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Buzzsumo is software that allows marketers to search the most consumed and shared subjects on the Internet. In this article we will bring all its features and how it can optimize your content strategy.

You know when you or someone on your marketing team has an idea for producing content that your audience will surely love and share on all social networks, making a huge buzz, but that, in the end, none of that happens?

Believe me, this is more common than you think, which is why you need a tool like Buzzsumo.

And, to let you know what this solution is, what it can do for your marketing strategy and what are its main tools, stay with us until the end of this post!

What is Buzzsumo?

O Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to intelligently make available the best content from resources that allow:

  • discover what are the most shared contents;
  • track brands, competitors and backlinks;
  • identify influencers and links shared by them;
  • generate analysis reports by subject and other filters.

Thus, Buzzsumo brings the necessary tools to ensure that the content gains prominence, generates engagement and is shared.

It can also help to increase the authority of your website, as well as analyze your backlinks and those of competitors to increase your ranking in search engines.

Nowadays, marketers have a very busy schedule. After all, new content is published every day, so it becomes difficult to follow everyone and know what steps to take in their digital strategies. That is why, a tool like Buzzsumo is essential.

What is Buzzsumo for?

Now that you know what Buzzsumo is, let’s see how it can be used within a content marketing strategy.

Find what’s being shared on social media

Buzzsumo allows you to identify what has been shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (although, in it, you can only examine profiles, not posts).

So you don’t have to guess about what we think is being shared across networks by and to your audience.

For example, think of a seasonal time like Mother’s Day. Marketers know that the first days of May can be turned to actions in reference to that day. However, when using Buzzsumo, these actions do not need to be done based on “guessing”.

In addition, Buzzsumo also helps to optimize your time by eliminating search results that do not apply to what you are really looking for. And for everyone who works in marketing,good time management is very important.

Find influencers who can share your posts

When we talk about content marketing in practice, it’s not enough to just publish great content, cross your fingers and hope that the best happens. It is necessary to promote the content so that it reaches your audience and brings the expected results.

And one of these forms of promotion occurs through influencersbecause they increase the chances that your content will go viral.

After all, who do you tend to trust the most when faced with a product or service: the company that sells it or a person who indicates it because it is really good?

Certainly, in the second option, right? Therefore, your audience is much more likely to consume, like and share your content if it is pointed out by an influencer.

It is at this moment that Buzzsumo comes into action, more precisely through its search engine for influencers.

By clicking on the “Influencers” tab at the top of the platform, you can conduct a search based on what is in the influencer’s profile or the content he or she shares.

That done, Buzzsumo presents a list of influencers who are talking about the topics of interest, giving insights on how to create valuable content about it.

Evaluate the subjects of your editorial calendar

Another way to use this research skill is to assess whether people are talking about topics you want to write about.

When it comes to marketing, for example, there are great chances that people are talking about social networks.

But, what if you are planning to write an article on Twitter Ads and no one is talking about it? Will the result be good? Probably not.

So, in order not to make your editorial calendar based on a bet, Buzzsumo can point out what are the topics that your audience may really be interested in consuming.

Analyze data and trends to create high-performance content

While some people who work in marketing have difficulties and others don’t even like it, data analysis is critical.

By analyzing metrics, you can see where you are in terms of meeting marketing objectives. With the right kind of dashboards and analytical access, you can quickly and easily see which actions are being effective and which need optimization.

When it comes to BuzzSumo, the platform knows what data is important for marketing work. One of its advantages, for example, is that BuzzSumo scans the Internet to see who is talking about topics related to your niche and even quoting your brand.

This can even make room for partners. After all, if you discover a company that, of its own free will, quotes yours, why not make a partnership in which both can benefit?

What are Buzzsumo’s tools?

Now, let’s see what the Buzzsumo tools are so that you know everything the program can offer.

Content information delivery

Through Buzzsumo, you can understand which content is getting the most impact from your audience. The tool’s social search engine is able to find the most shared content of a subject, author or domain.

Instant survey from last 12 months

With Buzzsumo you can instantly search for data dated up to 12 months. So, if you need to know what topics were most read, liked and shared by your audience last year, this is possible.


Advanced filter

Buzzsumo also makes it possible to find the content most shared by your audience, allowing you to filter them by text, video or infographic.

Social Backlinks

While tools like SEMRush allow you to see backlinks that other sites have made for yours, through Buzzsumo it is possible to see the links also pointed to by social shares.

The tool is constantly updated to ensure that you see new backlinks quickly and easily.

Content Restoration

Add value to your content strategy with selected content. Discover interesting and trending content and share it directly with your audience.

Search for influencers

As we said above, you can improve your marketing by having influencers who promote your brand to the public that your company wants to reach. You can even follow them directly within Buzzsumo.

Understanding of influencers

Buzzsumo allows you to understand what content influencers are sharing.

By viewing the content that an influencer in your niche shares and the topics they talk about most, you can produce content that not only attracts the attention of your audience, but also the influencers themselves.

Data export

Through Buzzsumo, you can export all results related to content shares, list of influencers, in CSV or Excel format so that you can make a more detailed analysis, in addition to being able to export this data to other software, such as your company’s CRM. .

Receiving content alerts

Buzzsumo sends an alert when an article mentions your keyword, when your competitor publishes a prominent post, or when a specific author publishes an article.

Much easier than doing it manually every day, isn’t it?

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Refining your alerts

The program sends alerts at the same time that a content is shared, in addition to reporting it in a daily summary.

You can set a minimum number of shares to be reported in alerts to filter the most important content and reduce noise from unnecessary topics. Alerts arrive by email.

Content analysis reports

Buzzsumo produces content analysis reports in the form of a graph of average shares, shares by network, content format, day of publication, duration of content and most of the subjects shared, which can bring many ideas about the next content to be produced by you.

Competition Analysis

You can search the content most shared by your competitors to see what’s working for them, as well as the content formats they’re using and which social networks they’re most successful with.

That way, you can return your actions to those same channels.

Competitor comparison

Finally, Buzzsumo’s comparison reports compare competitors’ content performance. That way, you can produce differentiated content in order to have a greater prominence in the market.

After all, contents that have a difference are those that will make your brand unique before your audience and have a better performance in your corporate blog strategy.

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