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The share function is one of the most interesting features of social networks, but when we want to post content from other profiles to our Instagram feed, we have to resort to alternative methods. See the main ways to repost on Instagram.

You may already be familiar with the Facebook share button or the Twitter retweet function to post content from other profiles to your feed.

It turns out that when we go to another of the most popular social networks – like Instagram -, we realize that this feature works in a very different way.

Therefore, we have prepared this tutorial so that you understand how to repost on Instagram and increase the variety of content on your timeline. Good reading!

Attention: Before posting third-party content, it’s critical that you ask for permission. The correct thing is to give due credit to the author, observe the license of use and, when applicable, respect the requirements. Without consent, you may experience setbacks in relation to copyright and misuse of the image.

Use the Repost for Instagram app

The first method we will see uses the app “Repost for Instagram”, available for iOS and Android. We need an app because Instagram is still does not have a sharing function native to the feed.

It is only available for Instagram Stories, as we will see later. After downloading it, just follow these steps.

1. Copy the share link for the image you want to share

Find the photo or video you want to share and copy the link. Just touch the 3 dots and then “Copy link”.

how to repost on instagramhow to repost on instagram

The message “Link copied to clipboard” will appear. please note that does not work with carousel-type publications, in which there are several photos or videos in the same post. In this case, the app will only save the first image.

It is also important to note that the profile you intend to repost from must be public. If it is private, Repost for Instagram will not be able to download the media.

2. Open Repost for Instagram

Upon opening the Repost app, it will detect that there is an Instagram link saved on the clipboard and will show the content at the top of the list.

how to repost on instagram

3. Save the image and open Instagram

Now that the content you want to share appears on the Repost screen, tap it. In the next step, choose the position of the repost mark in the image (for an image without this mark, you must have the Pro version of the application), define whether it will have a white or black background, and tap “Repost”.

how to repost on instagram

The app will save the image to your gallery and give you the alternative to copy the description and open Instagram. Touch that option.

how to repost on instagram

4. Share the image

The app will direct you to Instagram, where you can choose to publish to Stories or the feed.

how to repost on instagram

In Stories, it’s not very interesting, because the image will be enlarged to fit the vertical screen of the feature, but in the feed, it’s like publishing a photo or video normally.

Just choose the media that will already be saved in your gallery, paste the description that was saved in the clipboard or write a new one and publish.

how to repost on instagram

Share using Stories

Now let’s see how repost content without having to leave the social network. The difference here is that they will appear in your Stories, not in your followers’ Instagram feed. Follow the step by step below.

1. Use the share button

The “share” or “paper plane” button offers several possibilities, but the only one that allows you to repost the content is the “Add to story” option.

how to repost on instagramhow to repost on instagram

2. Choose the format

On the screen of composing your story, you can choose between 2 preview formats of the post. Just tap on top to switch between them.

how to repost on instagramhow to repost on instagram

3. Add to your story

Now, just finish composing the story, touch “Your story”, and the repost will appear there.

how to repost on instagram

Remembering that the user who sees this story must touch the board to be directed to the original publication.

how to repost on instagram

It is also worth noting that it is only possible to repost in this way with content from public accounts. Notice how Instagram makes this clear when we tap the share button on a private account image.

how to repost on instagram

Another relevant information is that is there a way to share someone else’s story following that same line. It turns out that this function is only available when it marks your account.

Take a screenshot

Screen capture is a feature of your own smartphone and don’t need other apps to repost. It’s very simple. Know more!

1. Capture the screen by viewing the content you want to share

With the content on the screen, make the capture. Since you can only capture a still image, this method works only for photos.

On devices with the iOS system, just press the side button and the home button simultaneously. On Android devices, just press the side button and the volume down button at the same time.

2. Crop the image

As the capture will catch everything on the screen, it will be necessary to “crop” the image to keep only the photo you want to share with your audience.

how to repost on instagram

Save to your gallery and proceed to the last step.

3. Publish the photo

Now, what remains is to publish the photo as you would any other image. However, keep in mind that the media is not yours. So, pay attention again to the warning we left at the beginning of the article: ask permission, respect the author’s conditions and give due credit.

We saw with these 3 methods that making a repost on Instagram is perfectly feasible if we use the best tools and follow the guidelines for using third-party media.

Thus, you expand the range of relevant content that you share with your followers, demonstrating your concern to keep them updated with quality materials and increasing the chances of generate engagement and leads on Instagram.

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