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Interactive content helps companies increase engagement with the public and thus generate more conversions. Understand how to tailor your Content Marketing strategy and how to generate more revenue from interactive content!

Do you know all the metrics and objectives of your company? Do you know what are the main KPIs that must be monitored daily?

According to HubSpot, the less companies know their KPIs, the less likely they are to meet their revenue goals.

74% of companies that were not hitting their revenue targets did not know their visitors, leads, MQL or sales opportunities.

This is an alarming statistic – and one that can be countered with the adoption and creation of interactive content.

In this content, you will see:

Content Marketing: How far are we?

Demand Metric says that Content Marketing creates three times more leads than Outbound Marketing and costs 62% less.

It is no wonder that the content remains at the epicenter of most organizations around the world. In today’s scenario, it is clear that relevant content generates traffic, engages audiences and leads to conversions.

But with so many using Content Marketing to thrive, we are faced with a complex problem that is rooted in information overload: everywhere we look, the content is there (as well as everywhere we’re not seeing) .

The contents are under each stone and hidden in each drawer. It is hovering over our heads and is written and published faster than you are able to say the word “do”.

This avalanche of content has made users more selective. Some of these preferences have been documented in Demand Gen’s 2018 Content Preferences Research Report.

This study revealed that blogs and podcasts are becoming increasingly reliable resources and that 36% of respondents prefer interactive content formats when they are consuming content related to a possible online purchase.

The same survey revealed that users generally engage with 3 to 5 content before contacting a seller – an important fact when considering how your Content Marketing strategy can best contribute to your overall revenue goals.

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How to use interactive content to generate revenue?

Content Marketing revenue will exceed USD $ 300 billion by 2019, according to Statista. Crazy, isn’t it?

The growing use of interactive content certainly contributes to this prediction, with 96% of Demand Metric participants saying that the interactivity of content affects consumers’ decisions as they progress through their journey.

Generating 4 to 5 times more page views and converting 2 times more than static content, interactive experiences generate results and revenue through the engagement of the target audience and the metrics and data provided by the experiments themselves.

How does DHL use interactive content to convert?

DHL, a leader in delivery services worldwide, increased its conversions by implementing an interactive landing page strategy.

Initially, the company opted for the interactive strategy in 50 countries. From the results obtained, they expanded to the 220 countries that are present.

The company’s conversion rate, which used to be very low, is now around 9%, which directly impacted DHL’s ROI.

As you can see, interactive content has the ability to generate more engagement with the public and, thus, generate more revenue for the company.

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