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Slideshare is a social network for sharing presentations, as the name says. But it’s not just any presentation, like that bad PowerPoint from your company’s last meeting.

In the race to increase the audience, it seems almost impossible to find other ways to make your Content Marketing reach your audience with quality, frequency and possibility of success if you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

But there are other social networks that can be the great differential of your company, that card that no one has thought of yet.

One of them is Slideshare.

Have you heard of it, but don’t know exactly what it is? Never heard of it? Does not matter. You just need to know that the Slideshare has 70 million visits per month and it’s one of the most complete content sharing platforms you’ve ever seen – or will ever see.

Wait, that’s not all you need to know.

You need to know the potential of this social network and how to use it in your marketing strategy, avoiding the obvious and gaining a very select and engaged audience.

And of course we went looking for this (and other information) to help you create a more complete marketing strategy. Therefore, check out the points that will be covered in this content:

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a presentation sharing social network, as the name says. But it’s not just any presentation, like that bad PowerPoint from your company’s last meeting.

Are inspiring, thought-provoking presentations that catch the user’s attention and make it click to see the next and the next slide.

It is a space for you to share stories in visual format, with well-designed design, relevant information and provocative conversations, your audience wants to download, comment and share your content.

It can also be considered a great content search tool, since more than 18 million uploads have been made to the platform, with content ranging from design to business management.

Why is Slideshare good for your company?

The list of reasons for you to start considering Slideshare as a good marketing bet starts with reduced competition.

While most companies are concerned with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can take advantage of the full potential of Slideshare without finding all your competitors there. But not only that:

1. Select and qualified public

Slideshare audiences know what they’re looking for.

In this social network the user follows favorite topics, that is, topics relevant to him. Going into the topic, he has an overview of the latest publications made and also the most popular, which makes it easy to find relevant and useful content.

2. Community of followers

By sharing quality content, you can create a community of followers for your company, just like in other social networks, with the advantage of not having to be aware of thousands of interactions, because the dialogue between users is not the main focus of this social network .

What Slideshare wants is for you to show your knowledge and win your audience by content.

3. Traffic

Slideshare is also a great source of traffic, both for your blog, website and social networks.

If your content has real value for the user, nothing prevents them from entering your company profile and viewing other information about your business.

4. Brand strengthening

As the focus of Slideshare are presentations with great stories and inspiring content, in addition to reaching a select audience you strengthen your brand by showing all know-how of your team.

It is an excellent way to distribute complete, intelligent and highly shareable content.

5. Lead generation

Yes, you can generate leads with Slideshare!

With a very intuitive tool, you add forms to your content so that visitors leave their data and start to relate to your brand through email marketing.

6. Evolution of the strategy

Slideshare also has an analytics tool which allows you to track the performance of your content on the platform.

Traffic sources, engagement, most viewed content and a series of information that will help you explore the full potential of this social network to generate more results for your company!

No more talking about benefits, because you will realize them as soon as you put your content strategy to work on Slideshare. Now let’s get to practice!

How to make an incredible presentation on Slideshare?

We already talked about what kind of presentation cannot go to Slideshare, the one from your last meeting, with huge texts, uninviting graphics and nothing attractive.

Now it’s time to show what kind of content is successful on Slideshare and how you can create it!

What to share on Slideshare

You can share slide shows, ebooks, infographics, elaborate graphics, sequences of photos or images, a multitude of things that have the potential to become great content and thereby win the attention of your audience.

It is important to always keep in mind how your company wants to be remembered after sharing it on Slideshare.

That presentation that was boring or that presentation that was so impressive that users shared it with their networks?

A beautiful example of an interesting presentation to put on Slideshare are your company’s culture codes, here is what we have produced to synthesize aspects of our internal culture:

Less is more

One of the reasons that PowerPoint presentations fail is precisely because of the amount of information that people insist on putting in a limited space.

The great thing about making a successful presentation on Slideshare is create clean presentations with a message – short and to the point – each slide.

Do not pollute your slides with a lot of images and texts that overlap them.

Always choose images that give space for the text and insert specific information, without going too far on the subject. After all, if your audience wanted to read a blog post, whitepaper or book, they wouldn’t be on a presentation sharing platform.

Impressive images

If your presentations are often filled with emoticons or Windows clipart, forget about it right now.

There are dozens of image banks with photos, vectors, gifs and other incredible formats for you to create unforgettable presentations.

So, take your wallet out of your pocket and invest in professional images that add value to your presentation.

The images you insert should always be in the context of your message, reinforcing the idea you want to convey. They must also arouse emotion, create a connection with the reader so that he has the will to move on.

UVisual content is processed much faster than written content.

You liked the idea, didn’t you?

Creative fonts

Are your presentations always in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri?

When do you want to be fun do you use Comic Sans? Nothing like that! Slideshare is emotion, it is visual appeal, it is enchantment through the image, therefore, forget the traditional fonts.

Try using unusual fonts that give a different look to your content. Switch font sizes to emphasize an keyword or to arouse an emotion in your reader.

Ah, but don’t get too excited! A maximum of three sources for each presentation, otherwise your message will look like a veritable salad of letters. A good choice is to use the font of your logo, to reinforce the brand image.

Vivid, cheerful colors, but without exaggeration

Colors are also important for a successful presentation.

Which should be used? It depends on your goal, but here are some tips: if you are going to use bright colors, always have a neutral background, so as not to impair your reading; if using black and white, always insert a color gradient to add depth; always use contrasting colors to highlight your text.

Here is also worth the extra tip: nothing to insert a real rainbow in your presentation.

Three colors are enough to work on your visual communication without looking like you are presenting a samba school.

A beautiful example of using a palette of colors that is both pleasant and striking is the presentation by Reid Hoffman, entrepreneur and co-founder of LinkedIn:

Location of elements

Images from the center are always the best choice, after all, they are right in the reader’s field of view. Wrong! If you want to get the attention of your audience, never leave information centralized, as it becomes monotonous.

Use the rule of third: divide your slide into three equal parts horizontally and vertically. In the upper horizontal third you will enter the most important information.

It will also scale them so that they are aligned to the right or left, to enlarge the space in a soft way and make your slide more comfortable visually.

Do the SEO

Slideshare also needs SEO, as it helps improve your search engine positioning like never before. Choose your keywords and optimize titles, descriptions, tags and content.

Use the right support tools

PowerPoint is a really good tool, but you don’t need it anymore.

There are other possibilities that will broaden your horizons in terms of design, harmony of elements, image editing and customization. Some of them:

Canva: assembly of images, customization, graphics, infographics and other resources;

Piktochart: more than 400 infographic templates for you to paint and embroider; another infographics maker. Just drag and drop the elements and go!

BeFunky: create different effects on images and make them unique for your presentation.

Capriche on the first slide

Of course, the cover of a book makes all the difference when we open it.

If the cover doesn’t translate everything you have to say in an interesting way, forget it, your conversions will be minimal. Slideshare is the same.

To attract users’ attention, your first slide has to be highly clickable, thought-provoking, exciting, engaging. Use the best you have to combine images, colors and fonts to make sure your presentation doesn’t go unnoticed.

Tell an incredible story

Slideshare is not just a presentation repository.

It’s a place for you to tell good stories, those that make people want to take them forward. Use each slide as a point on your timeline, connect ideas so that they make sense to those who are reading.

Talk about your market, your trajectory, your ideas and achievements.

Share with users what you have best in your company: knowledge. But make that knowledge easy to consume by giving that special touch that only good design can achieve.

If necessary, hire a professional to develop your presentationsafter all, you want quality results, not just another social network page to worry about.

How to promote your presentation?

After creating your amazing presentation, you need to show it to the world! There are several options to highlight your content, that’s why Slideshare is becoming one of the best Content Marketing tools for your company to stand out.

Linkedin Integration

As it could not be otherwise, you can incorporate your presentations on Linkedin and share with your network of contacts. For those who want to do business, it is essential to show what you know, and Slideshare works really well for that.

Incorporation on the company’s website

Another way to promote your Slideshare presentations is to incorporate them into your website.

You can leave them in prominent places so that site visitors have the opportunity to consume this content easily and intuitive, without having to open another navigation tab.

Blog incorporation

You can also spice up your blog posts with Slideshare presentations.

Just incorporate the presentations into the posts or even highlight that presentation content by creating a nice introduction to it, inviting your visitors to share it.

Sharing on other social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, can be integrated into Slideshare so that you can share your content directly on these social networks.

Don’t forget to create a killer CTA and call your audience to learn about other content you have on Slideshare! A lot of people are discovering the power of this tool, so start building your community of followers right now!

E-mail marketing

Another option to promote your Slideshare content is through email marketing.

Send a call for your new content to your lead base and, at the end of your presentation, invite them to share it with others.

For new visitors, simply insert a form during your presentation and turn them into leads quickly!


Yes, you can also send a link to your newest content on Slideshare via SMS, as the platform is responsive and allows the user to have the same reading experience as on the desktop.

So you can reach both the audience that has already left the email and the one that prefers more instant communication.

Promoted content? So how about knowing what your performance was?

How to get results with Slideshare?

According to Slideshare itself, presentations are 23 times more viral than any written content, which puts you in a prominent position for those who want to generate engagement with the public and gain visibility.

In addition, infographics generate 4 times more shares than the presentations themselves, that is, Slideshare is the ideal place to host your visual content!

Generate traffic to your website

Slideshare, as we already said, is a great card for anyone who wants to reach a highly segmented, qualified audience with the potential to engage.

It is also a great traffic generator, because you can point a Slideshare link to your website or embed your presentations directly on the website, increasing the opportunities for audience interaction with your content.

Improve your positioning

Positioning on search engines, like Google, is critical for any brand. If you are not among the first search results, there is practically no.

But as in Slideshare you share complete content, in an attractive format, optimized for SEO, there is no mistake: your positioning will gradually improve.

Strengthen your brand with top executives

The traffic of company executives on Slideshare is 5 times bigger than on other social networks, which can expand business opportunities for you.

Just use our tips, create enchanting content, and watch the perfect audience search for your services and products.

Reach your audience anywhere

25% of Slideshare users interact on the social network through mobile devices, that is, you can place your content on your audience’s route at any time, without worries.

Generate more leads for your company

70% of Slideshare traffic comes from direct searches, meaning people who are looking for specialized content on the platform.

Positioning itself as an important content generator for your audience, the number of leads will rise exponentially.

Get 50 times more ROI

The experiences of companies that already use Slideshare show the potential of this tool.

According to the website, the company Frost & Sullivan obtained an ROI of 50 times the value of the investment made in presentations for Slideshare.

So did Buffer, who got 41,000 views for 10 minutes of work creating a presentation for Slideshare. Incredible, isn’t it?

Stand out with the Slideshare community

Every day Slideshare curates content and highlights several presentations on its homepagel.

This means that if you are taking your Content Marketing seriously and creating original pieces for Slideshare, you can gain visitors for free without much effort.

Track your results every day

Integrated with Google Analytics, Slideshare lets you know how many visitors your presentations had, what the traffic source was, the total number of views and social shares and a series of other indicators that will help guide your Content Marketing strategy!

Who to be inspired to create amazing presentations?

If even with all this content about Slideshare and how to use it, you still have doubts about what an incredible presentation is, all right, we know that visual content is processed 60 thousand times more than words.

Here are some of the brands that are booming on this social network and increasing their results considerably.


Market leader in Inbound Marketing, dictating trends at all times, it is clear that Hubspot could only do a good job on Slideshare.

If you check the company’s profile on this social network you will notice that it has hundreds of presentations loaded on the platform, talking about the most diverse topics involving digital marketing.

You will also be able to get inspired to create your company profile, inserting the right information and optimized for search engines.


Marketo, another company in the marketing segment, also makes good use of Slideshare.

There are more than 19 thousand followers of the company and more than 700 presentations created. You can open the company page and delight in ideas to start creating your own presentations.

Sales Force

Sales Force, a provider of CRM solutions, has over 17 thousand followers on Slideshare and more than 900 presentations created and shared. It is also a source of great ideas for you to start building your presence on this social network as soon as possible.

There are plenty of success stories to motivate you to start using Slideshare right now.

It is a simple, intuitive and high impact tool for your audience, which will help to increase the authority of your internet business.

Want to create premium Slideshare content but don’t know where to start?

We give you several tips on how to create high quality content in our Content Marketing Encyclopedia. Download, study and improve your strategy!

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