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By now, you should already know that social media is extremely important to any digital marketing strategy as it increases business visibility and offers the opportunity to expand engagement with consumers. However, just being in them does not bring good results. It is necessary to be active and in constant interaction with the […]

By now, you should already know that social media is extremely important to any digital marketing strategy as it increases business visibility and offers the opportunity to expand engagement with consumers.

However, just being in them does not bring good results. It is necessary to be active and in constant interaction with the public.

According to the Social Media Trends 2017 survey, 92.1% of London companies are already present on social networks and 60% rate these sites as very important, but only 34.6% consider themselves effective in this territory.

Amazing, isn’t it? The point is that, even though it is a relaxed space, many of them do not take these platforms seriously and end up frustrated by talking to themselves – which is, in itself, a negative response from the audience.

To avoid this, it is essential to adopt an efficient strategy on social media. Only then can you get likes, comments and shares that will create a space really capable of leveraging your sales and services.

Want to know more? So, read on and check out how to increase engagement on social media!

Why is engagement on social media important?

Engagement defines any interaction a user has with your brand, whether through likes, comments or sharing a post.

Engaged followers form an audience that likes and trusts your brand, and is the basis for a community that will enjoy, comment and share your publications.

With some fans, you already get some benefits, such as:

As you can see, it is a continuous cycle until you gain such advantages, and the more attention is given to those who follow you, the more followers will reach you.

This continuity depends on building a lasting relationship and two-way communication. In other words, it is necessary to be present and maintain a dialogue, saying what your brand wants and listening to the audience in the same proportion.

An initial problem is to draw attention to attract the first fans, considering the small organic reach in social media and the fierce competition not only with other companies, but with the entertainment world.

To win this battle, you can apply some techniques that will captivate users, engage your base and bring more followers. Come on?

How to increase engagement on social networks?

Even though on social media you can take a lighter and more fun approach, it is difficult to be spontaneous all the time.

Without preparation, you will probably end up having posts that are out of line with each other and only a few with a legal result. Social media must be considered in the long run. So, it is not enough to be there and publish from time to time.

So, there are some steps you can take to design your strategy and diversify and make your publications consistent with your brand!

Know your persona

One of the initial steps in the elaboration of every marketing action is to know the audience that will be reached by it. It would be no different here.

However, defining a group of people ends up being very comprehensive and does not give enough depth to direct your production. Between traffic and conversions, many professionals forget the real people on the other side.

For this reason, it may be better to adopt the concept of persona: the semi-fictional representation of your ideal client. It is about creating a character that has a direct relationship with whom your company should talk.

In doing so, it is possible to know your pains, your goals and your universe in a complex way.

Better yet: with the persona, you can identify which tone to use, what to talk about, take a personal approach and know which channels your potential customers are in, considering both their personal tastes and those applied in the digital environment.

To create your persona, you can use the Fantastic Persona Generator! It will outline an ideal profile for your company.

personas generator

Consider this: your company doesn’t need to be on all platforms. Focus your efforts on those that are most likely to interact, OK?

Share relevant content

If you know content marketing, you are already aware of the power that texts have in acquiring leads.

The principle is to think about what your persona needs help with, make it reach your company in a friendly way and, in a step further, put your product or service as a solution.

The same goes for social networks. It’s about helping your followers find what they’re looking for and solve their problems.

Share your own content that can add something to it, either through tutorials on how to solve something or by explaining a question, for example.

Thus, you can increase your reach on social networks, optimize conversions for your blog and, consequently, increase your traffic. You win anyway!

Also, take the opportunity to republish some materials, from the most recent, to the evergreens. According to marketing company CoSchedule, this can bring 3,150% more visits!

If it is still interesting for the reader, give it one more chance and change only the subtitles so it doesn’t get repetitive.

And don’t just share content of your own. If you subscribe to some newsletters, you may have seen that some of them adopt a curatorial style, sharing tips and news from other brands.

This allows you to establish good connections with other companies and position yourself as an expert in the sector, being able to yield guest posts and new partnerships.

When looking for some content, Feedly and Pocket can help you store interesting texts and save them for another time.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to that content format. Also, share news, customer cases and inspirational quotes and give some opinions about the market.

Don’t forget: when posting on any channel, think about whether your persona would find the publication relevant enough to be worth your like, comment or share.

Be visual

It is an easier to share texts and links. However, invest in audiovisual productions, such as GIFs, videos and images, since they are more consumed and have a much greater reach.

As for the videos, post them on the platforms themselves, such as Twitter and Facebook. But then put them on YouTube to give your SEO strategy a boost.

To give you an idea, more than 100 and 500 million daily hours watched are accounted for on Facebook and YouTube, respectively, and 82% of Twitter users also watch videos on the site itself.

Invest in publications accompanied by GIFs, images and infographics. Visual content is much more attractive and, in the midst of so much information, makes a total difference in the news feed. This is a fact: these posts perform 4.4 times on average better than pure texts.

In addition, to diversify your activities on each social network, a great initiative is to reuse texts and turn them into banners and infographics.

You don’t have to be a design master to get good images. Some tools can help you with creation, such as:

Create captivating and emotionally appealing calls

In addition to textual and audiovisual content, you can (and should!) Use subtitles to increase your engagement on social media.

By defining your persona, you will understand your goals and your difficulties, and nothing better than taking advantage of your desire with an emotional call that will help you understand the problem you have or present a solution for him.

Clearly show the benefits that the user will have with your publication and provoke your curiosity. Some examples:

  • “How do you make calls that will help you increase your engagement? We will help you in our post! ”;
  • “8 ways to create calls to increase your engagement on social networks”;
  • “What is the best way to create attractive social media calls and increase your engagement? Find out here! ”.

Just be careful with promises that you can’t keep, that cause the opposite effect and become clickbait, Combined?

Presenting data also has positive effects, as well as broken numbers. The more unusual, the better the impact.

Note that BuzzFeed does not usually give 5 or 10 tips. They prefer amounts like 17 and 21, precisely because they are more striking amounts.

Another thing that you may have noticed is that, in the calls above, we added some call to actions (CTAs or calls to action that indicate what the user should do). Use CTAs and ask them to click, like, comment or share with friends.

Also include some hashtags to increase your reach. Avoid putting them in excess and keep them in context, short and memorable. A good move is to create your own for your brand and register your publications.

Considering some of the reasons for sharing, 84% of people share information as a way to help what they care about, while 69% do it to feel more involved with the world.

Support social causes and stay up to date with world events. Don’t be afraid to take a stand, but be polite and maintain due respect.

In addition, you can use social networks with the function of entertaining. There is no problem betting on humor, as long as your audience is open to this approach.

The light atmosphere can be used with the use of emojis in the captions too, which stimulate reactions, give personality to the page and increase the rate of likes by 57% and comments, by 33%.

Have a calendar of publications

Now that we’ve covered all the components of a publication, you need to know how much a well-defined calendar is needed.

Not every day you will have a brilliant idea for a post. So why not plan ahead?

For this reason, it is highly recommended to leave everything prepared in advance, talking with the launch of a product or with the release of content on the blog.

And, of course, don’t use your planning as an irrefutable law. We need to explore opportunities on social networks. So, if any impactful news comes out, have some flexibility to include new subjects and get it right buzz.

Within the options, it is possible to define appropriate days and times for publications. Based on a CoSchedule survey, we have separated the best occasions and frequency for you to consult.

  • Facebook: from Thursday to Sunday, mid-morning and early afternoon, with 1 or 2 daily publications, on average. Try to do them in a more cheerful mood on Friday;
  • Twitter: Wednesday, during the middle and late afternoon, with an average of 15 daily tweets. If your company is B2C, prioritize weekends and off-hours;
  • LinkedIn: Tuesday to Thursday, during working hours, with 1 daily publication on average;
  • Instagram: on Monday and Thursday, at dawn and early morning, and in the late afternoon, with 1 or 2 daily publications, on average;
  • Pinterest: on the weekend, mid-morning and early afternoon, with an average of 11 pins daily. Prioritize content related to food and travel and avoid pins during work hours;
  • Google+: Wednesday, mid-morning until the end of it, with 2 daily publications, on average. You will hardly get engagement there, considering that most users are ghosts. But content can help with SEO.

This data is compiled from different experiences, but each audience has a different reception. So, run tests until you find your frequency, your days and your ideal times.

If you want to increase your reach, make more publications and, in order not to decrease, be sure to publish at least once during the week.

Start the dialogs

Part of this preparation above is to think about strategic moments for a direct conversation with other members of the community and with their followers.

A very common practice among blogs is guest posts, in which a brand publishes content on a partner’s blog.

When publishing an article or infographic from another business, give the credits and mark it in the publication to appear in the feed of his followers.

This is not just about the corporate world. You must tag and interact with digital influencers in your area to increase your visibility and reputation online.

Also, take advantage of your industry community and be part of groups and discussion forums with industry professionals to show your knowledge.

They are already very popular on LinkedIn and Facebook and can yield good results by making your company an authority on the environment, creating good connections and even benchmarking for social networks.

Also, call on your followers to chat. Make games, surveys and quizzes to increase engagement through comments. It goes from a question about something that is happening in your market to a Game of Thrones quiz.

It is also valid to set up a question and answer session, a Q&A, in which you can chat directly with your audience without interruption for a certain period of time, through a webinar or a chat.

Listen to everything they say, because they can generate insights for a new campaign or even optimize some service.

You may also have seen some sweepstakes and competitions, especially on Instagram. To get more followers and shares, draw a product or service and spread your brand to new people. This is a great tactic for a launch.

Make a first line call

I don’t know if you’ve heard about SAC 2.0, but you’ve certainly seen some people use social media to complain about some companies, right?

In them, there is the opportunity to resolve consumer demand and improve their market perception.

To do this, you can create a support channel and help everyone who needs it. The tip is to always be quick and kind to those who get there.

If you prefer, you can even ask to move the service to a more private location, such as a chat, but never fail to respond to a request.

Not only to deal with problems, you must be present and interact quickly with those who have engaged with your brand, whether through a complaint, a compliment or a question.

However, many users will not call you directly on your page and will write about your brand on your personal profile. So it is important to monitor what is being talked about constantly about your business.

Some monitoring tools can help you, such as:

The golden key is not to be a ghost: show that you are there and that you call the consumer. Also, avoid cold responses and be human, since social networks work with a dynamic relationship.

To learn how to provide a humanized service that makes a good impression on your customers, download our Manual of Good Practices in Customer Service!

Make your blog and ads optimized

In addition to working directly on the platforms, you should keep your blog and ads optimized for sharing.

On your site, have buttons with this function, which you can get with some plugins, such as Monarch and Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, if you use WordPress.

Also, place some CTAs to share on social networks at the end of your content. Just ask the reader to share with your friends on social networks, for example.

As for ads, social networks are incredible for remarketing with potential customers who have already shown interest in your offers.

There is greater engagement in what people want and are already familiar with. This increases your ad conversion rates.

How to evaluate engagement on social networks?

After so many techniques to increase engagement on social media, you must be curious to know how to measure your performance.

After any digital action, you must identify how it performed within your strategy, see what brings good results, repeat what works and test with new variations. Thus, data is essential!

When evaluating, choose social media metrics according to your goals.

Imagine that you want to increase your e-commerce sales. So, it is interesting to check the conversion rate of your publications, correct?

In the interpretation phase, always relate the amounts to each other so as not to fall into vanity metrics, which present empty information.

A classic type is a lot of likes on the page, but that do not represent anything because they are poorly accompanied by other interactions.

Social engagement metrics

  • Facebook:
    • reach;
    • clicks on links;
    • comments;
    • shares;
    • likes and reactions;
    • organic tanning;
    • paid tanned;
    • followers index;
    • and mentions.
  • Twitter:
    • clicks on links;
    • likes;
    • organic impressions;
    • paid impressions;
    • direct messages (DMs);
    • mentions;
    • replies;
    • and retweets.
  • LinkedIn:
    • clicks on links;
    • comments;
    • shares;
    • likes;
    • organic impressions;
    • and paid impressions.
  • Instagram:
    • reach of lives;
    • reach of stories;
    • comments;
    • hashtag engagement;
    • and engagement per post.

It is recommended that the data be analyzed comparatively with the reach of your publications and the number of followers, creating rates that reveal how your followers are interacting with your publications and your page.

Another metric that can be analyzed in all these channels is the rate of audience growth, making it noticeable how much your social media actions are having repercussions and bringing in new fans.

If you want to see how social media brings more audience to your sites and blogs, there is also a way to use Google Analytics and view traffic coming from each channel.

In addition, define a frequency for the creation of your reports, which can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly … It is up to you, as long as the evolution in your strategy is clear.

Only then will you be able to prove your return on investment (ROI) and make it clear how social networks collaborate for your business.

In short, social media it’s like a long-term relationship: it takes dedication, planning, seeing what’s working and always worrying about the other.

With the ideal tools, it is possible to create an open line of communication, expand the visibility and recognition of your brand and create a fantastic customer experience.

However, don’t expect a spontaneous post to change everything. You have to commit and test until you find what works for your brand. So take the time to put together a strategy that is true to your company’s personality.

Now that you understand how to increase your engagement on social networks, understand how to create campaigns and the particularities that will make you succeed in each of the social networks with our ebook All about marketing on Social Networks.

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