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SimilarWeb is a website analysis tool that helps you to know the market and monitor competitors. Search ranking, number of visits and traffic sources are some of the information you can collect on the tool. Now, learn more about SimilarWeb and how it can help your business.

Keeping up with the competition is already part of your marketing strategies?

If not, it’s good to start looking around and realize that competitors are out there, perhaps with more efficient strategies than yours, perhaps even taking your customers away. And you’re not even noticing!

But we don’t want you to despair, okay? We are here to help you monitor competition on the web, which can bring insights not only to Digital Marketing, but also to business strategies in general. And for that, we brought you an ideal tool tip: SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb is one of the best known tools for analyze websites, monitor the competition and know what position your brand occupies in the market.

Now, then, you will know everything about this tool:


What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a website and application analysis tool. According to the company itself, SimilarWeb’s mission is “to provide global and multiplatform market intelligence to understand, monitor and grow its digital market share”.

For this, the tool provides a search feature for websites and applications: just type in a URL or a mobile app, and the platform searches for their data. Both in the free version and in the paid version, you receive a very complete report on the website or application searched.

So, if you were looking for a way to know data about your competitors, here is the solution!

SimilarWeb brings position metrics in the search ranking (or usage ranking, in the case of applications), number of visits, bounce rate, traffic sources, among other data that can be valuable for your strategies. In addition, you can place this data side by side with your metrics, to compare the performance of two brands.

SimilarWeb works on a website, accessible at, that is, there is no need to install any program on your computer.

What information can you monitor on SimilarWeb?

Next, find out what information SimilarWeb reports bring and which you can explore in your analysis.

First, when you ask to analyze a website, these are the data presented:

  • ranking of the site in relation to traffic (global, by country and by category);
  • total visits in the last 6 months;
  • average visit duration;
  • pages per visit;
  • bounce rate of the site;
  • percentage of visitors by country;
  • traffic sources (direct, referral, search, social, email, display ads);
  • referral sites and destination sites;
  • search keywords (organic and paid);
  • traffic originating social networks;
  • profile of the visiting public (interest categories, other websites accessed);
  • competitors and similar sites (by subject and ranking in search results).

When you analyze an application, these are the metrics that the reports present:

  • application usage ranking (global, by country and by category);
  • ranking ranking on Google Play or the App Store (global, by country and by category);
  • audience profile (categories and applications used by app users);
  • traffic sources (direct, referral, search, social, email, display ads);
  • web search keywords;
  • traffic sources within the store (store search, developer page, wishlist, etc.);
  • in-store search keywords;
  • similar applications.

It is worth mentioning that this information is available in both free and paid versions. However, at SimilarWeb PRO, you receive more complete data, while free reports have limitations, such as the presentation of only the top five search keywords (to access more, you must purchase a paid plan).

How to use SimilarWeb?

Next, we’ll show you a short tutorial on how to start using the tool and explore its main features.

When you open the SimilarWeb website, you already have a taste of what the tool offers: the screen shows a visual map of the main websites of certain markets, such as news, travel or banks, as well as traffic information and market share for each one .

But let’s get to what matters to your business. On the home screen, you can already see a search bar in the upper left corner, next to the SimilarWeb brand. There, you can type any website or application you want to analyze.

how to use the similarweb tool

Try typing your company’s website. Then, you will receive a report on your website. In the paid version, you also have the option to Download (button in the upper right corner).

In the results, you will see all the information we mentioned earlier: ranking ranking, total visits, traffic sources etc. At the end of the report, you can identify which sites are competing and similar to yours and then go on to analyze the competition.

Click on any website that appears among the competitors and know all the data. Another option is use the comparison functionality, whose button is available next to the site name.

analysis of the rock content website on similarweb

By clicking on the Compare button, the platform already suggests some competing sites. Or you can directly type in the page you want to analyze.

When choosing a site, SimilarWeb presents a comparative report between the two sites, but with summary information: only the classification, the traffic overview and the origins of the visits. To get the complete comparison, you need to join SimilarWeb PRO.

domain comparison on similarweb

SimilarWeb also offers the option to install an extension on Google Chrome. It allows you to view website data as you browse the internet.

If you entered a page and want to know more about it, click on the extension button in the browser, it will show a summary of the ranking data, traffic, origin of accesses, among others.

Want more details? Just click on the “More insights” button to see the complete data on the SimilarWeb platform.

site analysis on similarweb

What is SimilarWeb for?

That SimilarWeb is a tool for analyzing websites and applications, you already know. But how can this help your business?

Now let’s see how you can explore SimilarWeb with an eye on your marketing strategies.

Understand your business

Before looking outside, SimilarWeb helps you understand your own business. In the platform search, you can enter your website or application and view its metrics.

Do you already know the ranking of your website in the search ranking? Who are your competitors on Google search? What channels do your visitors come from? And what are the main keywords they use to reach your pages?

These questions can be answered by SimilarWeb and help you identify your position in the market. In addition, it also serves to realize points that you can strengthen in your strategies. For example: if you want to bring visitors from LinkedIn, but this metric is low, it’s time to analyze how you are doing on this social network.

Yes, most of this information can be found in Google Analytics or Google Search Console. But here you have a dashboard with visual data about your business. In addition, you can compare them with competitors in just a few clicks.

Analyze the competition and benchmark

The most interesting thing about the SimilarWeb platform is the information about competitors. All the metrics you can see on your own site are also available on competitor’s sites. This is valuable for your strategies!

With an eye on competitors, you can identify how they are performing on the web and social networks. In addition to tracking your position in relation to them, you can also identify market opportunities and threats and be inspired by actions that went well or learn from what went wrong for competitors.

If the performance is way above your site, turn on the alert and analyze what you can do to improve. After all, you compete for the attention of the same audience, and if they go too far, you fall behind and lose potential customers.

In addition, you can also benchmark by monitoring sites that do not compete with you, but are references in your industry. Let’s say you are inspired by the actions of a company in Europe. It does not attract the same customers as your brand, which is in London, but it can generate ideas for content and keywords that you can use in your strategies.

Improve content marketing strategies

In a practical way, what can you do with the information you collect about competitors on SimilarWeb? They must be applied in your strategies to generate effective results.

You can analyze, for example, which social networks generate the most traffic for the competitor.

Is your brand already there? What is he doing there to generate so many visitors? Do a more in-depth analysis of social media strategies and use it as inspiration to improve your performance.

competition analysis of social networks

Another way to use SimilarWeb to analyze the competition is to check the competitor’s keywords and use them in your SEO strategies. The most popular terms can be used in Content Marketing to publish articles on the blog that attract the competitor’s audience.

Also analyze which sites create backlinks for your competitors to identify link building opportunities. You can contact the administrators of these sites and propose guest posts or co-marketing partnerships, so that they generate backlinks for you as well and attract a new audience.

Generate market intelligence

SimilarWeb is focused on analyzing the competition on the web. However, insights go beyond Digital Marketing strategies – they also generate market intelligence.

Let’s say, for example, that you notice a competitor’s staggering growth in the last week. A peak of accesses on the website, for example, may reflect a strategic move by the company, such as the launch of a product or a significant discount for customers.

It is up to you to go beyond the numbers in SimilarWeb’s reports and deepen the analysis on competitors’ channels. So, you can monitor their steps and plan their reaction so as not to lose market or, better yet, gain a competitive advantage.

How much does SimilarWeb cost?

Do you think you will have to spend a lot to access all this information? None of this: SimilarWeb offers a free version.

By adopting the freemium model, the platform has some limitations in free research, but it is already possible to obtain several insights for its strategies.

If you want complete reports and access to all features, you can join SimilarWeb PRO. The paid version offers unlimited results per metric, site historical data (up to 3 years) or application (up to 28 months), keyword searches, among other exclusive features.

The website does not inform the value of the plans, but you can talk to a consultant who can advise you on the best option for your business.

similarweb pro

So, did you like getting to know the SimilarWeb platform? Website and competition analysis tools are valuable for your marketing strategy, as they allow easy data visualization and still have metrics that you can’t find anywhere else.

Remember that your brand does not live in isolation in the market: competitors are always around! And you need to know how they’re doing, what actions are working (or wrong) and how you can use that information to improve your strategies. In addition to monitoring the competition, you can also use SimilarWeb to benchmark and be inspired by sites that are references for your business.

Now, take the opportunity to learn more details on how to analyze the competition on the web! Download our free kit on Analysis of Digital Competitors, which brings a guide to the main tools of the market and a checklist to map the strategies of competitors.