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Rich material is a type of content more geared to educating the public, thanks to its depth. In the strategy, its importance is great, since it allows more potential customers to be captured. To be successful, however, you need to know how to produce it.

Rich material is one of the possibilities that a content marketing strategy proposes to the public. Its impact is obtained thanks to the way it is used, delivering something more complete and capable of generating interesting conversions.

To achieve the desired effect, the rich material must be produced within some basic parameters, as this influences the way the reader is involved. A company that has content marketing as an attraction tool needs to know more about this possibility!

In this post, you will better understand what this type of content is, what your proposal is, and when it is offered to the public. Also find out how a strategy can benefit and how it should be produced!

What is a rich material?

In a content marketing strategy, there are different types of texts, with specific approaches, themes and depths. Blog posts, for example, are more superficial and provide an overview of a topic.

They can be educational and technical, however, they do not usually go very deep. Rich material is the opposite, and your proposal is to go deeper into a certain subject, to fully inform.

These contents have their own characteristics that differ well from other types of materials, starting with the extension. Because they are more explanatory, they are much larger than regular posts. The theme in question is explored widely, even if, for that, the final content gets a little bigger.

The main proposal is to educate the reader on a certain topic. If the subject is digital marketing, for example, the rich material will show what it is, how it came about, what is the importance and how to do it.

This deepening is repeated for any other thematic content, always with a technical approach and, in the end, take the reader to a higher level of learning.

There are different content formats that fit this classification of rich material, the e-book being the most popular. On the Web, it is possible to find many of this type, with subjects of the most varied, always with the proposal to inform the user through complete guides.

In addition to e-books, there are also infographics and simulation tools, which are used in content from various segments.

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What is the impact of this material on a strategy?

Developing rich material has a very positive impact on a company’s marketing strategy. Because it is more in-depth and delivers valuable learning, this type of content is capable of achieving some significant gains.

Next, better understand what these impacts are, how they generate value and what advantages the company benefits from them.

Increases brand authority

The public that seeks to learn more through rich material tends to value those who offer it. It is an exchange relationship in which both win. In this case, if the company publishes quality content, it qualifies to become an expert on the subject.

The more qualified the material, the greater the appreciation of whoever produced it. Talking about a topic you are a specialist in and generating good material brings authority to the company. Even, the more productions of the type she publishes, the more she will be recognized as an expert in the segment.

Get more leads

The main purpose of rich material is to generate leads. The way to do this is simple and very objective: these contents are offered for download and, to receive them, the reader needs to fill out the form on the landing page. Thus, the user receives the link to download directly in the email.

Once the company obtains this information, the lead is captured and then the next step is to qualify and feed these people through an email marketing strategy. The more featured content is offered, the more lead possibilities will be generated.

Builds engagement with the audience

The current Internet audience wants to be in a relationship that is advantageous. If he follows the profile of a company on social media, he expects the communication to be interesting.

In addition, you also want to consume prominent content. The same goes for blogs, for example.

When rich material is offered for free, the public understands that there is a value proposition there. This generates greater acceptance and meets the requirements of the new consumer profile. In this relationship, companies are able to build and strengthen public engagement with them.

Strengthens content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy aims to educate, guide, entertain and offer knowledge to the brand audience. It is the exchange relation you have seen, however, within a cycle in which the user is guided by these contents until becoming a consumer.

In this cycle, the rich material is an important stage of the strategy. Because it is more complete and educational, it often helps the user to better understand the business or even a company product. Therefore, it is a material that prepares the reader to become a lead and, later, a customer.

Generates conversions

Within the different marketing strategies, specific conversions are expected, and the rich material may be responsible for winning some of them.

Its depth and wealth of information are some of the factors that arouse in the public the attitude of signing up for an email to receive a download, for example.

Another factor that makes a big difference is the fact that the content offered meet your audience’s wishes. If your company is an investment broker, offering a comprehensive guide to investing in equity is an excellent alternative. It can yield conversions of all types!

How to develop a rich material?

It is not enough for a company to understand how important it is to have material rich in its strategy. Because they are deep, technical and capable of generating leads, there is little care when it comes to producing one.

There are some parameters and recommendations that make all the difference to the success of content like this. Next, see how to develop quality material!

Know and define your persona

What is the profile of your audience? The persona helps to define a semifetitious model with the characteristics that are most repeated among the people that make up your audience. When defining it, you will know exactly which traits influence these people’s behavior and needs.

When developing content, consider the characteristics of your persona. She has specific wishes about the topic you intend to address. It is essential to approach them in the right way and, in addition, have a language that communicates well with your audience.

Design a structure for the material

A good material should also have a well-defined structure that distributes it well and helps the public to share the way they consume the material. To do this, organize the subjects that you will address within this content. Thus, the reader will have greater ease.

If it is an e-book, for example, fragment in several parts, starting with an introduction, with the distribution of the rest of the content with a part for each theme and, at the end, a conclusion.

In infographics, don’t forget to enter the subject and give the tips as a list. In simulators, in turn, present the pain of the persona and then deliver the solution.

Write about what your company dominates

The secret to having quality material is to write about what your company dominates. If you sell vegan food, that should be the focus. You can produce, for example, an economical vegan food guide. This subject is the nature of your business and is interesting to the public.

The importance of staying within the domain has a direct impact on your business strategy. Thus, its audience identifies itself more and more and is sure that the company follows a clear path. Besides that, this domain of the theme is what generates the authority.

Review the material before publishing

Successful material needs to be flawless, and it has a lot to do with writing the content. In addition to using an appropriate language, it is essential that he is also no typos. Failures of this type can be seen as negligence, generating a negative impact on the reader.

Before officially publishing the material, a thorough content review is a great way to ensure its quality. Evaluate not only the spelling, but also if the tone is appropriate and if the constructions of idea make sense to the reader.

Promote effectively

The dissemination of rich material is the final part of the process, however, extremely important for it to be a success and reach its audience. Content marketing is an Inbound Marketing strategy, that is, you will need to properly attract the reader to that content.

Promote it on your social networks and your website, using headings with keywords, and without forgetting to link these materials within your posts – the internal link building.

To top it off, use CTAs to target rich material, so that it is accessed naturally by the blog audience.

A strategy with rich material helps any company to attract more audiences and, above all, gain leads. This is the best way to lead the public through the funnel, converting them into company customers.

Not sure how to define with whom your brand is communicating? Use our personas generator and produce well-targeted content!