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Digital influencers are already an important part of most marketing strategies. Do you want to know how to negotiate with them? Find out here!

Society has changed. The way of doing marketing too. Today, to talk to the public, it is not enough to say that your product or service is good on TV, radio or the newspaper.

It is necessary to adapt to the new forms of media consumption and the phenomenon is the partnership with digital influencers.

Also called influencer marketing, content producers on social media generate materials or participate in campaigns and actions on behalf of brands and, thus, influence people.

But what makes ordinary people to trust these rising stars? And what is it about influencers that is so magical to interfere with people’s decision-making power?

Who are digital influencers?

Digital influencers are people who have the power to influence a large audience through their content channels and social networks.

Generally, its success is resounding in a specific niche of interest or in a well-targeted audience, and sometimes, even unknown to people who are not part of that community.

For example, if you don’t have curly hair and you don’t even know who has, you’ve probably never heard of Rayza Nicácio, but the blogger’s YouTube channel has over 1 million of subscribers.

Do not think that the success of influencers is only in the area of ​​fashion or beauty! Segments such as games, pop culture and even advertising, also have their references and niche celebrities.

And brands can use this influence with great results, as in this action taken by Youtuber Kérfera for Tim:

The way these content creators express themselves is the key to the business. Their irreverence, truth and authenticity create in the public the perception of being “people like us”. And they are!

It is much easier to trust the suggestions of someone who could be your friend than in a company “talking about itself”.

How to deal with digital influencers?

Did you like the idea of ​​third parties talking about your brand and bringing new audiences and customers? Are you already thinking about negotiating with an influencer?

See our step by step and learn how this type of partnership can bring good results to your marketing actions.

1. Know the tastes of your persona

The first step in starting a partnership with a digital influencer is well before the negotiation itself.

Once again the role of the buyer persona is essential to create a good marketing strategy.

You need to know and understand very well in what formats your persona usually consumes content (texts, images, videos) and also identify who are the people who influence your purchase decision.

The Guide to Creating Personas

Learn to create and understand your ideal client right now!

Only then will you be able to be more punctual when it comes to listing the digital personalities with whom you can negotiate.

2. List and research influencers

After you have identified which are the bloggers, youtubers, instagramers, snapchaters etc, that are part of the daily life of your persona, list them in a simple spreadsheet and start your search on them.

2.1. Quantify

Check the influencer access numbers as:

  • number of subscribers to the youtube channel;
  • number of followers on social media;
  • average views per video;
  • average engagement on posts and others you can identify.

2.2. Qualify

You should keep in mind that the influencer is going to be like an “ambassador” for your brand. An authority that will be tied to your product / service.

Therefore, it is very important that his qualities, values ​​and interests are at least similar to that of your company.

In this case, really immerse yourself in the content produced and identify the personality traits of the influencer and ask yourself:

  • Is he fun or serious?
  • Is he controversial?
  • How can this affect my company?
  • Has he already partnered with my competitor?

2.3. Understand the influencer rise curve

Only on YouTube worldwide, are generated every minute 500 new hours of content. In addition, according to the Snack Network, a multiplatform network of channels recognized and approved by YouTube, there are approximately 310 thousand online video channels in London.

These numbers are growing and every time a new content creator appears. Some gain many followers and grow quickly due to their originality. But as some grow, others may, over time, lose their authority and prestige.

It is important to understand at what point the influencer is with whom you want to do business. The ideal is to partner with those who are almost at their peak. Partnering with influencers who are already in decline may not deliver the expected results.

Go back to the influencer’s engagement numbers and check the average of interactions over a given period to find out what stage he is at. You can also contact brands that have partnered with him recently (understand last 3 months) and ask about the results of the actions.

3. Prepare for what the influencer can and cannot bring

Before closing a partnership with a digital influencer you must understand very well what is the moment of your company.

It is no use just making a beautiful and wonderful campaign with a YouTuber, for example, without having a website that can handle a large flow of simultaneous accesses.

Yes, my friends, it can happen. Some influencers can bring a lot of traffic to your website in minutes.

If your server is not prepared for this, the shot can backfire. Your brand can even become a laughing stock among internet users and followers of the influencer.

Another thing to be aware of is: is the site responsive and has an optimal speed for navigation on mobile devices?

Smartphones already account for more than half (55%) of the hours dedicated to videos on the internet, according to a YouTube survey.

4. Find the influencer’s agent or agency

It may seem like a silly step, but not every influencer divulges on his blog or channel the right contact for the commercial.

Larger and more famous influencers often have agents or an agency to do media trading.

If you already have an interesting network of contacts, it will be easier to get the phone and email of the person responsible for closing these partnerships. If you don’t, you will need to spend a few hours of research.

5. Create relationship

The first email or phone should be as pleasant as possible. Emphasize what the influencer is interesting to you and what your brand has about it.

Make trading more open. Request the media kit – promotional material from the influencer, who usually has numbers and cases of past partnerships.

Also ask for quotes, indicating some possible actions that you think the partnership could have.

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6. Negotiate values ​​and deliverables

Agents do not usually give a definitive answer to the company in the first conversation.

After the first contact, they take the partnership proposal to the influencer to find out if their brand really has affinities with them.

Don’t worry if you have a negative return. That means less headaches up front, as he may not be engaging with your brand or not really fit. Move on to the next one on the list.

Also prepare the pocket. Most famous influencers charge high prices. Do not forget that he is charging for his authority and respect in front of a community and today it is invaluable.

They can charge a fixed amount for an action or package of deliverables (video, text, presence at an event, etc.), or it can be CPM (cost per thousand ad views); CPC (cost per ad click) and per conversion.

Some accept to negotiate values ​​and even allow part of the value in exchange for the customer’s product or service. In the past this was more frequent, today only small content creators still accept this type of negotiation.

Attention! Require a written contract with the main deliverables and duties of both parties. This is very important to avoid problems in the future. Some influencers don’t usually do that. But you must ask to do so.

7. Keep in mind that briefing is not a script

In some cases, you may have the opportunity to talk to the influencer himself to present your company and the campaign that will be developed. In others, the agent or agency sends a briefing template to be completed.

But never dare to send a script or say exactly what the influencer should say. Respect creativity understand that if he has authority in a certain segment or for a specific audience, it is because he achieved this with his way of exposing himself.

8. Send a sample of your product / service to the influencer

There is nothing more annoying than feeling that the influencer does not understand the core of your business and speaks superficially about your product or service.

To avoid this type of situation, send your product or offer your service so that he can try and experience what a customer would have. Don’t forget to create a relationship again. Send a letter with the product, personalize and show value, for example.

9. Offer something to the influencer’s followers

This step is not a rule, but a suggestion that brings good results.

Talk to the influencer (or the agent) and offer a discount coupon, for example, to followers.

The influencer can post this discount on the video or text of the partnership. In addition to providing another reason for creator fans to get to know your brand, you’ll be able to better measure your sales from that media.

10. Check the partnership material

After producing, the influencer sends the material (video, text or images) of the partnership for approval.

At this point, you should verify that the message about your company or campaign has been conveyed in the correct way and do not get involved with the slang and postures of the influencer. Remember, he has creative freedom for that.

When it is video, the influencer usually warns beforehand that he does not rule new parts. Usually the video is recorded at once and the “vibe” and lighting will not be the same as the first recording. What he usually does is a small edit to fit the message.

If the content is too different, look in the contract for what has been agreed (see how important it is to have a contract?). In some cases, the influencer must record a new video, or he can simply withdraw from the partnership.

11. Measure results

Well, now that everything is ready, check again with the influencer the date (s) that the material will be released. Then prepare your employees and get them engaged with the campaign.

After promoting the content by the influencer, also disclose the partnership with your email and customer base. This will bring more credibility and prestige to your brand.

Don’t forget to follow your communication channels even more closely, especially social media. Many followers will want to know your product / service and expect your brand to match and converse in the same way as the influencer.

Track the numbers of visits to your website (traffic) coming from the influencer channel and the engagement numbers on your social media. Don’t worry only about the likes, but also about the growth of comments, shares and clicks.

Also check the number of leads and sales generated, especially if you have offered a discount coupon, for example.

This data will tell you if the partnership has had good results and whether you can continue with new partnerships with the same profile as the previous influencer or not.

Now that you know how to negotiate with digital influencers, get to work!

To have an even better strategy, also read our ebook on Social Media Marketing and learn the best techniques for each platform!

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