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Pinterest is a visual social network that helps users find ideas and references to experiment with in their lives. For brands, it goes far beyond a cute social network: in Digital Marketing strategies, it can help increase business engagement and conversions.

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You might think that almost nobody uses Pinterest. It looks like a social network only for the female audience, which only serves to search for cute decoration images or recipe ideas. Anyway, it may seem that there is no room for your company’s marketing.

If you think so, we created this article for you to review these concepts! Although many brands ignore Pinterest, this social network is becoming increasingly relevant to business.

Yes, it is totally visual oriented. Yes, there you will find pictures of well decorated apartments, DIY ideas (do-it-yourself), destinations to visit and thousands of images of design, illustration, travel, fashion, cuisine and other diverse subjects.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it has become a large catalog of references for users. And it is in these references that your brand can appear to get closer to the public, reinforce your branding and influence users’ purchasing decisions.

So, forget the prejudices against this social network! Now let’s show you how interesting Pinterest can be for your company.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows discover, share and save ideas. When browsing the internet or network publications – called pins –, users can find inspirations and create folders (public or private) that bring together various references on topics of interest.

And it is to facilitate this discovery that Pinterest works today. Although it emerged in 2010 as a social network, the company today positions itself as the world’s first visual search engine.

Several tools have been launched to strengthen the intelligence of visual search and differentiate itself from any other search engine.

Inspiring people’s lives: anyway, that’s the goal of Pinterest. And there are already more than 300 million users looking for inspirations on the network.

Pinterest for Business

Like any social network, Pinterest was created primarily for people. But it is clear that brands have taken advantage of the potential to get closer to their audience over there, and Pinterest has also entered the sights of marketing.

Upon realizing this movement, the social network also developed new functionalities for businesses, such as the business account and measurement tools, which we will learn about later. That is why, Pinterest is also a great business platform.

Ok, the Pinterest base doesn’t come close to Facebook and Instagram, which have 2.3 billion and 1 billion users, respectively. But it is not so much the reach that brands seek in this social network.

The big benefit over there is enter people’s plans when they seek references to carry out their life projects.

By publishing inspiring ideas and interacting with users, brands can be discovered by new audiences, strengthen relationships with them and send more visitors to the site.

In addition, they are able to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers, who are willing to buy what they find on Pinterest. Some statistics about users show this power:

  • 84% use Pinterest when deciding what to buy;
  • 98% tried something they found on Pinterest;
  • 77% discovered new brands or products on the platform.

Another survey of users of the platform in the United States brings interesting data: 1 in 2 millennials use Pinterest, which shows the power of the network with new generations.

In addition, that idea that Pinterest is only for women can now be reviewed. Yes, they are a majority (about 70%), but the male audience is also there: 40% of new users are men, and 1 in 3 American parents use Pinterest.

So, did you like to know about Pinterest and the audience that uses the platform? Next, you will better understand how to exploit its features.

How to use Pinterest?

Creating a Pinterest account is simple. But it is important to know that, for your brand to operate on the network, you need to have a business account. To create it, choose the option “Create a business account” on the Pinterest home page.

login on pinterest

But, if your brand already has a personal account, you can add a business profile to it. To do this, access the account and click on the settings (the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen).

pinterest business profile

To set up your business account, Pinterest wants to know some questions, like the name and type of business you represent. In addition, you can add a link to the site, integrate with other social networks and select the subjects that best describe your business (Humor, Architecture, Nature, Cats etc.) to receive suggestions for platform pins.

register on pinterest

There, your business account is already created! If you created this account from a personal profile, Pinterest offers the option to choose 20 folders to add to the business profile, with only the first 250 pins in each folder being copied.

After that, you can start creating pins and folders for your profile.

For each folder, it is possible to define name, description and category, add a cover, keep it public or private and also invite collaborators.

folder on pinterest

When creating the pin, you can:

  • choose an image from your device or your website;
  • choose the folder to add it (or create a folder for it);
  • add a title and description (with hashtags, if you want);
  • add a destination link;
  • publish on time or schedule publication.
creating a pin

In addition to posting pins and creating folders, it’s also cool to interact with people. Start following brands and users who can bring good references to your brand. Use the search for this: enter the terms of your interest and save in the folders what you find most interesting.

How to use the main Pinterest features for businesses?

Now that you know how to get started on Pinterest, let’s get to know its main features?

Since its inception, the network has added many features that make the user experience richer. And Pinterest has a special look for brands, which increasingly have resources to do business on the network.

Get to know the main ones now.

Save button for websites

One of the ways to feed Pinterest with posts from your brand is to get users to do this, as they can save images on the platform directly from your website.

To encourage this, the network offers an interesting tool: the Save button for websites. When you install it, it appears on all images on the site, so users can click on it and save it directly to their Pinterest folders.

Rich pins

Advanced pins (or rich pins) bring richer information about the images, which go beyond the title, caption and link that exist in common pins.

This is done through metadata that must be added to your website or e-commerce and validated with Pinterest (see instructions). That way, every user who saves that image on Pinterest will automatically take the metadata information to the platform.

Rich pins are free and available for business accounts only. There are 4 types:

  • product pins, which include price, real-time availability and purchase link;
  • recipe pins, which inform ingredients, cooking time and portions;
  • article pins, which show title, author and an excerpt of the text;
  • application pins (currently compatible with iOS only), which include a button to install.

Want an example of how it works? Take a look at this pin from Tastemade Brasil, which contains the instructions for the tapioca cake recipe:

recipe on pinterest

Shop the Look

Shop the Look is a Pinterest initiative to further stimulate purchases on the platform. With this feature, the user who likes any product in the image can click on it and be directed to the purchase link.

Shop the Look pins have white dots that identify linked products. To add them, brands must have a businesss account. When creating the pin, you must click on the label icon to mark the products in the image, add the destination link and a separate product image.

Here is an example of what a Shop the Look pin looks like:

shop the look


Pincode is a way of take Pinterest to the real world. It is a customized code (similar to a QR Code) that carries information about the social network. When scanned by the Pinterest app, the user can be directed directly to their brand profile or folder.

Okay, but what is it for? Think that you can insert this code in printed materials, such as business cards, packaging or folders. Imagine, for example, putting a Pincode in the packaging of a lipstick and directing it to a folder with makeup inspirations. Nice, isn’t it?

Pincodes are available for both personal and business accounts. Any user can create the code by clicking on his profile photo and downloading Pincode.

If you want to create a Pincode for a specific folder, you must access it on the platform and click on the icon to generate the code:

create a pincode

Pinterest Lens

We said earlier that Pinterest considers itself a visual search engine. And the platform has been developing tools to strengthen this solution. Pinterest Lens is one of them.

This tool, called “Camera Search” in London, allows you to search the network for the objects you find out there, in the physical world.

Did you like the lamp you saw at a friend’s house? Did you see a flower on the street and want more images of it? Then, just aim the application’s camera at the object, and it will show references similar to what you are seeing. Thus, the search for ideas gets even richer.

pinterest lens

Pinterest Ads

Unfortunately, Pinterest Ads is not yet available in London. But it is interesting to know what it is about, as this news may soon arrive in the country.

Pinterest Ads is the network’s advertising platform. There, it is possible to sponsor pins, in image, video, carousel and pin app format, in addition to defining a specific target audience and measuring the investment results. Thus, brands have one more tool to increase their profile reach or generate more traffic and conversions.

How to do Marketing on Pinterest?

As you can see, Pinterest has a number of features that help brands achieve their goals on the platform. Therefore, this can be one of the channels of your Digital Marketing strategy.

Still don’t know how to use Pinterest in your strategies? Let’s share some tips now.

Like any marketing strategy, the brand’s role on Pinterest should start with planning.

What are your goals in this social network? Reach, engagement, traffic, conversions? How will you measure the results? Who will the brand communicate with? What types of publications will be made? What topics will be covered?

Operational issues are also important. Who will be responsible for publications, interactions and measurement? When will pins be produced, published and evaluated? Will I need to purchase a social media tool?

When answering these questions, the brand is already better prepared to enter Pinterest.

When creating content, it is always important to keep the persona in mind. When identifying the interests, pains and behaviors of your audience, you also understand what language and what subjects to adopt in the content. Thus, they become more relevant.

But, regardless of the persona’s profile, realize that Pinterest is a creative social network. With great visual appeal, it is a dynamic platform and full of stimuli. So no bad pins, okay? Put creativity in your publications!

Marketing on Pinterest also requires continuity. There is no point in publishing several pins at once and returning there months later. The best way to cultivate an audience on the social network is maintain consistency of publications and interactions with other users.

Whenever you post a new pin, your followers will know about it, since Pinterest displays posts in chronological order on the Following tab. So it is worthwhile to stay active with a frequency of publications.

But what is the ideal frequency? Pinterest indicates that you post at least once a week, but this can vary depending on the audience. So, test the best periodicity for your brand.

How to optimize publications on Pinterest?

If Pinterest is a search engine, why not apply SEO strategies on the web? The intention is to make your pins better positioned in searches, to be found by more people and, thus, generate more interactions and visits to your pages.

When someone accesses their own feed or does a search, Pinterest adopts some criteria to order the pins, according to the relevance to the user. He may consider, for example, the popularity of the profile, the keywords of the publication and the engagement it has already generated.

So, now let’s see some tips to optimize your publications on Pinterest and earn points with the network algorithm.

Fill in all pin information

Like Google, Pinterest can’t read images. To understand what they are about, the network algorithm reads the context information, especially the title, description, hashtags and the destination URL of the pins.

Realize that, even though they are a visual network, texts are very important. So don’t leave these fields blank.

Take the opportunity to fill in the information with the keywords that identify your business and products, so that pins appear in searches for those terms. You can also add a dash of creativity to get users’ attention!

Organize folders with keywords in titles

Keywords can also appear in the title and description of folders, as they are also displayed in users’ searches.

By organizing your folders by keywords, you not only point your main subjects to the search engine, but also to users, who more easily find what they want in the brand feed.

Capriche in the visual

One of Pinterest’s ranking criteria is the popularity of a pin. AND the main way to make your pins more popular is to look great. After all, we are talking about a network that likes to fill the eyes of users!

Okay, you don’t need a machine or a professional studio. Even with few resources, it is possible to adopt photography and design techniques that enhance your images. Lighting, focus, colors, composition and alignment are some points that you can take care of.

A good reason for this is in the visual search for Pinterest. On all pins, there is an icon in the lower right corner that allows you to search for “visually similar results”. Thus, the better the quality of your images, the more likely they are to appear in that search.

Prepare your website

On Pinterest, users themselves can bring branded content into the network. This happens when they save images from the company’s website in their own folders.

Therefore, marketing on Pinterest also means preparing images from the site so that they are saved by users in an optimal way.

You can think of vertical infographics and images, which are often successful on the web. In addition, you can also add the Save button for websites and include metadata to be used in the advanced pins (we talked about this above).

Integrate Pinterest with other channels

To increase the popularity of your Pinterest profile, attract more people from outside!

You probably already have a Facebook or Instagram profile, don’t you? So, share your pins on these networks and take Pinterest to an audience that already likes your brand.

You can also use your website or blog to post pins and folders. To do this, use the feature to embed publications in posts or add widgets. That way, you also take your visitors to Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics: how to track statistics?

Pinterest doesn’t leave brands acting in the dark. The platform offers, exclusively for business accounts, a data analysis tool called Pinterest Analytics.

In this tool, you can have an overview of your account with metrics such as impressions, engagements, closeups, clicks on the link, saved pins, total audience and engaged audience. You can also view the account’s top pins according to these metrics.

To view this information, you can filter it by the period of operation, the device used by the audience and the content format.

pinterest analytics

On Pinterest Analytics, you can also get to know the platform’s audience better. The tool reports age, gender, location and devices used by users. You can see this information about your audience, about the general Pinterest audience and even compare that data.

pinterest analytics

Bonus: cases of companies that use Pinterest and have good results

So, did you like to know how Pinterest works and how to use it in marketing?

Some companies are already well ahead in this social network and are already reaping good results there. Let’s see some examples for you to get inspired.


Natura is considered a case by Pinterest in London. It is not by chance that the brand was one of the invited to launch the Shop the Look and Pincode resources in the country.

In the cosmetics sector, Pinterest is a valuable tool for clients to find inspiration for makeup and looks. Realizing that its audience was already there, Natura decided to optimize its presence on the network to extend the reach of pins and traffic generation.

To this end, it created the Natura Makeup profile, specifically for this business area. Notice how the images communicate with the female audience, with a dynamic visual language and relevant tips and tutorials on makeup.

With this action, the company increased Pinterest’s participation in generating social brand traffic to 40%.

natura's profile on pinterest

Tastemade London

If you explore Pinterest for a few minutes, you’ll already find hundreds of recipe posts and cooking tips. Users love to learn to cook with Pinterest!

This explains a little the success of Tastemade Brasil on the network. However, the brand also gave a little boost to engagement by adopting a daily frequency of posts on the network, especially with the format of advanced recipe pins.

Thus, Tastemade Brasil grew 97x in impressions and 85x in referral traffic from Pinterest. In addition, he noticed on Pinterest Analytics that certain pins were more successful, such as those images produced especially for the network, with great resolution and in vertical format. Thus, it started to adapt its content to obtain more public engagement.

tastemade brasil's profile on pinterest

Anyway, we hope this article has sparked your desire to explore Pinterest in your strategies. After all, it is worth giving a chance to a social network that is capable of generating both engagement, traffic and conversions.

The platform is committed to improving the experience of brands and users, especially with visual search tools. Therefore, there are many opportunities over there!

In addition to the results for your business, make sure that you will have fun producing the content and interacting with users on this very interesting and dynamic social network.

Now, take the opportunity to download our free e-book on Pinterest and have a super complete guide on the social network for your brand!

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