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Canva is a great ally for the marketer. Through the tool, which is free and extremely intuitive, it is possible to create and edit designs applicable to all digital communication channels. All of this with the help of pre-configured templates!

One of the most important points of a Digital Marketing strategy is the company’s ability to communicate effectively with the public. After all, it is useless to create campaigns that seem brilliant in the elaboration phase, but fail to send consumers a clear and noiseless message.

To facilitate this understanding of the audience, nothing better than using qualified and personalized visuals. Any marketer knows that there is a constant need to create design in a short time. Even if the idea is simple, it is not always possible to find a solution.

Unless, of course, you know and master a practical, online and extremely efficient tool. We’re talking about Canva. Want to know more about this feature and its features?

In this text, you will discover:

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What is Canva?

If not the most popular, Canva is one of the most used tools for creating and editing designs on the internet. Weigh in its favor the extremely intuitive usability, the efficiency of its functionalities and the fact of having a 100% free version.

“Canva is loved by beginners and experts, teams and individuals”. The phrase, displayed on the tool’s login page, gives an idea to understand its popularity. At the same time that it has a simple to use interface, the features offered satisfy even the most experienced professionals, such as Adobe Photoshop users.

Canva tool

In addition, Canva is useful both for people working alone and for group projects. This is because, with a few clicks, it is possible to send invitations to other team members to access the platform and collaborate in managing the company’s images and designs.

Launched in 2007 by an Australian group, the tool is now used by professionals and amateurs around the planet. Mastering it can be an important advantage for your Content Marketing strategy or simply to qualify the visual elements of your approach.

How does Canva work?

As we have already pointed out, simplicity of use is one of the great attractions of the tool. This can be noticed when you first access the website, which has three different options for logging in. You can connect via your Facebook, Google account or register another personal email.

login in canva

With the registration done, you will be directed directly to the Canva dashboard, where you can view templates of designs that can be used. On the page, you can select pre-configured options for the sizes of each of the main social networks or create your own settings.

In addition to networks, the tool offers ready-made designs for other elements of a marketing strategy. You can work with specific dimensions for email headers, flyers, business cards, blog posts and more. Just select the option that most closely matches your goal and you will be directed to the work area.

canva guide

There, the tool’s features allow you to choose specific designs to develop your art. If you are planning an Instagram post, for example, Canva offers arts geared, for example, to sales posts, related to foods or with seasonal themes, such as Halloween and children’s day.

canva templates

It is also possible to develop a design from scratch, use images found on Google and upload directly from your computer or device. To optimize communication, you can add texts and work with several different sources.

To facilitate your understanding, we will dedicate the next topic to tutorials involving the creation of different types of design in the tool. Follow the reading!

How to create different types of designs in Canva?

The digital transformation, which is still under development, has provided internet users with an abundance of different channels for content consumption. In this way, they value more and more a qualified and diversified experience, which forces brands to invest in different relationship channels.

For this reason, knowing how to develop arts and designs in different formats is fundamental for the elaboration of a complete strategy. Next, you will see tutorials for creating some specific designs in Canva. Follow!

Facebook cover

If you want to consolidate your brand on the internet, it is essential that all your channels, from the website to social networks, adapt to the company’s visual identity. Therefore, if you already have a fanpage on Facebook, it is essential to create a properly styled cover.

To do this, go to the Canva home page and click on “create design”. The action will open a search bar, in which you can type “cover for Facebook” and select the corresponding option. This will open a new tab with a space for you to work under the dimensions specified by the social network.

Facebook cover

To the left of the blank screen, you can notice a sidebar with templates already prepared. You can scroll down and choose the most suitable one, or simply enter key terms in the template search option. It is also possible to start from scratch.

To do this, you can click on “images” to insert your photo or choose from the ones offered by the tool. The color of the design can be changed using the “background” option, while clicking on “text” will allow you to add words in different colors, sizes and styles.

image background for facebook
text options in canva

Initially, the text will be positioned in the center of the work screen, but just select and drag with the mouse to change its position. At the top of your screen, you have the option to download the design, share it on your networks or save to continue editing at another time.

Instagram highlights cover

You already know the highlights of Instagram, don’t you? This feature is used to categorize your stories and leave them fixed in your profile on this network so important for the digital presence of any brand. To make them more attractive, it is important to have a cover that draws attention.

instagram highlight templates

To create your design for Instagram highlights, repeat the procedure mentioned in the previous topic and select the option for the feature. Remember that the template already comes with the settings specified for the network, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the design.

Once again, the tool will offer ready-made and editable templates, but you can start from scratch by selecting the background color. Although they need to be attractive, the covers of the highlights are generally minimalist. Therefore, a good practice is to select the background color and add an icon that represents the subject in question.

If you want to highlight stories related to events, for example, go to the sidebar and click on elements. There, you can type in the keyword and find icons and figures that can illustrate the characteristics of the highlights.

To insert the finished image on the cover of the highlights, you can post it in your stories directly through Canva or, if you prefer, download the art on your phone and add it manually to Instagram.

instagram highlights cover


One of the oldest elements in communication is letterhead. Records point out that this format has been used for official communications since the kingdom of Babylon, millennia before Christ. Centuries later, letterhead is still important to give credibility and authenticity to the documents of several companies.

Its content must be clear, clean and have a logo to identify the company’s brand. This logo, which in other times needed to be pressed on paper, can be easily inserted into Canva. For that, it is recommended to upload a .png file, in order to guarantee the quality of the document.

So, select the “letterhead” format in the ready-made gallery, customize the color and insert the text you want. Then, click on “images” and upload the file with the logo. If you encounter doubts about the positioning of the elements, use Canva’s ready-made models as a base and just make the necessary changes.

Although the background for this type of document is usually white, you can choose other colors. The important thing is that the information is visible and, mainly, aligned. To do this, use the design grids, which can be accessed by clicking on “elements”.

letterhead templates


The use of flyers is very interesting for the dissemination of events or relevant information to the public. To start creating your own, go to Canva and search for pamphlets. The tab that will open will offer ready-made templates. In addition to choosing the purpose of the pamphlet, you can specify the subject that will be covered in it.

Select the one that best suits what you are looking for and, using the sidebar, edit it until it is perfect. In flyers, it is important that you add your own images to make your brand recognition easier. Also, make sure you use fonts that are legible and that are not disturbed by the background.

If you plan to physically distribute the pamphlets, click on “download” and choose the option “High quality PDF”. This will generate a high resolution file that can be printed at home or sent to a specialized printer.

flyer template

The designs cited throughout this article are just a small sample of all the features you can explore in Canva. The tool, which is free and easy to use, is an important ally for marketers, as it represents a simple way to create and edit visual elements for the brand.

Creating designs that represent the characteristics of your persona and are in line with market trends is an important step towards success. Do you want to continue learning? In this text, we list 11 design blogs that you need to know. Check out!