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Many brands invest in a Facebook page. After all, it is the largest social network in the world, in which several brands are able to work marketing with primacy. Despite this, things on the network are not very easy. You can bump into difficult situations, such as low engagement, delay to increase the follower base and few resources […]

Many brands invest in a Facebook page. After all, it is the largest social network in the world, in which several brands are able to work marketing with primacy.

Despite this, things on the network are not very easy. You can run into difficult situations, such as low engagement, delay to increase the follower base and few resources to invest in ads.

Especially with the recent changes in the network algorithm, it is increasingly difficult to get results for your business on the network.

But it may be that a specific feature of the network helps you to improve your strategy.

It is exactly about this feature that we will talk about next. Then follow the text and learn how to use this important tool to segment and engage your audience!

Facebook Marketing

What are Facebook groups?

The idea of ​​groups on Facebook is to provide a space in which the community can deliberate, share knowledge, collaborate and make new connections.

So far, nothing different from social networks in general, right?

However, the great difference of the groups comes into play: they were created for debates on specific subjects.

Some may even be more generic, such as leisure, football and cooking. But they usually have very particular interests.

Think about it: where can you find people who are fanatical about marbles competitions or enchanted by 1970s video games?

It is even possible that they are even more targeted. Believe it or not: there is a Facebook group for people who wear checkered shorts at corporate events.

For businesses, this represents a great opportunity not only to sell, but also to establish relationships with audiences and niches of society.

With the recurring decrease in the platform’s organic reach, this is a great way to establish connections with a personalized audience.

If you think about it, the groups do a natural market segmentation. In other words, it generates an extremely qualified audience interested in themes that can be related to a product or service.

Thanks to this, these communities can be developed and engaged by brands. In this forum system, communication is horizontal and democratic. Everyone has an active voice.

In addition, by creating regular content, an ecosystem is established, including prestigious functions and positions.

A tip: there is the possibility to link fanpages to groups, which can be a good solution to acquire more followers and members.

How to use Facebook groups to improve the marketing of a business?

As stated, there are 2 solutions for those who want to do marketing in Facebook groups: participate in active communities or create your own.

In the first case, the recommendation is simple, but very important: do not use this resource as a simple dissemination tool.

When this happens, it is very likely that your posts will not even be accepted by moderation and there is still the possibility of expulsion.

Groups are created to stimulate debate, share lessons and establish lasting connections. So, don’t use them as an advertising tool.

It is much more worthwhile to interact and bring useful information, as in content marketing, for example.

If you delight users, you will certainly have good results and win the loyalty of consumers.

Now, let’s go to the 2nd case. When creating your own group, several doors are opened to achieve your business goals. But first, let’s know how to do this:

How to create Facebook groups?

You do not need to be a member of a group with a large number of participants. Several companies create their own communities.

To do this is quite easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • log in to Facebook;
  • click the arrow located in the right corner of the page;
  • select “Create group”;
  • fill in the name, add people and choose the level of privacy.

Super simple, isn’t it?

After that, you can add a cover photo, group description and access to metrics and details about members.

What are the goals of a community of its own?

When a company decides to create its own group, the priorities mentioned in the other groups must be maintained. That is, do not invest only in disclosure.

These communities have a lot to add to your business. So, it is necessary to use them wisely to attract more and more members.

The following are some of the main objectives:


Groups can be powerful allies when it comes to retaining their customers.

By using them to answer questions related to a product or service (ie, SAC 2.0), they will bring long-term benefits to your business.

It is even worth hiring a community manager, professional focused on community management on the internet, which is a great link between your audience and your company.


One of the main objectives of social networks is to humanize brands and generate a relationship between business and people.

Don’t treat consumers like mere numbers on a spreadsheet.

Get to know them better. Coexist. Ask them about their pains, what makes them more satisfied and understand what their daily lives are like, establishing a deep connection.

That way, they will start to see your brand as an ally, and not just a way to close deals.


Another way to use Facebook groups is to manage and organize internal teams.

This is a free way to encourage the creation of new ideas and facilitate communication between employees and sectors.


Very common in the field of technology, communities focused on market education have the objective of teaching on a certain topic not yet dominated by the public.

A good example are SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, which bring innovations that are not generally known and need to inform people about their operation in order to convert them.


But communities are not just serious. Another very interesting way to use them is for fun.

Creating memes, jokes and other content that brings a smile to users can be a great way to engage. In addition, of course, they have high viral potential.


When you create or become a group administrator, you’ll have access to a number of relevant metrics that can help you create even more engaging content for users.

Data related to publications, members, group growth, membership, blockages, among other numbers, can bring valuable information for the development of the relationship with the brand.

In addition, you can still perform quantitative (through surveys) and qualitative (through topics) surveys.


Last, but not least, is the generation of authority. This objective has the function of making consumers trust your brand.

Generally, the most influential people in the company are primarily responsible for revealing in-depth knowledge on a topic and showing that their products or services can be the solution that the user seeks.

Are there any successful cases in these forums?

Answering the question directly: yes, there are several successful cases, in which companies take great advantage of this resource.

Are we going to meet some of them?

The Times of London

The London newspaper created 3 targeted groups. Each of them intends to attract a type of persona for lead acquisition.

The published content calls the user to participate in the routine of the newspaper, with invitations to go to headquarters, suggestions for agendas, discussions with press professionals, among other activities.

Websites Are Us Community

Created to bring together freelancers from all over London (and even foreigners), the Websites Are Us Community encourages the active participation of its members.

In addition to daily content encouraging collaboration and answering questions, he holds regular lives to clarify topics of interest to the members of the group.

Dragon London

The digital magazine Dragon London was very successful in its physical version a few years ago.

Its creators returned to regular activities through the creation of a crowdfunding group, Padrin.

Supporters of the cause have the right to participate in the group, in which they can suggest topics, interact with the editors, learn news in the first hand and much more.

Tag Books

The book subscription system sends regular boxes to your subscribers. And it is precisely in the group of the company that the next kits are decided, in addition to having intense discussions related to the literature.

Websites Are Us University

A group focused on networking and market education, is aimed at people who took courses at Websites Are Us University.

That is, a group of people interested in learning about digital marketing.

Users can ask questions, establish connections and even purchase service providers.

So, did you like to know how Facebook groups can help your business engage users through a targeted audience?

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