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The successful management of your YouTube channel goes through a series of actions, tools and metrics to monitor the performance of the content. Stay on top of the details that involve the steps of this process.

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It is no longer news that video content is growing at an immense speed. In 2019, 80% of internet traffic will consist of videos.

Impressive, isn’t it? Even more incredible is the fact that YouTube has in its records more than 500 million hours of videos consumed daily.

This means that this platform does not lose anything to traditional TV channels. More than that, O YouTube is one of the great phenomena in the so-called digital revolution. And those who are aware of technological innovations grow alongside all these trends.

Is that you? Are you curious to know a little more about the YouTube universe and how to start a beautiful job using this tool?

So, follow us throughout this post!

How important is YouTube in the Digital Marketing strategy?

It is no longer possible to talk about a Digital Marketing strategy without thinking about the participation of the videos. The audiovisual shows content that is much more alive and dynamic than a simple text on the page.

But do you know what are the main benefits of betting on this strategy? We show it below!

Ranking in searches

SEO is the term for that action. Correct application of keywords, meta description, captions and annotations help to elevate your video on search channels, generating greater and more organic traffic.

It is a detail that many people forget, but extremely important for success.

Learn all about SEO

Control and optimization

If you’ve used tools like Google Analytics, you know the value of being able to check details on the number of hits on your page, length of stay and regional control.

YouTube provides a similar analysis, which allows optimize and show improvement points in your videos. Thus, it becomes easier to create an action plan to maintain what is already good and improve what is left to be desired.

Help with the target audience

With a selection of top interests, age group and other characteristics, YouTube can define an audience and target keywords for it.

It is something that goes far beyond traditional media, in which this process would not even come close to being automated in this way. It is a great example of marketing innovation.

Increased authority

Every content producer aims to become a reference in the subject that addresses. By creating quality videos and properly configured for ranking, your reputation or that of your product will only grow, helping you to become an authority with loyal followers who trust your knowledge.

How to master the YouTube channel with mastery?

Now that you’ve understood the many benefits of becoming a video expert on YouTube, it’s time to learn valuable tips for managing a channel as a master.

So, let’s go!

1. Planning

Define goals and KPI’s

KPI is a term widely used in Digital Marketing and basically means a way of measuring objectives and actions that are working correctly in your videos.

A good example of KPI on YouTube would be the number of views for each video and the total number of views on the channel, which helps you to establish a much clearer path in the way of producing and posting videos, indicating which times and which days are more favorable.

It also helps to define the style of your channel, as you can see which videos attracted the most attention and the reasons that contributed to it, such as titles, thumbnails and the content itself.

Research your persona’s behavior

Posting videos on YouTube without knowing anything about your persona’s preferences there is as safe as trying to guess your future by looking at a crystal ball (meaning, unless you’re superstitious, it probably won’t work, will you?).

So be sure to do some research to understand issues like:

  • the ideal average video length for the persona;
  • the type of video that most attracts you (with drawings and narration, talkshow, with numbers and data, just one person speaking in front of the camera, etc.);
  • how often and often she visits YouTube;
  • and the type of content you like to consume there (informational, video-class, entertainment, tutorial, interviews, etc.).

Do keyword research

Once you have a better understanding of what type of content your persona would like to see on YouTube, it’s time to find out what topics are hot to attract them to your channel, and at that time nothing is more efficient than good keyword research.

From there, it will be easier to distribute the issues to be addressed in your strategy – and the form / depth with which they will be treated – across all of your content channels, from blog to YouTube.

Integrate content produced by the company

In addition to dividing the topics covered in its content, it is also worth integrating the entire strategy to increase its engagement in all channels.

This means that you will be able, for example, to deal with the same subject in different ways on the blog, on social networks and on YouTube, and link these contents together.

For example: when posting a video with a cooking recipe, say, you can post the full list of ingredients and measures on the blog.

In the same way, you can create a post with a written step by step and then make a video to show how the instructions happen in practice.

Another important integration is to publicize your videos on social networks, link them in blog posts whenever possible, and invite your audience on YouTube to follow your work on the other social networks in which the company participates.

Engage through posting frequency.

It is observed that posts made more than once a week generate more views, referrals like related videos and chances of appearing on the YouTube homepage.

All of this also contributes to the engagement of your audience, which starts to follow the news of the channel, as they already know their frequency and quality of posts.

It is no coincidence that today we see more and more channels that post videos daily.

If you are starting a career as a youtuber, it is interesting to think about the possibility of creating a large amount of content, with related subjects and trying to make connections between them, directing users at the end of each video to watch the next one.

This will greatly help your channel’s performance in the platform’s algorithm, in addition to increasing your watch time and keeping a larger number of users for longer.

But calmly evaluate your production capacity, if it takes you a long time to produce a single video, this regularity does not happen and your channel loses strength.

Watch out for the look

It is a fact that a video with a beautiful look attracts attention and helps to increase the chances of entertaining the user.

Therefore, consider investing in this aspect, learning more about video editing, storytelling, and the capture of images and audio itself.

But creating a visually stunning video is no guarantee of success.

More than making cinematic videos, it’s important not to let your audience down and remember to set times for updates. Therefore, limit the visual to what you can produce in a short time and try to optimize the production flow.

If you have the opportunity, invest in a small team and a small space that will help with all this work. Balance will always bear good fruit.

Be objective

There is nothing worse on YouTube than those videos that wind you up for minutes before actually starting the content. Many viewers of the platform give up a video after the first 10 seconds, if there is nothing that interests them.

Knowing this, it is important to be very objective and succinct in titles and presentations. Do not delay to present the content and always try to start with something that holds your attention, like a question, an intriguing topic or a mysterious phrase, for example.

2. Execution

To optimize the execution of the videos, there is a wide range of tools and apps that can help in this production, especially when you are still at the beginning and do not have a support team.

Below are some of them.

YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio is a tool for Android and iOS that helps you manage your channels in a very easy way. It displays all the necessary information, including graphics of views and popularity by time of video watched.

It also offers features to interact with the public, such as viewing, responding or even deleting comments intuitively, in addition to the possibility to edit the information directly on the cell phone.

Information arrives through notifications and can also be turned off if you don’t want to be alerted all the time.

If you manage more than one channel, it is possible to change this administration, making it possible to keep several channels updated without much concern.


Unlike YouTube Creator Studio, TubeBuddy is an application used on computer browsers.

It is an excellent resource to optimize the SEO of your videos, using tools directly from YouTube, but in a more intuitive way that allows for greater organization.

This happens due to the ease in automate extensive and tiring procedures and processing, how to insert descriptions and annotations into multiple videos at once.

It also allows the search for keywords that assist in targeting your content, generating better results.

ScreenFlow and Camtasia

ScreenFlow and Camtasia are similar tools for creating and editing videos. The first is an excellent resource for Mac users and the second is a powerful tool that can also be used on Windows.

Both are great for creating videos using screenshots or even footage. They allow you to include transitions, animations and music in a very intuitive way.

Editing parts of the video that can be boring for the viewer, such as long pauses and changing the subject, or simply improving the pace, are details that will make all the difference to the quality of your material.

At first, it may seem a little confusing, due to the large amount of resources they have, but nothing that a small dedication to learning does not solve.


Another good platform to help create good content is the popular Canva.

It allows you to create professionally designed images without having to be a designer to do so.

With a very simple editor, creation is quick and easy with a drag and drop system, without bureaucracy or the need for advanced techniques. The tool also provides a wide database of images, illustrations and photos to complement your creation.

Even if you’re not a video editor or manager, creating these images is a differentiator to insert attractive thumbnails in your videosthus gaining more clicks and views.

It is also very useful for creating final screens of your videos, used to direct the viewer to other content on your own channel.

If before, you thought that it would be necessary to have the skills of a designer or illustrator for this, Canva came to show that it was not.

Video transcript

It is not a tool, but an action that collaborates a lot for an efficient execution.

Transcribing the entire content of your video may seem tiring, but it’s a good use of your time when you’re sure people can consume your material even without watching the video, either because they are in a public place without headphones, or because they have a slow internet.

Just insert the transcript in your video description or even as a caption, which will also leave you accessible for the hearing impaired.

MKT Video Use Manual Contents

3. Analysis

Another action that cannot be missed in your video production is the use of tools such as YouTube Analytics for tracking metrics.

After all, the more you know about all the behind-the-scenes progress, the better you can act and promote the evolution of your work.

YouTube Analytics

View the average time watched on your videos and the entire channel, views from suggested videos, among other benefits.

YouTube Analytics provides it all, allowing you to have total control over the performance of the content, identifying what needs to be improved and what can be maintained.

Increasing your viewers’ average viewing time is critical to the platform’s ranking algorithm. So it is recommended that you include this task in your daily life.

Everything understood so far, right? But a question that may arise is: how do you know where your audience is coming from and how did they learn about your videos?

With YouTube Analytics itself, you can analyze each video individually and check where it was accessed from and which video is receiving visits through other related content.

It also helps to discover the path and style that your content should take. That way, you don’t stray from your audience.

Tips to make your channel rock

So, channel ready, strategy built, so let’s take action and generate results ?.

Check out how:

Conquer the viewer in the first few seconds

Just as the art of keeping a reader glued to your blog posts until the very end is to win them right in the introduction, in your videos, the ideal is to capture the audience’s attention already in the first 10 seconds of the recording.

That is: save on the size of your opening (if there is one) and don’t be too curled up before going straight to the point.

Preferably, include at the beginning some attraction to encourage the audience to continue watching, be it an intriguing question that you will answer, a sneak peek than expected in the end or just a CTA.

Don’t underestimate the power of CTA

Speaking of them, CTAs (or calls to action) must also be present on YouTube, in fact, in several locations:

  • in the beginning, informing right away what that video is going to be and calling the viewer to continue watching;
  • during the video (if applicable and not forced), calling the person to other content (which can be linked in the description or appear in hyperlinks in the video itself);
  • and, at the end, calling the audience to interact with the video through comments and / or sharing them with friends;
  • bonus: invite people to subscribe to the channel, as well as to your other social networks (keep the links always available in the description of all videos).

Partner with other channels

In the world of blogs, Guest Posts are a great way to grow your readership by taking advantage of a partner’s audience, and vice versa.

On YouTube, it is also possible for two channels to help each other through videos together, which are then published in different versions on the two channels, with calls for the public to visit and subscribe to the partner channel.

Take advantage of your partnerships with other companies outside of YouTube to extend your mutual success to videos!

Create engaging sections and series

One of the advantages of that optional configuration that we showed up there, in the last part of our walkthrough, is that it allows you to separate your videos by sections and playlists.

In addition to the lists that you can automatically make with YouTube itself (as a section with only the most popular uploads, another with future and past live streams), you can build a series that continues the same theme.

On the WAU channel, for example, we have WAUHacks, a series with very short videos (about 1 minute long) and quick tips to be consumed “in homeopathic doses”.

The session dedicated to video classes on Content and Marketing has longer and more complete recordings, forming almost a single course, which is completed with each submission.

With the number of series fans growing out there, it goes without saying that organizing your videos this way will increase your number of views and subscriptions, right?

Learn from the biggest youtubers on the web

What better way to stay on top of what’s on YouTube than to keep a close eye on the work of the masters in the art of audiovisual content?

So here is our recommendation for you to follow closely the biggest youtubers in the world to know their secrets and do like them:

  • values ​​the quality of its content above all;
  • create periodic sweepstakes and prizes for channel subscribers;
  • interact with the public by responding to your comments and asking for their opinion whenever you can;
  • and don’t underestimate the power of visual design to add value to your content, be it in your channel art, thumbnails or even in the videos themselves.

Another important tip is to stay tuned, too, in companies that are doing well on YouTube to follow their example.

Billing with your YouTube channel

Finally, with your channel on track and moving towards success, the time has come to think about the return that all this investment will give to the company: how to make visualizations turn into dollar signs?

There are basically three ways to make your fame on YouTube turn zeros right in your bank account:

YouTube Ads

Do you know those advertisements that sometimes run right before your video starts?

Yes, this is YouTube Ads, an option to make each view earn the channel owner a few cents, which when multiplied by millions – or even billions, in the case of viruses – represent a very respectable amount.

External sponsorship

Another strategy used by many youtubers to increase the revenue of the videos is to get the sponsorship of a company, which pays for their products or services to be promoted in the contents of that channel.

Inbound Marketing

Although the last two points are very legitimate if your channel is really meant to be a source of income, in the case of a company that is using YouTube as part of the Inbound Marketing strategy, this is probably not the best way to proceed.

Besides being a little irritated by the sponsors’ advertising and the ads, it’s worth remembering that getting your audience to engage with the company little by little, going through the sales funnel until they become customers is the true objective of your channel.

Given this, there is no point in heating your head.

Combine your entire strategy carefully to make your personas walk through the funnel, value the quality of your shipments and don’t be afraid: Content Marketing will certainly be much more sustainable than paid campaigns.

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The 4 most common mistakes of beginner youtubers

For those not connected to the “behind the scenes” universe of YouTube, the expectation and reality of video production can be miles away.

Thinking about it, how about checking at once the main mistakes made by newbies to avoid falling into these traps before they even appear in front of you?

Write it down:

Finding video content expensive and complicated

As explained by professor Peçanha in this video lesson about video lessons, making content to post on YouTube is not really a seven-headed animal.

The important thing is to get your hands dirty and make them!

Neither specialized production staff nor expensive equipment is needed.

Nowadays, with a cell phone camera, you can record high quality images.

Pay no attention to video tags and thumbnail

You should already know how important SEO is in Digital Marketing to ensure that your pages are found by the Internet user, right?

Because on YouTube, it’s not very different, only that which will increase your view rates and make your video go up ranking searches are information outside the content itself: the tags (or markings) and the thumbnail from the video.

Marketing Calendar Kit

Do not keep the channel in constant activity

As was said, maintain a frequency regular and high publication on YouTube it is essential for your success: there is no point in creating the channel and letting it fly.

In addition to engaging users with each new post, frequency encourages subscribers to take a tour of your other videos and playlists, increasing your views as a whole and ultimately your channel’s authority.

For that, the ideal is to include YouTube in your editorial calendar to align it with the rest of your strategy, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next!

Let’s start?

So, now that you have good tips on how to manage your channel, how about producing?

The two main points that you need to keep in mind when creating a channel are the viewers and the platform algorithm. Having knowledge of this, its management becomes simpler.

A good tip is also to try to post natively on other social media platforms. For example, if you create a Facebook page, it is recommended that you edit a short version of your video, as a teaser, and make a post by inserting the link that will lead to the full video hosted on YouTube.

It’s a great way to attract an audience that isn’t necessarily watching other videos before reaching out to yours. This is also true for Twitter and Instagram.

You can also embed your videos on blogs and partner sites, or on your own blog, by completing a blog post.

Remember, to manage your YouTube channel, it’s important to be creative and innovative, in addition to communicating good information and optimizing your workflow.

If you want to know a little more to become an expert on the subject, download now our free e-book on Marketing on Youtube!

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