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Videos are important content formats in your social media strategy, so investing in them is very important to generate greater engagement and bring results to your brand. Understand!

For your business to have good sales results, you need to have an efficient communication and a lot of engagement with your audience. Social networks are the most appropriate channels for this type of action.

However, it is necessary to stand out among so many other companies and people in your segment that also produce content. And a good strategy for this is to invest in social videos.

They are nothing more than videos produced to be published on social networks. They are different from those produced to be shown on outbound media (such as television, for example) and their formats may vary according to each social network.

Do you want to understand now how to make videos for each network and know what benefits they can bring to your business? Keep up with us!

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Why make social videos?

Do you know those very long text posts – the famous “textões” – that, every now and then, appear on the social media timeline? If you don’t feel like reading them until the end, believe me, so does your audience.

That is why, on social networks, what matters is “less is more”.

But don’t think that, because of that, the work will be less. Quite the opposite.

It is at this time that you will need to know how to make videos focused on your business objective. And they need to hold the audience’s attention long enough for them to see the full message.

In addition to capturing people’s initial attention, your videos can also be a good way to attract new customers. Videos showing your products or services can direct those who watch them to your website or, at least, a form to speak to a business consultant.

Social videos are the television of the new generation

As much as the generation that grew up watching television might disagree, online videos are taking people’s attention a lot more than TV.

After all, it is possible to watch them anytime, anywhere, using cell phones and tablets. The younger generations who use channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, among others, know this well.

Therefore, you are much more likely to win your audience if you are present on these networks. Just as cable TV won over audiences in the past, social media is the new generation’s favorite channel.

Social videos provide inputs to marketing actions

If you think about producing videos for social networks, know that you are not the only one. Many other people and companies are also doing this right now. So, for you to stand out in this media ocean, your content needs to be the best!

And to achieve this, find out what topics are in evidence and are relevant to your audience. As wonderful as your product or service may be, it is necessary to have good communication with the public on subjects that interest them.

How to make social videos?

To make successful social videos, it is not enough to have only a good production behind, but also a good engagement with your audience. Here are some tips on how to do this.

1. Bet on simplicity

It is common for people to consume content on social networks quickly, as there is much more content being produced on these channels than a person is able to assimilate. So, to stand out from the crowd, create simple, straightforward calls to your videos to make the person understand what it’s about as soon as it appears on the timeline.

Of course, this adaptation will vary according to each social network. Instagram and Twitter, for example, require a shorter attention span, so videos should have less time. Facebook and LinkedIn, on the other hand, allow slightly longer videos, although they must also be simple and easy to understand.

2. Take into account trends

Even if you know how to use online videos, you need to be aware of what people are saying on social media so that the content is relevant to them. This includes news, memes, news and subjects that can get your audience’s attention. So when setting up your social media calendar, take these trends into account.

Also remember that each social network has different trends. Twitter, for example, may be going through a completely different moment than Facebook. If you can dedicate time and attention to each network, great! If you can’t, then stay tuned for issues that can be shared across all channels and bring good results.

3. Highlight your visual identity

Some think that betting on flashy colors is the right way to draw attention on social networks. However, the correct thing is to use the colors of your brand. Therefore, the same should happen in your videos.

You can use the brand colors to compose the scene of the videos, for example. In addition, it is essential that everyone has visual points in common so that anyone who sees them on the social media timeline immediately identifies that this is a video of yours.

4. Insert call to action in your videos

You don’t produce videos just for the sake of producing, but to meet a goal you have, right? So try to put a call to action at the end of your videos in the same way that you should do it in all types of content.

The type of call may vary depending on the purpose of the video and the social network in question. To take the visitor to a capture page, for example, networks like Facebook and Twitter are more appropriate than Instagram, which does not allow inserting clickable links (with the exception of the bio, sponsored posts and, in some cases, Stories).

What types of content can you produce on your social videos?

As you read this text, ideas must be coming up to start producing your own videos, right? This is very good, but a question often arises at this point: how to start?

You certainly have content on other channels and media formats – text, image, presentations, etc. – that talk about your company, products and services offered and even about your segment, right? So you can select those that have been most successful and adapt them for video! Here are some ways to do this:

Introduce your company, products and services

People are curious. Therefore, they are certainly interested in knowing more about what your brand can do for them and who are the people behind the offer.

This type of video should not have commercial appeal, as the idea is to get people to know you better. You can leave to sell your fish when the person is already in contact with someone from your sales team.

Answer frequently asked questions

Are you and your service and sales teams used to always answering the same questions from your audience? So, a good tip is to turn the answers into a FAQ in the form of short videos.

They will optimize your customer’s purchase journey, making it arrive at your sales team with fewer doubts, which optimizes the service time.

Take webinars

It is impossible to talk about engagement with your audience if you do not communicate directly with them. And one of the best ways to do this is through webinars.

They can be done via Hangouts, YouTube and even directly on social networks like Facebook. When identifying the topic of interest to your audience, invite colleagues, experts or partners who master it to conduct the webinar.

Be available in the chat to answer questions from viewers in real time and also make room for questions at the end. Offering a bonus to those who watch all the content is an interesting tactic to keep the audience going until the end.

What are the benefits of making social videos?

Making social videos is a strategy that has many advantages, starting with reach on networks.

The Facebook algorithm, for example, increasingly restricts the reach of organic publications with images and links that take the user out of Facebook. On the other hand, videos manage to perform much better, since those who watch them spend more time on the social network.

Another benefit is the increase in traffic to your site, which can occur from calls to action. If you invest in boosting these videos, the results can be even more satisfying

Finally, taking into account that videos can be made with their own internal structure, this means that they have a low investment cost and bring good results that only a video marketing strategy can bring.

And by the way, now that you know how to make social videos, learn how to apply the right marketing actions too! For this, read the e-book we wrote on how to do Video Marketing!

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