so ingrained in people’s minds that it replaces the product category of which it is a part, we can say that she got there!

When you get hurt, do you look for a bandage or Band-Aid? When the hunger strikes at dawn, is the solution an instant noodle or a noodle? These are just a few top of mind brands, those that are at the top of your customers’ minds and also from potential consumers.

They become a reference in their operating niches, but also in other related spaces when the objective is to communicate the company’s values ​​- as in the case of Natura, a cosmetics brand increasingly present in the debate and in the sustainable environment.

You must be asking yourself: how to do this? In this text, we provide an overview of this expression, its importance, what are the fundamental steps in your search and why follow the brands that have already become a reference. Come with us!

What does the term “top of mind” mean?

Translating literally, the term “top of mind” means “top of mind”. In a London expression, perhaps we could understand how “On the tip of the tongue”. Thus, they are brands that easily come to the consumer’s mind.

We can do some tests: what is the first brand that comes to your mind when you think about soda? And chocolate? Or steel wool?

Coca-Cola, Nescau and Bombril – respectively – are very well-established brands in their niches and probably came to mind at that time.

There are several factors that contribute to this happening – such as national coverage, in-depth knowledge about the persona and reinforcement of the identification between the brand and the public.

For now, let’s look at the importance of creating strategies to become a top of mind brand.

How important is it to be a top of mind company?

We live in a time of excesses. We have access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and all of this is in the palm of our hand.

In this context of so much information, being the main reference in your operating niche makes all the difference.

The top of mind brand is not always the market leader, but in general, this relationship exists. This is especially true for two factors.

The first one is that, by becoming a reference, the brand achieves a aspirational status. Thus, even if it is not always consumed, due to financial or other factors, it remains always desired.

The second is related to the current importance of word of mouth marketing. No, not only did he not die, he was re-signified in the digital medium.

Precisely because we have an avalanche of information on all fronts, online and offline referrals from friends or strangers are even more relevant.

The focus on viral content and the consumer experience can extend a brand’s reach and make the referrals especially positive.

However, for this front to be successful, the alignment between company values ​​and the target audience is essential.

How to become a top of mind company?

Coca-Cola, Nescau and Bombril are giants and invest a lot of money in communication and marketing annually. How can smaller companies also invest in strategies that put them first in the memory of their consumers?

Below, you will find the most important steps to start this journey.

Invest in branding

Branding is building and managing a brand, and one of its biggest goals is to ensure the company’s positive reach with its public.

The main tip to succeed in this mission is to understand that it is a long-term strategy and that it needs to be reinforced constantly.

Vision, mission and well-defined values ​​contribute to a more successful branding and they also help to create a stronger brand identity.

All of this facilitates communication with the public and allows them to identify with that business.

Know the public

There is no point in devising strategies that define your brand as inclusive and sustainable if your audience does not agree with these same values.

So you need to define your persona and get to know it thoroughly to ensure that your positioning is aligned with the public you want to achieve.

Conducting market studies, satisfaction surveys and investing in loyalty are strategies that help to deepen the understanding of your audience and contribute positively in identifying them with your brand.

Offer quality products

Having well-defined and shared values ​​for your target audience and developing advertising capable of communicating this is not exactly simple. However, with adequate resources and some market intelligence, it becomes possible.

The big challenge here is ensure that this whole theory is also seen in practice. Branding needs to be aligned with the quality of products and services provided so as not to undermine the credibility of the business in a negative way and even generate a brand crisis.

Pass credibility

If you have a branding strategy that focuses on the sustainable origin of your raw material for the creation of a product different from that offered by the competition, it is bad to communicate this and do something else, as was the case of Do Bem, notified by Conar in 2014.

To ensure that you are in “Top of mind” of the public of positive way, branding, target audience and product must be fully aligned.

Be present in everyday life

Although this relationship often exists, to be top of mind is to be positively remembered, but it does not necessarily mean to be the most consumed.

So, after getting credibility, you also need to invest in consistency of disclosure. If you are part of people’s daily lives, it is easier to become a reference.

That is why brands with national coverage tend to be more frequent among the answers in this type of research and also because there are surveys with an exclusively regional focus.

How are Top of Mind surveys done?

There are several national, international and even regional surveys that seek to understand which brands are most present in the mind of the consuming public.

In general, the research is based on a single question – the same question we did at the beginning of this text: what is the first brand that comes to your mind when you think about a certain product or service segment?

This research can be spontaneous, which leaves the results broader, or induced, in which options are presented, which limits the possibilities of response and reduces the occurrence of brands with a more regional focus among the results.

Commonly, they are carried out by sampling and can be done in person, online or by phone.

Regardless of the approach chosen, it is important that they are done by trained institutes that use valid methodologies.

In London, the Datafolha Institute is responsible for a national survey, published in Folha de São Paulo since the 1990s and which investigates the brands most remembered by Brazilians in dozens of categories of products and services.

Why follow these surveys?

It does not matter your niche: if you want to be relevant to your audience and stand out from the competition, it is important to follow the brands awarded for this type of research.

After all, what makes a brand remember for 2, 5 or 10 consecutive years? What does it mean for a cosmetics brand to be among the most remembered in the environment category, as was the case with Natura in 2018?

Or, what makes Uber appear for the first time in the survey with a 49% recall rate?

Through these studies, it is possible to understand not only the communication strategies that can be adopted to remain in the public’s memory, but also to monitor possible changes in behavior and consumer preference.

In the case of research conducted by Datafolha, a lot has changed since 1991 and identifying these changes can offer a rich benchmarking to your business.

In the information age, we are constantly bombarded with news, memes and notifications from all social networks. Conquering the top of consumers’ minds, with competition coming from different fronts, is really not so easy.

With an increasingly competitive market, brands need to invest in different strategies to stand out from their audience and thus gain their identification and loyalty.

By following the brands that stand out as top of mind, it is possible to understand that investing in transparent communication, with consistency, frequency and purpose can indeed make all the difference.

As you saw throughout this post, branding a brand is decisive to get there and stay on the tip of the tongue of potential customers and consumers. Download our free e-book on the topic and stay on top of topics like brand value, the difference between brand and product, brand positioning and much more!