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The idea that the employee is the number one customer of an organization is old and makes perfect sense in companies that understand the importance of having him as a strong – and main – ally of his reason for being. But just as the strategies for capturing and retaining consumers have been adapted to the new […]

The idea that the employee is the number one customer of an organization is old and makes perfect sense in companies that understand the importance of having him as a strong – and main – ally of his reason for being.

But just as the strategies for capturing and retaining consumers have been adapted to new social behaviors based on technologies, the same must also happen in relation to the actions developed by companies to encourage employees to engage in commercial and social causes propagated by the institution.

And it is in this scenario that Digital Endomarketing was born

In order to know the full potential of this area, it is necessary to first start with traditional techniques until we can reach their adaptability for communication with the internal public of an institution.

Also understanding the profiles that make up the different generations will help you to better understand the concept

So, ready to take the path that will lead to your employee’s engagement and motivation?

Read the text and know how to create an exciting and functional relationship with your company’s employees!

The concept of Endomarketing

Internal Marketing or Internal Marketing is an area of ​​administration who sees the employee as an internal customer of the company and that develops actions to conquer it, retain it and make it a propellant of the brand and of the products sold.

Through traditional marketing strategies, the Human Resources, Internal Communication and Marketing sectors unite in favor of a common goal: to make employees understand the mission of a company, realize the importance of the work of each of them in collective results and, thus, feel committed to develop professional activities efficiently.

Employer Branding

Among the actions that are commonly taken on behalf of internal marketing to involve the employee, are the following:

Organizational weather research:

As its name implies, this is a survey that takes place periodically so that managers can identify potentialities and flaws in culture, and in the company’s communication with employees.

Motivational Events:

These are lectures or courses that aim to make the employee feel engaged to hit a goal, to sell a new product or to participate in some new positioning of the company in an effective way.

They are specific activities that are usually linked to a specific project of the organization.

Integration Events:

From end-of-year parties to race groups to encourage collective work between teams, specific integration events are widely used to make sectors interact with each other and informally transform individual or sectoral goals into organizational goals .

Internal communication:

The most traditional ones appeared in the so-called Mural Newspapers, Internal Bulletins, Suggestion Box, etc., and they aim to circulate information among all company employees and receive feedback on their perception of the institution.

What is Digital Endomarketing

Digital internal marketing is nothing more than the evolution of conventional strategies traditional endomarketing used in new technological platforms.

As people are increasingly connected and have increasingly used the internet to position themselves on a certain topic, to seek knowledge and to show themselves to the world, companies need to use technologies to interact with employees.

The idea here is the same that made Digital Marketing implanted and would become essential in the commercial relations and approximation between companies and customers in contemporary times.

For this reason, organizations that understand that neglecting technologies is a mistake and that any form of communication that is made aside is inefficient, they are certainly already one step ahead of the competition.

But before introducing the tools, the benefits and strategies of digital internal marketing so that you can deploy them in your organization, it is necessary to show the relationship that this administrative area has with the different generations that make up the staff of a company.

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Endomarketing and Generations X, Y and Z

One of the great challenges experienced by the organizations’ Human Resources and Internal Communication sectors is to develop engagement and motivation actions for generations of employees with such different profiles.

Even if managers are already aware that diversity is a key factor in creating competitive differentials, and set up teams with employees of different ages and cultures, there is still a difficulty in developing endomarketing strategies that are accepted by all those who are part of the so-called generations X, Y and Z.

In order to better understand the challenges of internal communication for different generations, let’s talk a little about each one:

Generation X

Born between the years 1965 and 1979, professionals who are part of Generation X seek to delve deeper into the topics of interest, have more rational thoughts and are generally calmer and safer.

They like the idea of ​​a well-defined hierarchy and they find it easier to hold a listener’s attention by verbal arguments.

They are little imagery and are looking for an individuality without losing their group life.

Such people followed the beginning of globalization and saw the technologies being born, but it took time to add them to their routines.

Y generation

Those born between the years 1980 to 1995, who are called Generation Y, are more creative, agile in meeting content and, for this reason, know about various subjects, but without great depth of knowledge on a given topic.

They were born with the globalization already established and have lived with technologies since early.

They prefer to type rather than write and affirm their identities in the collective, through the sharing of photos, videos, beliefs and values ​​on the internet.

Generation Z

Those born after 1995 are known as Generation Z.

These professionals, who are entering the job market now, are anxious, detached from geographical boundaries, hyper connected and they have an intense need to expose their identity to the world.

For this, they use technologies (mainly social networks).

They are very anxious young people, who seek to balance professional and personal life, but who have low physical social interaction and a great need for the approval of the groups in which they belong – even if it is virtual.

With such different personal and professional profiles and goals, it is necessary that the sectors that take care of communication and the relationship with the internal public seek and find ways to engage such collaborators through something that unites them.

And what is part of their lives, even if in different degrees of use? Yes, the technologies!

Digital Endomarketing, then, is it a potential or not?

Digital Internal Marketing and Organizational Culture

The essence of an organizational culture is directly linked to all practices performed in a company’s day-to-day activities and denotes its standards, values, expectations and attitudes.

Therefore, this whole set that makes up the corporate culture is linked to the company’s image and, in order to have credibility in relation to what is carried out, it is necessary that philosophy and action are aligned.

After all, the identity (the way the company wants to be seen) needs to be the same as its image (people’s perception of what the real company is).

Therefore, before adding technologies to actions for an organization’s internal audience, it is necessary for managers to understand whether the organizational culture is in line with the innovations available in the market.

If managers realize that the processes are still quite traditional and that the “paper and pen” environment still prevails in the company, a change needs to be made, both for the sake of internal relations and for the sake of external relations.

Digital Transformation and Marketing

Benefits of Digital Endomarketing

Now that you understand where the concept of Digital Endomarketing comes from, what is its relationship with different generations and with the organizational culture, it is time to realize what are the advantages of implementing actions for employees based on the use of technologies

Employee motivation

People are used to communicating over the internet, through digital platforms.

So it would be a little tedious to receive and send communications in a traditional way, isn’t it ?!

Even more so if the target of the announcements is a member of generations Y and Z.

Using social networks, corporate communication software and other digital media developed specifically for this audience, employees will feel more motivated to interact, because this type of message is already part of their routine.

Internalization of campaigns and announcements

From the moment a company uses digital mechanisms to communicate with its employees, there is a greater dynamism between sending, receiving and internalizing the message.

Thus, promoting a campaign, publicizing an event or reinforcing some norm or benefit becomes easier, as well as adherence, much greater!


Actions taken in the digital environment are more economical and provide greater cost / benefit compared to conventional ones promoted in the physical environment.

The initial investments, depending on the platform used, are quite simple compared to the more traditional ones, and bring significant savings in the long run.

Promotion of Integration

Digital environments allow people to communicate more quickly and effectively.

Therefore, with the use of digital platforms and mechanisms, the HR and Internal Communication sectors are able to make the others (and consequently the employees who are part of them) interact more, which increases the integration and benefits the entire performance of corporation.

Human Resources and Marketing

Tools to promote Digital Endomarketing

The tools of Digital Endomarketing are numerous and can be worked according to the schedule developed for the announcements, the actions of engagement and relationship with the employee.

See some of those already available and add them to your company’s routine!


Companies can create a corporate blog to discuss topics of interest to employees.

From information about the company to destinations for them to enjoy their holidays, different subjects can be worked on.

And in addition to the organization promoting content for employees, she can even invite them to write about a subject that they have mastered, valuing them and motivating them to engage even more with the company.


Videos can be made and placed on the intranet, promoted on social networks, on a corporate YouTube channel and even on a Corporate TV.

The idea here is similar to that of the blog: promoting content of interest to employees, stimulating their interaction with the institution and circulating communications.

E-mail marketing

An email marketing allows companies to segment communications and send specific messages to each of their teams.

As every professional has the habit of checking the inbox several times a day, personalized messages can be sent by email.

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Smartphones are always at the hands of everyone instead of organizations banning the use of these devices, how about if it is encouraged in order to integrate employees?

This can happen through the development of specific applications for internal communication, which encourage the sharing of relevant information among employees.

Corporate Social Network

Think of a conventional social network, like Facebook, for example.

The difference between it and a corporate social network is that in the first one everyone can participate, while in the second one the environment is restricted only to the employees of a company.

They are tools developed for working groups to address specific topics, employees to chat in chats, professional profiles to be exposed to the training and skills of each one so that everyone knows their expertise, etc.


Investing in Digital Endomarketing strategies is a must for every company that wants to engage its employees and develop more effective communication with them.

In the market, there are customized tools that can be purchased, as well as resources already available in the organizational environment, such as corporate e-mail, for example, that can be used by the Human Resources and Internal Communication sectors to boost engagement, make circulate announcements and motivate employees.

If your company still doesn’t do that, start observing the organization’s culture now, employee profiles and start developing Digital Endomarketing through the resources that are already available, such as e-mail, for example.

From there, make videos, produce content for blogs and invest in other digital tools.

That way, you will quickly see good results in your organization.

And if you need help in producing rich content, just use our blog whenever you need it!

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