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If in the past the communication between companies and consumers was linear, today the scenario is quite different. The fact is that consumers are multichannel – and being present at all these points of contact is indispensable for companies that want to stand out. Email is still one of the most powerful channels to reach […]

If in the past the communication between companies and consumers was linear, today the scenario is quite different. The fact is that consumers are multichannel – and being present at all these points of contact is indispensable for companies that want to stand out.

Email is still one of the most powerful channels for reaching a company’s persona.

According to research, 92% of Internet users use it and 61% access it daily. This means that most people are in the habit of opening their inbox frequently.

Thus, creating a newsletter is a very interesting strategy to strengthen the relationship with customers and, of course, attract new ones. That’s why we share, below, 5 tips to convert your audience into newsletter subscribers:

1. Place a “sign up” button on your Facebook page

The reach power that social networks have is undeniable.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this potential to promote your newsletter effectively. Insert a Call-to-Action on Facebook to take the persona to the subscription page.

Among the options available on the network, the CTA “sign up” is the most appropriate. After choosing the call, just enter the URL of the page where the subscribers’ emails will be collected and click on “save changes”.

The button appears just below the cover image and, consequently, has even more visibility.

2. Fix a post on your fan page

Another very effective idea is to create a Facebook post, inviting people to subscribe to the newsletter. Then, just click on the top right corner of the post and select “pin to the top of the page”.

When fixing it, the information will be even more prominent and will always remain as the first publication of the fan page.

Thus, you will be more likely to reach many people and get a greater volume of subscribers.

In addition, when a user is on a company’s social media, most of the time their intention is to relate to the brand. When faced with an invitation to subscribe to the news, it is very likely that he will interact (because he is in this social environment that is Facebook).

3. Add an output pop-up to your blog

Consumers have to deal with a very intense amount of information on the internet. For this reason, it is necessary to capture people’s interest quickly. One of the most effective ways to get the persona’s attention is to insert an exit pop-up on the blog.

With this, it will be possible to identify when a user is going to leave the page, display a CTA and encourage its conversion.

Adding a pop-up is very valid, because if the persona is interested in the content provided by your blog, they will be more likely to subscribe to your newsletter.

This behavior of accessing the blog shows that the visitor is looking for information – and receiving your news can help you find more useful references in your life.

But why an exit pop-up and not a pop-up that opens with the page?

When a pop-up opens with the page, it becomes an intrusive element. After all, the person has not yet read the content and does not know if the page will be useful for their problem.

To capture the contact, you need to offer something to him. That is why, in general, “immediate” pop-ups have low conversion rates.

An exit pop-up (exit intent) is only triggered when the person takes the cursor to close the tab. This is a time for you to try to capture the contact only after he has consumed the content, without disturbing your experience.

4. Make a CTA within your blog posts

Another very efficient strategy in acquiring new contacts is to insert a Call-to-Action within the posts.

When a person remains reading an article it is because he is feeling involved by the information. Otherwise, I would leave the blog quickly.

Therefore, it is interesting to take advantage of this engagement to insert CTAs throughout the text. This can happen even before the visitor finishes reading (and after the content too).

It is important to highlight that the articles need to be constructed, including, with the objective that the reader takes action.

A quality persuasive text is not produced without purpose. Therefore, set your newsletter subscription as an expected action and take advantage of these spaces to promote it.

5. Place a signature box in the footer, header or sidebar

With a few clicks, a visitor can become a subscriber to your newsletter within the blog. In this process of generating Leads, it is essential that everything is simplified.

The user must not, in any way, find it difficult to register.

So by adding these calls to the footer, header or sidebar, you ensure that people are impacted by that message at all times.

The footer next to the comments is an example of a great lead generation tactic. After all, visitors are at a very high level of engagement when commenting on a post.

It will probably not be difficult to feel involved with the invitation to subscribe to the newsletter.

Finally, in addition to adopting the strategies mentioned above to increase the volume of your contact base, applying the tests is essential. There is no magic formula in Digital Marketing, because everything is experimentation.

Always test one element at a time, to clearly assess which one is responsible for the best performance of your Call-to-Action. Try to vary the colors, texts and formats, but remember: always one at a time.

Therefore, try to perform A / B tests frequently to identify which calls are more attractive and have high conversion rates – that is, those that cause the persona to subscribe to the newsletter.

Why send emails with content and not just commercial emails?

When a person authorizes the receipt of emails, he shows willingness to create a bond with the company, and this must be explored in a very strategic way. Otherwise, the company’s image can be seriously compromised before the public.

In fact, this is one of the main mistakes made by companies in the most varied segments: using email only to promote their products (or services) and to tarnish their reputation.

Just as in social networks, where it is necessary to have a balance between educational and commercial posts, email is no different.

An attractive newsletter has information that the persona values, not just the promotion of products.

The messages may contain the latest articles published on the blog, the next events in the segment, interviews of professionals in some media and, to a lesser extent, the spread of the solutions offered by the company.

How about starting to invest in Email Marketing as a relationship tool with customers and to generate business? Access our eBook “The Email Marketing Guide” for free and put your strategy into practice!