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Google Fonts is Google’s free font database. The incredible selection brings different styles of text and numerals, always with full compatibility for application in WordPress. The platform is easy to access and the search is optimized.

Choosing good sources for the written content of a website is a task based on more than the decision for something beautiful and readable.

Different styles bring specific perceptions, highlighting or transmitting a conceptual idea to those who access the site. Therefore, those who usually manage projects on WordPress need to know how to use Google Fonts.

The page, with simple access, navigation and choice of fonts, allows a user to choose different types of letters, considering some characteristics, from the different categories to the graphic styles of the fonts.

The most interesting thing is to be able to use each of these options freely on WordPress sites, making installation in a simple and quick process.

In this post you check out the following topics:

What is Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is a Google font bank where the user can choose different styles of letters and numerals.

google fonts

On this site, the search is facilitated due to the separation of categories, languages ​​and graphic characteristics of the sources.

They can be installed on WordPress, with free use for users of that platform.

How to navigate the site?

Google Fonts is a fundamental site for anyone working to create a website or blog on WordPress, as it offers free fonts in a wide and diverse database.

Right when accessing the home of this platform, you can see that the idea is to offer something easy, since the design of the website is totally minimalist, focusing on directing the user to the search for the font.

At first, the home shows the top search settings bar and, across the page, all the sources available in the database appear, with examples of how they look.

To see each one, simply scroll down the page, if this is your favorite search method.

The search for scrolling the page can be an option for those who do not have in mind what they expect from the source. Still, it is a much more time-consuming way of searching.

A more optimized and precise option is the use of the top bar, as it helps to filter the characteristics sought for the ideal source.

Its use is very simple, since it never disappears from the screen, even if the user scrolls down and continues viewing the font offer.

When accessing the home, the user can identify six main options in the top bar:

  • search bar where the name of the source can be inserted to find it quickly;
  • option for selecting examples where the user chooses between numeral, phrase, alphabet or paragraph. Thus, each font that appears on the initial screen, or the one that is chosen, will be presented within each of those selections that were previously chosen;
  • option to select, in pixels, the size of the font display on the screen;
  • paint bucket icon, which allows you to select the page background, which is ideal for testing the application on different background colors, simulating the website where the font will be used;
  • option to change the display of the source to the list;
  • reset button to return to the initial filter defaults.

It is important to highlight that the display on your screen is a choice defined by Google in the default configuration, which is the most popular fonts at the moment.

However, in a bar in the right corner of the monitor, it is possible to change this display to the options Most Popular (“most popular”), Newest (“new”) or Name (in alphabetical order according to the name of the sources).

google fonts

Why use Google Fonts?

There are other ways to get good fonts on the web, but Google Fonts is an alternative that stands out, thanks to some good advantages. Among the main ones that deserve our highlight are:

  • free of charge: you have an incredible selection of fonts of various styles and completely free to choose from;
  • accessible: as you saw in this post, it is easy to access the site and perform the search, download and installation process, mainly using the plugin;
  • compatible: all Google Fonts are compatible with WordPress.

How to use Google Fonts?

Without mysteries, choosing a font, downloading and installing it is the step by step to start using it on your WordPress site.

See how to do this from Google Fonts!

To choose

The choice is the simplest step. As we explained, you have a number of filter options and display settings.

Just choose the one you prefer on the page and then decide which font you want for your project. When choosing, just click on the name of the font, and you will open a new page with details about the selected style.


On this page that has been opened, there is an option in the upper right corner of the screen, with a “+” sign, and the Select This Font option (“Select this font”).

Just click to reserve it and then a window will appear minimized at the bottom of the screen.

font screen, google fonts

After that, just click on the minimized window at the bottom of the screen. It will open and show you the code, which you paste into the HTML of your website so that it shows the source in question. There is also a tab where you can customize the application from that source.

In the upper right corner of the window you will see the download icon, just click on it to download the font to your computer.

When the file is downloaded, remember to unzip it so that the font is available.

google fonts


The last step is straight to WordPress. Whoever manages the site through this CMS platform can make the installation much easier.

To do this, simply download the Easy Google Fonts plugin, and it will help you to carry out this process in a simple way, without messing with the site code.

After downloading and installing the plugin, just find your downloaded font (it will appear in the list that Easy Google Fonts provides) and activate it. The process is very simple and much faster when done this way!

Choosing the right font for your website doesn’t have to be a headache anymore! Using Google Fonts is the best way to find the ideal style of letters and numerals for the project. So, you can have the desired impact on your users.

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