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To reach your consumers and get them to engage with your brand, having a strong presence on Facebook is essential! Optimizing your company’s page, therefore, is essential to consolidate your brand’s digital presence.

Facebook is The social network with the most users currently, with 2.4 billion active users. In addition, a survey by the Pew Institute points out that Facebook is the platform through which people consume the most news.

With that, the platform remains a perfect channel to make your company’s content reach its target audience. Optimizing your presence on Facebook will help build your Inbound Marketing strategy and position your brand in the digital market.

Facebook still has advantages as tools that will help target your audience and to integrate your content with other platforms, increasing your reach.

Thus, it is extremely important to have a correct positioning on Facebook to open countless business opportunities for your company, in addition to increase interaction and engagement with your consumers.

To help you understand what are the best practices and strategies for communicating with your audience effectively, we have put together 10 tips for companies and marketers use Facebook to your advantage and make the most of it!

Advantages of using Facebook for your business page

Implement a strategy marketing on Facebook brings several gains for companies and marketers who decide to embrace and dedicate themselves to this idea. Find out more below!

Pin posts to the top of your page

A post that is very successful with your target audience or that answers the main questions they may have, can stay at the top of your page!

At the beginning of Facebook, posts with high engagement ended up being lost between new updates to your page, until disappearing in the timeline.

It is now possible to highlight texts, photos and videos that are important to your strategy! And, if it is seasonal or loses importance, just remove the highlight and put another post in place.

rock content post on facebook

Automatic message scheduling

When someone sends a direct message to your company page through Facebook chat, it is possible that there is already a real purchase intention. This means that the faster you respond, the better.

In addition, Facebook has a tool that indicates how long it takes a page to respond to messages. And the less that time, the more recognition of agility you have.

facebook information about the company page

Therefore, for times when it is not possible to reply to the message on the spot or in a short time, it is possible to schedule messages by answering the main questions or warning when the message will receive a response.

automatic facebook messages

Instagram integration

As Instagram belongs to Facebook, many of the features of the two platforms complement each other and can be integrated!

Thus, it is possible to publish a post on Instagram and make it also appear on Facebook. And that goes for feed content and stories.

You can increase your reach and reach consumers present in one network or another.

Facebook Insights

Have you implemented a marketing strategy on Facebook and want to know how your page is performing?

Facebook Insights allows you to discover information such as the level of engagement with the public and the posts that are most popular.

There are several indicators to help you understand the data and behavior related to users of the social network, which makes this tool one of the strongest allies of the social media professional!

Using Facebook Insights, it is possible to tailor and create content for Facebook according to the language and preferences of your audience.

It’s already easy to understand the importance of marketing on Facebook, right? Keep reading to understand the main practical tips to start and optimize your strategy on the most famous platform in the world and ensure your presence in the digital market!

Tips for success on your Facebook business page

1. Post videos to Facebook

According to data from Facebook itself, users of the platform like to consume content in video format. This means that in order to engage your users and increase your reach, video production is extremely important!

The videos that appear in the users’ feed start automatically, but without sound. In order to engage the user and make them watch your video until the end, the quality of the visual content is essential.

That is, the more interesting the visual content of your video, the more motivation people will have to keep watching.

Once users watch your videos until the end and the number of views increases, Facebook prioritizes your content in the timeline.

And, even in the video format, the live streams are also viewed favorably by users and Facebook itself!

2. Use the Ad Manager

Facebook allows you to pay for your publications to reach a wider audience. The Ads Manager is a powerful tool to increase views and likes on your page.

With it, you can tailor and target your ads to reach specific audiences and regions. This means that your content will be advertised more accurately!

3. Post your best blog content

It is fundamental to the strategy of Facebook Marketing and Inbound Marketingof your company posting interesting, relaxed and relevant content for your audience.

To do this, be careful when choosing your most interesting content and filling your timeline. It is necessary to think about visual and useful content that platform users want to consume.

4. Add the “Call to Action” button

As of 2014, one of the Facebook tools allows you to configure a “Call to Action” button at the top of your page.

You can choose between the options “Register”, “Buy now”, “Contact us”, “Book now”, “Use application”, “Watch the video” and “Play”, linking to your commercial website, to any landing page or page that makes sense to your target audience.

CTA for facebook page

The goal is to encourage the user to carry out an action in a practical way, just needing to click.

5. Create visual posts

If you aim to get users’ attention, creative, well-written posts are much more likely to attract them. This strategy generally includes videos, photos, infographics and other types of content that are enjoyable and relevant to who you want to reach.

In addition, the visual content will automatically fill your page, in the “Photos” and “Videos” tab, which facilitates access for visitors.

6. Customize your URL

The moment you create a page, Facebook creates a URL with your name and the series of numbers. To make your link more shareable and easy to find, you can modify the URL (, for example).

Just choose a name that is available and you will be able to promote the brand page with greater ease and professionalism.

7. Create a page instead of a profile

To represent your brand, it is necessary to create a business page (or fanpage) and not a personal profile. The pages include a number of unique resources for companies, brands and organizations.

It is possible to use tools to analyze the performance of the page, such as number of visitors, most commented posts, boost publications and create ads.

By doing this, you will be respecting the Facebook Terms and maximizing the potential of your business page.

8. Optimize your captions

Captions are essential pieces for increasing engagement of your content on Facebook. The language needs to be creative, useful and connected with your audience.

One way to do this is by using the copywriting technique: a content production technique focused on convincing the reader to take some action. Also use mental triggers to make people connect with the content and thus become interested in it.

9. Follow Rule 70/20/10

This rule is useful to remind you not to post just one type of content to your commercial Facebook feed.

Publishing different content will allow marketers to identify which content generates the most engagement and interest on the part of users.

Rule 70/20/10 states that it is important to reach your audience diversify your content 70% of the original content, that is, produced by you, 20% focused on topics important to your consumers and only 10% focused on promoting your product or service.

The ideal is to vary not only in themes but also in formats such as videos, images, texts and gifs.

10. Target your content to specific audiences

Facebook allows you to boost your content with segmentation based on location to factors such as hobbies and interests of the users you want to target.

Do not forget: it is extremely important to adapt ads and publications in order to arouse your audience’s interest and engagement!

Once you’ve implemented all of these tips and started boosting your page, it’s extremely important not to forget to keep up with Facebook’s key metrics and optimize your strategy.

Now that you know the top tips to optimize your Facebook page, how about going deeper into Facebook marketing strategies? Download our ebook and learn more about the topic!