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In the eyes of many, London has been experiencing the worst political-economic crisis in its history. This has caused several companies to back off or take painful steps to save. Thinking about marketing in times of crisis, then, isn’t it hard? No! We believe – or rather, we prove – that marketing is an immediate need […]

In the eyes of many, London has been experiencing the worst political-economic crisis in its history. This has caused several companies to back off or take painful steps to save. Think about marketing in times of crisis, then, isn’t it difficult?

No! We believe – or rather, we prove – that marketing is an immediate need that should not be put on the back burner, as it is the solution capable of guaranteeing cost savings without compromising results.

Furthermore, without marketing it is impossible to remain competitive in the market, overcome crisis situations and overcome challenges.

There’s more: if you put the 5 actions we listed in this post into practice, marketing can turn your adversities into solutions. Without further ado, shall we learn about these actions?

Make one budget Of marketing

Before anything, your budget needs to be optimized so that all results are achieved.

In times of crisis, it is more than necessary to plan and stipulate your budget of marketing, so that you can better control your actions and avoid uncontrolled cash flow.

Make a meeting with your team, define values, ask for suggestions that suit the budget that the company has and try to adjust to the new reality of the economic moment.

Make it clear to everyone involved in the process that the company has certain goals to be achieved and that everyone should do their utmost to bring the best results without having to increase costs.

Cooperation is the secret to doing a lot with little!

Invest in the organic growth of the site

The economic turmoil has negatively influenced how many companies have invested their resources. Most of them think that it is not the right time to invest, especially in marketing.

What they are unaware of is that investment does not always necessarily mean more spending.

Investing in the organic growth of your website may require, more than money itself, only skill, creativity, innovation and effort on the part of the professionals already responsible for the optimization of the page.

Your team can use the energy and resources already available to improve the image of the company with its target audience and generate more revenue.

Although the increase in traffic through organic means is a slightly longer strategy, it has a relatively low cost, since you can have several SEO techniques within the site itself, for example, that will make the user find you .

Search engines, like Google, can find your site in seconds. To get an idea of ​​the power of organic searches, 70% clicked links are found that way.

You can increase your company’s visibility and make it known in the market by investing in the organic growth of your website. Bet on that idea!

Consider relationship marketing

Another action capable of generating many positive results for your business is the marketing of relationship.

The strategies used by relationship marketing are key points not only for customer loyalty, but also to segment the audience and increase the conversion rate.

Through relationship marketing, your company can meet the specific needs of your customers, maintaining closer communication and a more solid relationship.

In addition, a good relationship marketing strategy is much more profitable for a company, because instead of looking for new customers, you can focus your efforts on those you already have.

Especially because the cost to attract a new customer can be 6 to 7 times more expensive than the investment in a customer already engaged with your business.

Just to have a numerical notion, about 86% of your loyal customers will not hesitate to get back in touch with your brand if the experience has been positive.

Bet on content marketing

One of the first things you should think about when you want to cut marketing from your strategies is that it will never be a cost, but an investment.

O content marketing, for example, is one of the most certain and safe investments to maximize the profitability of a business.

Have you ever wondered how much time people spend consuming content on the internet? Difficult to even calculate, isn’t it? That is why it is so important to worry about the content delivered to your target audience and try to be where they are.

One of the ways to reach this audience is to create content with high relevance and that is expressive to be disseminated in the various formats of online media.

Content marketing can help you cut costs and significantly increase your profitability, such as:

By reducing the cost of customer acquisition (CAC)

You can optimize your sales funnel with strategic content just for your personas, so that they are well targeted through the stages of the buying journey.

In this way, you can avoid spending on an audience that does not have the profile you are looking for, focusing precisely on those who are interested in your product or service.

By increasing the return on investment (ROI)

Relevant and original content, with exciting CTAs that can convert your personas to a specific landing page: all of this helps to generate sales and makes it possible to increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Do the test! Invest in content marketing and then do the ROI calculation. You will see how much difference this makes in times of crisis.

Seek specialized labor

Sometimes, with so many responsibilities within the company, it is difficult to keep up to date, be a top leader and still deliver the results expected by superiors.

It is quite exhausting to have to manage all tasks, meet goals and still be innovative in times of low resources. But who says you need to do everything yourself?

You have an option, or rather, a solution: the outsourcing of labor specialized in marketing.

If you are thinking that this is a contradiction (after all, hiring means increasing costs), take it easy. We have already explained.

Many people have the misconception that outsourcing generates more costs. Only it is not always so. Your company can hire partners to help you with the most complex processes in the digital marketing, such as consultancy, planning and definition of SEO practices, for example.

It is better to invest in manpower with greater know-how than to spend all of your marketing budget and not being able to obtain really tangible results, do you agree?

Anyway, in times of crisis, you cannot be stagnant in time. Your business must continue to grow and generate results.

If you don’t have the attitude and don’t continue to believe that you can always do more with good marketing, when the crisis passes, your competitors may be ahead, simply because they knew how to act while you gave up too soon.

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