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The construction of image in the digital environment is essential for companies that wish to position themselves with credibility and security. Therefore, betting on Content Marketing to generate credibility can be a great opportunity to open doors and win more and more customers for your business.

Being a company with digital credibility is like having an establishment known in your neighborhood and indicated by the neighborhood when someone outside looks for the best product in the region.

In other words, positioning and being recognized for that means good results such as brand recognition, customer loyalty, ease of acquisition and authority in the market.

So we will show the importance of Content Marketing in the process of generating credibility and examples for you to put into practice!

Why invest in your digital credibility?

It doesn’t take much effort to find examples of companies out there that are successful when it comes to branding and brand positioning.

Some names may sound strange to you, others not so. This is because there are brands that generate a lot of credibility in a specific audience and that is not part of their routine.

Therefore, to say that companies with credibility are only those that appear on TV is to have a misperception.

In London, it is possible to find several companies that have become references through content. For example:

But credibility in itself is a very difficult point to measure, since companies are inserted in different channels and each one has its own metrics, such as:

  • likes;
  • followers;
  • views;
  • note;
  • answer rate.

Therefore, today we will bring you tips that will help you prioritize the company’s next marketing actions aiming at digital credibility in different channels, whether or not you invest resources to advance step by step.

Always offer relevant content

Content is a fundamental part of any company’s relationship with its target audience, because content is everywhere. And, if it did not exist, what message would be transmitted?

Communication is one of the main pillars that support a digital strategy, and we define communication as action of transmitting a message and eventually receiving another message in response.

Its purpose is to transmit messages through a channel to keep its public informed about specific subjects, which may be an audience formed by consumers of the brand or not.

Having a content strategy outlined will help you build credibility through customer education, transmitting valuable information to answer questions that people are always looking for on the Internet.

Remember that Content Marketing is a strategy used to engage with the target audience and, consequently, generate value through relevant information and build your brand’s perception and credibility in a positive way.

Be an authority in your industry

Being an authority is not simple, as it involves understanding your market and the consumers in it, providing them with the best possible experience as a customer or creating a value offering to attract new customers.

When we talk about digital authority, it means be present at different stages in the cycle of an online consumer so that a direct association is created between your company and the target audience.

There are different ways of working in the generation of authority, such as:

  • content production;
  • success cases;
  • depositions;
  • assessments;
  • paid media.

Offering information that creates value for your customer will make your brand quickly associated with the solutions you offer – and what they need!

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to these points, as the experience provided can ensure that that person returns ready to become a lead and become a customer.

But remember that being an authority in your industry means working even harder to attract and retain your customers, as all companies want a prominent place at the top of searches.

Invest in great customer service

At times, it can even seem a little strange and some people wonder what the relationship between customer service and Content Marketing is. We are here to say that this relationship is fundamental in the era of SAC 3.0, helping to attract, win and retain its customers.

Excellent service will help your company to become stronger in the market because customer retention is a key factor for expansion, which includes built credibility and recommendations from clients who become promoters.

The content comes in to add in some stages, such as the attraction where it can be used within the communication channels, such as:

In the conquest, the focus is on those who have become customers and how to maintain a healthy relationship with them, producing content that helps in using the contracted product or service, anticipating future problems and strengthening the relationship with the brand.

Finally, retention acts proactively offering information that can be valuable to that customer in the future, depending on their maturity.

Don’t forget that the content formats expand to video, infographics, podcasts, webinars, surveys and even customer loyalty magazines.

Pay attention to questions and complaints channels

How many times have you given up on a purchase after reading negative and dubious reviews about the company selling a product or service?

Such comments are common in online assessment media and can be avoided improving the service provided, quickly solving the problem and working the communication channels.

They can also be the key to increasing your online credibility!

So, pay close attention to the review sites about your company – such as Claim Here, Facebook and Google My Business – and work to effectively solve the problems and, consequently, increase the assessment rate.

Rock rating on FacebookRock review on Google My Business Rock Content uses content marketing to build credibility

In addition to improving your site’s SEO, credibility will help increase conversions in an active and effective manner.

Disclose on how reliable your company is

Social networks also play a very important role in generating credibility. So exploring them can be a good solution if you want to spread the word about your company.

Is it reliable and is there evidence of it? Sharing is an excellent way to build credibility through Content Marketing.

We talked in the previous topic about evaluating your business on the Internet, didn’t we?

Remember that a second opinion is often needed as a form of security before moving on to important decisions, so disclosing these opinions can help in closing a sale.

Betting on content and case studies as social proof will ensure that your company anticipates and builds trust through digital channels.

Ask for feedback from customers and business partners

Following the same line of evaluations and social tests, we also have feedbacks and evaluations requested directly from your customers.

A customer satisfied with the results generated from interactions with your company can be a golden opportunity to collect strategic feedbacks and work on creating and publicizing successful cases.

A case is usually composed of some strategic elements according to the client’s journey and interactions with your company:

  • highlights the problem faced;
  • the initial scenario;
  • the proposed solution;
  • results achieved through partnership with your company.

Therefore, the more problems explored, the greater the chance of reaching a company that goes through the same situation and converting it into a valuable business partner.

By doing this, you will be able to highlight the partnership with the client covered in the material and also help professionals from other companies to learn more about the work developed by their team.

testimonials from rock content to generate credibility

The more people who know success stories about the customers served by your company, the more interested they will be to know how this solution can be applied to solve a problem faced.

Successful cases for you to be inspired

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Work with content that talks about you

Last – and not least – we need to talk about content that shows the public who your company is and what are the values ​​you stand for.

It is important to generate a connection in the digital environment, because we often forget the importance of talking about ourselves in the midst of so many marketing strategies going on.

Showing a little of your company, how it works, the daily lives of those responsible for delivering the final product and who those responsible are can help you to constitute a more humanized communication between the service provider and contractor or future customers.

Use media such as social networks, blogs and email list to disseminate photos, videos and stories of your institutional communication strategies.

Thus, increasing digital credibility and showing everyone how your company cares to generate the best experience for its customers.

Now we know that using Content Marketing to generate credibility is an excellent strategy for companies looking to increase their customer acquisition without necessarily having to invest high amounts in paid media.

And that building that credibility is not a quick task, but a continuous routine that can generate excellent results for you with the use of few resources.

We can expect that customer service and relationships in new digital media will change the way companies generate digital authority.

Therefore, bet on the continuity of the strategy and always remember that credibility can be difficult to measure, but there are many signs that will point out the perception of your consumers about the credibility of your company.

Are you ready to gain online authority through Content Marketing? So don’t waste any more time and contact one of our consultants!