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The blog is an excellent tool that offers several advantages: you can communicate with your audience, strengthen your brand and become an authority in your niche market. In addition, this powerful tool can also be used to disseminate your work and make specific sales, which can be measured. However, it is very important to know […]

The blog is an excellent tool that offers several advantages: you can communicate with your audience, strengthen your brand and become an authority in your niche market.

In addition, this powerful tool can also be used to disseminate your work and make specific sales, which can be measured. However, it is very important to know how to sell a product without annoying your reader.

Nobody wants to be bothered by aggressive, pedantic and even repetitive advertising. When you go to a store, do you like the salesperson to be behind you all the time, saying, “buy, buy, buy”?

The answer was probably “no”, right? On the Internet, it works the same way.

Therefore, in this publication, we will show you 10 tips for selling on your blog, without disturbing potential customers. Keep reading!

Offers high quality content

The first thing you should consider is that your blog readers access your texts to read content that interests them, and this is useful for them and not for buying a product.

Therefore, you need to focus on offering materials that add real value to your target audience.

Imagine, for example, that you sell an infoproduct, such as an online self-makeup course.

The main objective of your blog will not be to sell your course, but to offer content in which you are an expert to help people solve the problems related to the topic they face on a daily basis.

Some texts you could publish, for example, would be the following:

  • How to choose the ideal makeup base according to your skin color?
  • Learn 3 easy strategies for putting on false eyelashes yourself.
  • The 10 most cost-effective cosmetic brands.

As you may have noticed, none of this content is focused on your product. Each serves to offer relevant knowledge on a topic that interests its readers: makeup.

However, you can add in your publication a part in which you talk about your course (naturally and discreetly, preferably). You can do it throughout the text or use an impressive CTA at the end.

If you offer great content, your audience will probably start to trust you and will want to buy your course spontaneously, because they will be sure it will be worth investing in something you have created!

Always think of your persona

If you want to sell a product on your blog without disturbing your reader, it is very important that you always keep these characteristics in mind and that you create all your content considering the reader’s profile.

Having a well-defined persona and using it in all your strategies is essential so that readers do not feel uncomfortable when advertising your product.

Imagine you’re selling an ebook, which teaches you how to prepare healthy dishes to lose weight and publish sugary sweets and desserts, on your blog: you probably won’t attract readers’ attention to your product.

That is, if your specialty is gastronomy and you have a well-defined persona (like people who want to lose weight), you will probably make your audience easily identify, as you will create highly personalized content that will be useful and attract attention .

However, if you choose gastronomy in general, it will be more difficult to sell your product, because many people on your blog will not identify with what you are selling.

Don’t just talk about yourself

If there is one thing that bothers people in general, it is that others speak only of themselves. In addition to being a tiring attitude, it is also a very arrogant practice.

That’s why, whenever you can, talk about other brands and people on your blog.

Give examples of something you saw elsewhere (specifying where you got the information, of course).

Interview other professionals who work in your same niche; ask your readers’ opinions about a problem and post your answers. Use your creativity!

A good idea to show that you are not only interested in yourself is to use the co-marketing strategy, which is the collaboration between two different brands that can help each other.

Do not press your reader

As we said before, nobody likes to be pressured, especially when we are talking about sales.

Do you like to be called every day to offer you a product that doesn’t interest you? Or do you like to come home and find a lot of brochures under your door, announcing something you don’t even need?

Excessive publicity and insistence is very frowned upon by people, especially now in the information age.

So don’t fill your blog with dramatic and outrageous flags, or include purchase buttons everywhere. Also, do not insist on every post so that your customer can buy your product at all costs.

Be subtle in your promotions and only offer your product if it is related to the context of the publication. Learn to “sell without selling”!

Show that your product is reliable

Instead of constantly asking your reader to buy a product, show it in a natural way that what you sell is reliable and of high quality.

For example, if you sell online financial management courses, you can ask one of your students who has finished classes to leave a testimony about your results.

Imagine that one of the modules of the course is about how to invest your money: you can summarize the most important tips and, in the end, publish the testimonial (preferably in the video).

Use light and personal language

If you want to sell a product on your blog without disturbing the reader, don’t forget that your audience is there to access your knowledge and not make a purchase. This must also be transmitted in the language you use.

Imperative expressions like “buy now”, “try today” and “don’t waste any more time” can seem very commercial and irritate your readers.

He prefers to use a more personal and lighter language. Imagine you’re talking to a friend who wants to help, not a customer who needs to persuade.

Be honest

Another very important point for you to win the trust of your potential customers is to sell your product without annoying your readers, besides being always honest.

Don’t make false promises or tell stories that didn’t really happen, for example. Also, don’t speak ill of your competitors. Be as transparent and open as possible.

Focus on developing your product and producing the best texts on the Internet. If you trust what you publish and what you are selling, your readers will spontaneously believe in you and will want to make a purchase with you!

Place a form on your blog

An excellent option for you to make sales thanks to your blog is to include a registration form on your page.

Readers who are very interested in the content you post can leave their email address, which allows you to send notifications, useful materials, special discounts, exclusive content and other benefits.

These people want to receive messages from you, so it’s easier to send an offer without disturbing them. However, be sure to offer the option for the user to cancel their registration if they do not want to receive further messages.

Creating nutrition flows is a fantastic and assertive strategy for online sales!

Combine the blog with other tools and social networks

For your potential customers to trust you and want to buy your product, they must remember your brand. So the more you can be in contact with them, in different contexts, the better!

In addition to the nutrition of the clues we mentioned in the previous topic, be sure to use other means of communication.

Create a YouTube channel and post interesting videos, create a profile on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, and publish content daily.

A good idea is to use these channels to spread your blog posts. Instagram’s “stories” feature, for example, can be used for this, because it attracts a lot of attention from users and has the ability to increase traffic to your page.

Test and aim your results

If you want to sell a product without disturbing your reader, you must analyze what your audience is feeling with your texts and how they are reacting to your posts.

Thinking about a strategy and putting it into action without analyzing the results can be a big waste of time.

That’s why, if you have questions about placing a banner that advertises your product at the end of a publication or a video in which you talk about your product, for example, try it out.

Leave the first option one week and the second option the next, for example. Notice when you had the best results and focused on improving what’s working.

We hope that this advice has been helpful and that you start using it today.

Selling a product is much easier when your audience trusts you and sees you with good eyes! If you liked this text, we invite you to discover how to make money from a blog.

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