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Facebook Messenger Ads can bring different benefits to your business. Segmentation according to the funnel stage, geolocation, retargeting and more humanized service are some of them. See a step by step how to create this type of ad right now.

Mark Zuckerberg has dominated and revolutionized the world of social media.

Today, Facebook is also comprised of Instagram and WhatsApp. Together, all of these networks have more than 4 billion active users around the world.

It was through these networks, too, that we witnessed different changes regarding digital marketing.

Investment in online media has become much more common and consumers more demanding with regard to the quality of the content offered and the service offered in this medium.

When creating a media campaign on social networks, it is possible to have strategies that take the client from one platform to another, precisely for a more humanized service. It is in this context that Facebook Messenger Ads appear.

The announcements made directly in the chat app make the customer-brand contact more personal and meaningful.

In this text, you understand more about the importance of this network, the advantages of this type of ad and also how to make ads on Facebook Messenger Ads

Why invest in Facebook Messenger ads?

At first glance, Facebook Messenger ads may seem invasive.

However, it is a great way to start conversations with your target Audience and, even better, with the same targeting possibilities offered by other types of Facebook ads.

According to data from the platform itself:

  • 1.3 billion people use Messenger per month;
  • 10 billion messages are exchanged between people and companies per month;
  • 93% of Brazilians who use messaging apps daily, talked to at least one brand in the previous three months.

With these numbers in mind, learn about three other advantages of investing in Facebook Ads Messenger ads.


Creating an ad for all the followers of your page and really communicating and raising awareness among them is a very challenging mission. This becomes even more difficult if your business has more than one persona.

By creating an ad on Messenger you open the possibility of a one-to-one dialogue with your audience, bringing more personalization and humanization to your communication.


THE interactivity is one of the great advantages investment in Facebook Messenger.

You can start a conversation, offer unique and relevant content and really get closer to your audience.

The training of employees is very important so that they are aligned with the tone of voice on the page and also with the business culture of your business. After that, the results usually pay off a lot.


Do you have an unmissable promotion to share with your followers?

The best way out is to communicate these discounts to those who are already a little more advanced in their sales funnel, to ensure a better conversion.

Remarketing is a strategy that locates leads between different platforms to give the little push that is missing when finalizing a purchase.

This is what happens when you leave an e-commerce with the cart full and receive an e-mail in the sequence.

This can be done in Messenger. If a customer has already interacted with an ad on your page, it can be impacted directly in the inbox.

What types of ads are available?

Just like Facebook or Instagram feed ads, Messenger has different types of ads that can be created.

It is interesting to get to know them in depth to assess which is the most appropriate both to their strategy, to their persona and the moment of their client’s journey.

Click-through ads for Messenger

This was the first ad modality implemented on Facebook Messenger.

It is a traditional ad in the feed of a brand on Facebook or Instagram, in one of the many formats made available by Mark Zuckerberg and his team – carousel, video or single link, for example.

In such cases, the CTA (Call to Action) of the ad takes the person to your company’s message tab. There, she can answer questions, solve possible problems or ask for more information about her products.

Interactions can be done individually or rely on implementation of chatbotsthat facilitate dialogue until the moment when there is a need to include a collaborator.

Sponsored messages

The difference from the first type of advertisement to this is that, in this case, it is the your brand that starts the conversation. Here, it is possible to employ different retargeting strategies.

Facebook only allows this type of message to be directed to profiles that have already interacted with other ads of your brand and that’s a good thing!

After all, you know that there is already some kind of interest and, many times, this ad is the little push that is missing for a purchase to be closed.

Once you started the conversation you must be available to answer them.

Thus, the greatest care when creating this type of ad is to also think about absence messages to help manage customer expectations.

Messenger home ads

This type of ad is usually created with the objective of generating traffic to the site.

They look a lot like the ads placed on the side column of Facebook – the one that appears below Stories on the network’s home page.

The difference is that they are visible on the Messenger home screen, between one contact and another.

In addition to clicking on the link and a CTA that takes the consumer to the site, you can also give the lead a chance to start a conversation with you.

How to make ads on Facebook Messenger Ads?

The Facebook Ads Manager is a platform that can be accessed from your business’s own Facebook page.

There, you can create and manage ads for all platforms that currently belong to the world of Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Next, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to getting your ad on the street. Come with us!

Set an ad goal

After logging into Facebook Manager, the first step is to define the purpose of your ad.

Currently, Facebook separates the possibilities according to the stage of your customer’s funnel.

Among them, we have:

  • recognition: brand recognition and reach;
  • consideration: traffic, involvement, application installations, video views, registration generation, messages;
  • conversion: conversions, catalog sales, on-site traffic.

This step is very important, since it influences the type of advertisement to be chosen, as well as the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that must be adopted when measuring results.

Choose your ad type

If you chose traffic as the target of your ad, you can create click campaigns for the messenger or ads on the messenger home – which we explained earlier.

If your goal is really to create conversations, at this point you must select sponsored messages.

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Segment the audience

Following, it is necessary to create audience profile to be impacted by your ad. Facebook’s segmentation is quite broad and you can even create geolocated campaigns.

In addition to location targeting, you can limit ad delivery by gender, age group and also according to people’s interests – identified from the pages with which it interacts on the network.

Define where the ad should appear

This is a very important step. In it, you edit the locations where your ad should appear.

Remember: if your goal is traffic, your post can appear both in the Facebook feed, in the Instagram feed and also in Messenger.

Now, if you have a specific campaign for the messaging app, you need to edit your preferences and ensure that your ad will be sent to the right location.

Stipulate placement term and amount

The last step in creating an ad on Facebook Manager is to define the amounts to be spent and the period within which the ad will be visible.

It is possible to do tests and have estimates of how many people will be impacted according to the stipulated value.

The charge can be made per day, in which an amount X is spent each day the ad is shown), or in the lifetime modality, in which you stipulate only the total amount you want to spend and Facebook divides the daily budget by own account.

Create and monitor

Congratulations, your ad is ready! You have already gone through all the necessary steps to put it on the air, but you are wrong if you think your job is over.

One of the great advantages of advertising on Facebook is the possibility of monitor and optimize campaigns while they are still happening.

You can make adjustments to the value and even targeting over the flight period to ensure the best results.

Inbound Marketing has allowed companies to communicate with their customers in a more horizontal way, bringing value to that contact.

Investing in online media is a way to awaken the interest of potential clients and, from there, develop other strategies for the retention and loyalty.

When well planned, investing in Facebook Messenger Ads is not invasive. On the contrary: it creates an even closer relationship with leads and customers.

The number of users and the number of messages exchanged makes clear the relevance of this platform and the possibilities that different brands can have with it.

Now that you know how to advertise on Facebook Messenger Ads, stay on our blog and deepen your knowledge of Facebook marketing.