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We show you how to improve these SEO metrics: Domain Authority and Page Authority in this post. Check here and leave your comment!

Do you know or have you heard of Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Well know that, among the goals to be met in the medium and long term by a website they are the most important. Since the authority contributes directly to a more solid audience and a “base index” of traffic.

This metric was developed by one of the largest companies specialized in SEO in the world, Moz. That identified a number of factors that influence the authority of a page and a domain.

But, how can this influence the positioning of the site in search engines in such a way?

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The purpose of this article is precisely to demonstrate the importance of Domain Authority and Page Authority for the construction of a website and a page, respectively; analyzing them, among other things, from the point of view of their links with an SEO project.

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Domain Authority and Page Authority: a brief introduction

O Google in order to ensure that each individual receives relevant content and that truly solves his problem, he started to develop, mainly with the creation of Google Panda, a series of improvements that disqualified pages based exclusively on keywords, distributed aggressively in order to automatically prevail in the ranking.

As the Web is constantly evolving, Google’s algorithm is always updated in order to make the content, including analysis of the meaning of words, increasingly relevant to its users.

This relevance will be essential for the good positioning a Domain.

In fact, Google has been showing a real obsession with making page content the most prioritized factor for rankings. With each update, these posts are better analyzed, prioritizing what best meets the needs of each persona.

That is, the content will have to be determined as the best solution to the problems of the Internet user.

Why? Because this is what will keep Google as the most used search site in the world and so companies use their tools and products!

And in this context, factors like the Domain Authority it’s the Page Authority have demonstrated an exceptional capacity for survival, maintaining their importance for the positioning of a domain, as that the first determines the relevance of a website, while the second determines the relevance of each page that makes up the same.

And the greater this authority, the better for Google to determine which sites have the best content on the web and which pages are more reliable, directly affecting ranking.

What is Domain Authority?

As stated, the term Domain Authority literally represents the “Domain Authority”, meaning that it is a reference among other domains (websites) based on some histories, such as: quality of external links it has, number of visits and visitors, conversions, length of stay on pages, in addition to several other factors.

It is a metric widely used in SEO projects and can be measured through MozBar, a free application from the company that developed the metric.

It “mimics” Google’s algorithm by analyzing domains based on the factors mentioned. The better this metric is, the easier it is for the searcher to prioritize this page, understanding that it is the best result for the public.

Although, at first, it seems simple, obtaining the domain authority it depends on a history of good content offered, the quality of the sites that cite it in the form of links, the sites that use it as a link on their pages, in addition to several other factors.

The result of this, is a kind of “snowball”, bringing good results inside, because, when acquiring such a reputation, a website will have the preference of other sites, which prioritizes it as links on its pages.

And this preference, in addition to demonstrating the relevance of the site, generates more and more authority, each time it is used as a link by another site, it keeps the wheel spinning, and your domain getting more and more authority.

The Importance of Domain Authority for SEO

With regard to SEO, the Domain Authority acts as a kind of partnership, functioning as a complementary tool in a search engine optimization project.

By adapting to the Google algorithm, the Domain Authority ended up gaining the power to determine the positioning of a website in the SERPs.

And since Google cannot analyze content from its morphological, semantic, syntactic and linguistic point of view, it starts to choose to offer the user a website that has an already established Domain Authority, considering that the best content is there.

Therefore, the importance of the Domain Authority is given by the possibility of optimizing a website based on the use of quality links and quantity (the internal link also influences the Domain Authority).

This quality and quantity of links is exactly one of the main ways in which the Google check the status authority to a specific domain.

Therefore, an SEO project that really wants to obtain the expected results should not only pay attention to its usual schemes, such as the good use of keywords, original and relevant content, text formatting, but also the quality and quantity of the links used and keywords that attract the link of other great websites.

Factors that influence Domain Authority

To build the quality of a domain, always pay attention to certain factors, such as: number of visits and website visitors, number of links and their origin, URLs easy to record, image optimization, be used as a link on pages of competing sites, elimination of non-relevant links that direct a user to your website (the “denial of links”, through specific tools), among other measures.

In addition, another determining factor for the realization of the Domain Authority is the On-page SEO, which will show Google how your page is internally optimized for the main factors that the search engine considers important to the public.

It can be the quality of the title, the images, the URLs, the subtitles and even the conciseness and precision of the text. Among other important factors.

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Anyway, in order to obtain the domain authority, it is necessary that a series of organic factors form a whole, which, observed and correctly identified by Google’s algorithm (specifically Page Rank), will end up characterizing the Domain Authority of any website, regardless of its niche.

How to optimize the factors that influence Domain Authority

After recognizing the importance of certain factors for the configuration of the authority of a domain, and how they can be used within a strategy of IF THE, it is finally up to you to know how to use them in practice, turning them into an active agent for the best positioning of a website on Google.

The ideal is that there is constantly a concern to improve the quality of articles on the site; adding, correcting, eliminating and enriching it with original data.

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With that, check the number of visits, the number of conversions that are being made, if the CTAs (call-to-actions) present results, as well as the quality and relevance of the content, are good optimization practices.

It is also necessary to pay attention to how your website is sharing on social networks, whether the content is attractive to the public, whether the device that allows the user to share the page is well configured and in a strategic place on the page and link internal.

And why is all this? For Google, practically everything that benefits its users serves as a criterion for relevance!

Link Buiding

Among all the factors we mentioned about Domain Authority, link building deserves a unique topic. This is because linking (especially external) is the main ranking factor for Google alongside quality content.

The links act as a reference for the search engine. That is, if you are referred by a large and authoritative website, Google interprets that you are trustworthy. These would be quality links.

If you receive low quality links from sites with no relevance, it can even harm your site. So the importance of always checking the links you are receiving. Google Search Console can help you a lot with this.

Another important factor is to think that the site that linked you doesn’t have so much authority, but in a completely different niche than yours.

To understand in general:

You are going to buy a computer. If Steve Jobs gave you one, you would soon choose that one. If Bill Gates told you the same, even better. And their nomination would have more relevance than Ricardo Eletro’s, although it would be good to be nominated by him.

However, if you were to buy a motorcycle, maybe Steve Jobs’ opinion would not be that important.

That’s how Google works. The better the referrals you receive, the greater your authority.

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What is Page Authority?

Understanding the meaning and importance of the Domain Authority or the Authority of a Domain within the positioning schemes of a website by Google, another important metric is the Page Authority.

In this case, it is the Pages Authority of a website, its relevance inside and outside the context of the website and its ability to contribute to the formation of a Domain Authority.

What happens is that each page, within its specific characteristics, has its own qualities (authority), which make it used by other sites, in the form of a link.

The more reliable a page is, the tendency is for other sites to use it as a reference within their own space, which further elevates their authority.

Within the context of a website, it is important that each page has its relevance and authority, as these are determining factors for generating traffic, clicks or conversions.

For, to position a given website, Google will need to analyze a domain as a whole, and each page will be responsible for this construction.

The Importance of Page Authority for SEO

Regarding search engine optimization, Page Authority contributes to the extent that, for example, each page contains quality internal and external links – what we call backlinks.

Preferably, each link that will lead to another page within the site itself, must contain the keywords that will optimize those pages, making them scanable on Google’s search engine.

The authority of the page is used in an SEO project through content, preferably older and longer-lasting – for that, it is worth making updates and adding new information to this content – as this way the page becomes a reference for both your public and for other sites to decide to link.

In this context, internal links are very powerful weapons, which, in sufficient quantity and quality, can be properly observed by Google as having the preference to meet a certain demand of a user who seeks to solve a problem, proposing to him a solution that will always be at the top of the SERPs (search results).

In addition, the internal link shows Google which are the main posts within a given domain, and it will understand the importance of that page.

And since more and more Google has given preference to relevant content to determine the placement of a page, the ideal is that there is a partnership between these tools used for SEO and