How to retain customers using an email marketing tool? – WAU

Email marketing is an important element in your strategy. Understand how it can help your company to retain customers!

Getting new customers is a crucial goal for many companies. It is important, but we must not forget existing customers.

The traditional definition of customer loyalty is only financial – your most loyal customers are clearly the ones who keep coming back to do business. But loyalty in the digital world has far wider implications:

  • For some organizations it can be a metric of how often their customers do business with them.
  • For others it is also a matter of the frequency of favorable shares or feedbacks in the organization or brand.

According to Kotler, economist and father of modern marketing, it is between 5 to 7 times more difficult to get a sale with a new customer than with an old one. We cannot neglect our customers: they are an essential element for our brand.

Why not cling to your existing customers?

An increase of just 5% in customer loyalty can increase your average profit per customer between 25% to 100%.

Customer loyalty programs through email marketing are increasing. Psychologically, most customers want to be remembered and feel important. From the moment this happens, your loyalty is subject to an increase.

In addition to having a lower cost, customer loyalty will allow you to have a regular volume of purchases and / or shares.

Doing email marketing also reduces communication costs and some of the most effective email marketing strategies have nothing to do with creating the newsletters themselves.

As if the importance of retaining customers and making them happy was not enough, they also help to increase clientele. In fact, studies say that every satisfied customer will talk about their business to 3 contacts, while a dissatisfied one will comment with 9. There is no better “seller” than a satisfied customer.

It is difficult to explain the great value of brand lovers (people who are satisfied with a brand and communicate it with their contacts) for a business and the best part is that they cost almost nothing for the company.

If your company is not global and as well positioned as Apple or Google, which can do this effortlessly, it will cost something more to convert them into brand lovers. Therefore, the best way to achieve this is by following a loyalty strategy.

Can you build loyalty using email marketing tools?


Email marketing is a very effective technique that can generate authentic brand lovers. This can be done through retargeting, which do not result in an immediate sale, but which consolidated our relationship with users.

The purpose of these campaigns is to generate engagement, please the customer and achieve brand loyalty.

If you provide useful information and don’t just treat your customers like people to sell something, as most companies do, you can make a lot of gains.

Email marketing is a direct way

When dealing with such a direct medium, it will be very easy to be able to communicate with your clientele and for them to communicate with you, thus being able to extract insights interesting and buying actions.

Knowing customers better should be part of your marketing plan, both with the exchange of direct messages as well as their indirect conduct.

Choose a professional email marketing application

Before starting to design the campaigns, we first need to have a good email marketing tool on the market.

There is a wide variety of software and applications and we must choose the one that best suits our business. Ideally, it should be a simple tool, in London and have a good graphic editor. It is important that it has a wide variety of templates divided into sections and categories as well.

Prepare a shipping schedule

With loyalty campaigns it is advisable to build a shipping schedule. Set the date with time and thus be able to consciously work on the campaign. It is a very simple but essential step.

We should not flood our subscribers with countless campaigns, one per month may be enough.

In them, highlight what is most important and relevant in the period. It doesn’t make sense to send countless emails, filling the customer’s inbox. There are months when there are special dates like Christmas in December when we can run a seasonal campaign.

As you can see, running a loyalty campaign is simple, fast, economical and effective. What you need to get started is a good email marketing tool, organization and willingness to do email marketing. Check out an article with 101 tips for successful email marketing.

Share news of upcoming events automatically when they are posted on your website

Instead of trying to make time to write a newsletter each month, consider using automated emails to efficiently share information of interest to your customers.

Imagine that your organization holds regular events for the public and its focus is on local residents.

A personalized automatic email can be sent with details of the events for each one and then send a follow-up reminder a few days before the event. All you need to do is add the event details in the event section of your website.

What used to take a few hours of work can now be done in a matter of minutes.

Don’t spam

An essential part of effectively using email marketing software is just to send emails to legitimate consumers, customers and people who have given permission to send these emails.

When planning a unique email marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you would consider the email as spam if you received it.

Ask your customers for a review of your product or service

Reviews on websites like Facebook, Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor are important.

More than ever, new customers are looking for what other people say about you before they see what you say about yourself. Imagine you had a great experience with a product or service and the business owner follows up by asking for your feedback and forwards you directly to the sites that post your review.

Make the Consumer Experience Your Priority

Of course, the goal is to sell your product.

But it is not the first thing that comes to mind for a potential customer. They want to read something that is interesting and valuable, in a light and relevant way.

Have a targeted audience: those who are leads but never bought, those who are not even leads, those who visited your website, put purchases in the cart and then abandoned it and those who made a purchase and nothing more.

Each of these groups has different needs, and it is your job to understand which ones are to deliver the experience they want in your emails. Some examples:

  • a video embedded explanatory for those who have never visited the website. It should be small and fun, and you can offer a discount to the customer.
  • Show new products and provide great discounts to customers who have been away for a while.
  • Create memes for cart abandoners and offer an incentive like free shipping.
  • Ask satisfied customers to share their stories and then offer a discount, a free trial version etc.

The goal is to give your audience an experience, not just a sales pitch. Your customers want to see you as a “sender” and then they want to open your email, because they will find “good things” there.

Whatever the content, email marketing messages are aimed at building customer loyalty and need to contain some important elements.

It is clear that your newsletters should be interesting and appealing to readers, but it is also important to personalize the message for each customer. Something as simple as treating a customer by name is a good way to build loyalty and connect with your customer list.

Targeting your email marketing newsletters effectively is another good way to build loyalty.

Segmenting your customer list is a key part of success. The more you understand about your list of customers, from their likes and dislikes to where they live, the easier it will be to target and gain their trust.

Customer loyalty is impossible to buy, but it is invaluable for your business.

Gaining the trust of your customer list is essential to the long-term success of your marketing plan and each new newsletter you send out should continue to do so.

Email marketing is more than selling products and attracting new customers. The real goal of any email marketing campaign should be to gain the trust and loyalty of the people who subscribe to your newsletters and buy your products.

Now that you know how to retain customers through email marketing, are you ready to put your strategy into practice?