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Implementing a Content Marketing strategy is extremely important if your company’s goal is to increase the number of local sales. Check out in this post some practices that will help your company to stand out online and sell even more!

For a company to be successful, it needs to be present in the digital universe, given the amount of time people spend online.

Being part of people’s online experience can be the differential for the increase in the number of local sales for your company.

There are several ways for a company to position itself in the online environment: some choose to pay for ads, which can harm the user experience, while others prefer to create a quality experience using practices such as Content Marketing.

Content Marketing positively impacts your target audience, addressing themes that are relevant and that are part of your persona’s daily life. This strategy expands engagement with your brand, increasing the number of local sales.

Check out in this post some tactics to apply in your company, creating a complete Content Marketing strategy to generate local sales!

Why generate local sales with Content Marketing?

Content Marketing serves to produce information and quality content with the objective of involving your target audience and, consequently, generating a greater number of local sales.

This content production is efficient, as it helps your company to become an authority on the desired subject. Through content, it is possible to engage the target audience, being present in all stages of the sales funnel: top, middle and bottom.

Content Marketing stands out for offer a personalized experience to your persona, delivering content that is really relevant to them. The themes are defined by collecting data and research related to the habits and doubts of this ideal client.

All this experience makes your customer’s purchase journey mapped and your sales team is able to act at the right time, increasing conversion rates and the amount of local sales.

In a local strategy, some tactics increase the impact, reaching an even larger audience, improving engagement. The practices that most have a positive impact on the strategy are:

  • creation of personas;
  • content adaptation;
  • audience segmentation for promotions;
  • performing A / B tests;
  • data capture;
  • SEO practices.

For the success of this strategy, it is vital that there is a great synergy between the company’s employees, especially between the sales and marketing teams.

In this way, the content produced directly attacks the pains and interests of your persona, in addition to improving the mastery of the subject addressed by the salespeople, generating greater empathy towards the prospect and improving conversion rates.

How to use Content Marketing to generate local sales?

Create your personas

The persona concept is the construction of a semi-cunning character that exemplifies the company’s ideal client. It needs to be created based on research on habits and pains of your target Audience.

The persona is for the company to better understand its consumer and what he needs. The richer the detail, the more efficient your strategy becomes, as it reaches the persona at all times.

If your company’s solution is highly complex, it is important to remember that the persona needs to be educated on the subject.

This means that your marketing team needs to produce a large amount of content for people at the top of the sales funnel. This phase is not primarily focused on sales, but on educating the public.

This strategy has as main objective to direct the company’s resources and efforts to the people who can really take advantage of the offered solution.

When creating a persona, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Normally, companies define more than one, because your solution can be used in different ways by each one.

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Adapt content to the local audience

To better reach the local audience, it is necessary to adapt the type of content offered, making your brand present in the entire buying process of your target audience.

Addressing issues that are part of the daily life of the place is a good practice. For example, people living in the countryside have different problems and curiosities than people living in the urban area. When creating content for each scenario, O engagement with the brand increases.

A practice used to define these themes is keyword research, used to show which terms are being searched more in the chosen region.

This helps your marketing team to define what is the most relevant content for that moment.

Promote targeted content to each audience on social media

Being present on social networks is extremely relevant to the company’s success. However, the content posted on social networks does not reach everyone who follows your page.

To reach a larger number of people, it is recommended to use strategies such as Facebook Ads. In this way, your company is able to advertise relevant content capable of involving the persona and increasing your local sales.

Promoting these contents creates costs. To avoid waste, it is necessary to optimize the strategy, promoting content in a segmented manner. Thus, your company will only show ads to an audience in a certain region or with a previously chosen profile.

These practices increase the performance of your strategy and drive increased local sales of your solution or product.

Perform A / B tests constantly

A / B tests are tests that can be done by your marketing team to understand the result of the same campaign with changing a variable.

That is, a campaign will be carried out in two different ways, to assess which one generates the best result. There is also another test called multivariable, which performs the action with multiple variables.

These tests eliminate assumptions on the part of the company, presenting ways to achieve the best possible result based on numbers and response rates.

It is recommended to use marketing automation software and specialized tools, in order to increase data reliability and test reach.

The most common tools to perform these tests are Google Analytics and Optimizely, recognized for generating great results and providing easy learning.

Capture your audience’s data

Collecting data from people who consume the content that your company publishes is one of the most important parts of the process. That way, you can map which profile is being reached by the content, assessing whether the campaign was successful or not.

The best ways to collect this information is through landing pages and contact forms. These data must be analyzed by the marketing team, allowing the definition of future themes. They also assist the sales team in prospecting customers.

All requested data must be strategic, in order to filter potential customers from people whose solution would not be interesting.

Your sales team should study the leads generated, improving the contact speech. This process generates a sense of confidence on the part of the prospect, improving conversion rates and, consequently, the number of local sales.

Gain visibility

Producing quality content is vital to the success of this strategy. On the other hand, bad content can have a high bounce rate, which directly reflects on the number of sales.

All the Content Marketing practices that we have just listed serve to maximize results, generating greater engagement with your brand. All of these factors make your target audience reach every stage of purchase they are in.

For your audience to have access to the generated content, it is necessary that your website or blog is well positioned on Google. After all, we are talking about the largest search engine in the world. Therefore, not being present at it makes your company practically “invisible” in the online environment.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to practices that make Google understand that the content published on your domain is relevant, enabling your website or blog to rank well. This results in more views and, consequently, greater brand visibility.

In order to reach the local market efficiently, there are local SEO practices, which aim to improve the ranking of your content in searches in a given region. This is part of Content Marketing and is an essential strategy to increase the amount of local sales.

To understand more about local SEO, leveraging your Content Marketing strategy and generating more local sales for your company, download our free e-book!