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Email marketing strategies are still of great value and growing more and more. To develop effective campaigns, however, you need quality tools. Mailify is one of them, especially in use for small and medium businesses, making communication with the user more direct.

For small businesses, relating appropriately to your audience is critical. This approach opens space for new business opportunities.

One of the most efficient strategies in this search is the e-mail marketing. It allows a much sought after movement to happen: converting leads into customers. In this work, the Mailify is the tool that stands out the most!

The platform offers very practical and practical features, as it is able to meet all the needs that small and medium-sized companies have.

Thus, a flow of e-mails is established with your contacts, either to lead them to a conversion, or in a frequent feed with newsletters. Are you curious to know more about Mailify?

This post will show you all that this tool can do for your business! Better understand the role of email marketing for companies and see how Mailify provides incredible advantages in the relationship with your leads with all its features.

What is the relevance of the email marketing strategy?

As much as some chains try to disqualify the use of e-mail today, it remains an interesting and valuable tool.

Its use is an important part of Inbound Marketing strategies, to continue communication with the user after he has been attracted. When a company gets a lead, email is the best way to qualify and select who has the potential to be a customer and generate conversions.

The purpose of email marketing is simple: maintain frequent contact with the company’s public, offering interesting proposals through these messages.

In these submissions, there may be a link to a blog post, a product offer, a discount coupon or just informational. The important thing is that the email is really relevant to the recipient.

The sales funnel and the nutrition flow

Based on the stages of a sales funnel, email marketing is done through a flow of nutrition.

It is a sequence of e-mails sent with the proposal to gradually educate the customer and put them in a position of interest to perform a conversion. This action can be from downloading content to purchasing a product, or contracting services.

The sequence of e-mails is made respecting the level of the customer’s relationship with the company. If he has just met the brand, it is not recommended to immediately offer the purchase. It is essential to encourage engagement, that is, this greater proximity. In this way, generating interest, the intended conversions happen naturally.

That old idea of ​​an artificial strategy was left behind. Nowadays, more and more, marketing techniques are applied in emails. From the tone used in the messages to the sending cycle, absolutely everything is designed to make this resource more and more personal, generating the impression of a careful and timely contact.

What is the impact of Mailify on email marketing strategies?

Mailify is nothing more than the tool used to execute this email marketing strategy. The sending of these messages must be done within a standardization that will generate a positive impact on the audience that receives them.

Thus, when it arrives at your recipient, this email does not fall into spam boxes and is not seen only as automatic, artificial and distant messages.

Have you ever wondered if the marketing team of a small or medium-sized company had to manually send each email to your contact list?

It is not enough to just write them down. It is also necessary to think about the stages of the funnel where the lead is. In addition, automatic shooting makes work much easier, making everything more practical and more accurate.

Using Mailify

In practice, Mailify is where all the work of email marketing strategy is produced. There, all messages are made, triggered and the work is controlled in complete dashboards.

The possibilities of the platform are divided into 3 main categories: create, shoot and go along, always focusing on the most direct communication that small and medium businesses need today.

This proximity is achieved successfully, even with a model of automation of the triggering of messages. The marketing team can be sure that, by entrusting these 3 stages of work to Mailify, they will have important returns.

Conversion rates increase and leads are progressively taken to the deepest stages of the sales funnel.

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What are the features of Mailify?

What else makes Mailify stand out from the competition is its features. Anyone who has a small or medium-sized business needs greater care. A tool that generates a series of advantages within a single interface is of great help in this context.

Next, check out the main features of Mailify and see how useful they are in your marketing strategy!

Custom email trigger triggers

It is possible to program trigger triggers for emails to the new lead just captured. Thus, when he performs an action, he automatically receives a message. This submission can be associated, for example:

  • visiting e-commerce;
  • abandoning a cart with products;
  • subscribing to a newsletter;
  • access to the landing page;
  • or several other conversions.

Customized contact base construction

Every company has its own base of contacts, full of customers and other leads that have the potential to become important. Mailify understands this and allows lists custom are created.

The bases can be imported from other tools or destinations to be available. From there, the mailing lists are configured as the user prefers.

Spell check email addresses

Did silly typos ever cost you an email delivery in your strategy? Despite being small, these failures generate an increase in negative rates, related to the non-receipt of the user.

In a simple way, Mailify offers automatic functionality that tries to make corrections to these misspellings. Something practical, detailed, but with great value!

Custom domains

Small businesses are always looking for greater Spotlight and credibility in the market. When communicating using an email, it is important that he has an institutional “face”, that is, with his own domain.

Mailify supports users to determine that name in their accounts. Despite being a simple change, the impact is enormous and has a direct impact on the engagement of leads.

Opt-outs and bounces management

There will not always be success in the delivery of e-mail, so it is always important to measure how many did not reach the recipient, to then work on diagnosing the problem.

Within that, two metrics are important: opt-outs and bounces. The first happens when the contact to which the email would be sent cancel receiving messages. Bounces indicate when there was mistake or rejection in delivery.

Sophisticated and modern templates

The design of corporate emails needs to be modern, sophisticated and attractive. The users who receive them want to have this feeling when they open them and, when that happens, the perception about the company that sent it becomes positive.

Therefore, Mailify offers a wide choice of templates for you to give the appearance you want to your messages, personalizing the content with quality.


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Responsiveness in content

In addition to being attractive, these emails must be fully adapted to cell phone screens. For users, reading these messages on smartphones is already a very common reality. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is a practical way of checking your inbox.

However, emails that are not mobile friendly, that is, do not adapt well to the cell phone screen, have no chance in the strategies.

With Mailify, responsiveness options are offered, which means that emails are read easily on any mobile device.

Personalized email marketing strategy

Marketing teams can build their strategy exactly how they want, with extensive options for personalization. Shooting frequencies are defined with exact day and time, always related to the configured lists.

In addition, the messages for each step of the funnel are also defined, following exactly the planning. E-mail marketing is, in its origin, done in the best way!

Tracking relevant metrics

Metrics help you understand the performance of campaigns carried out in email marketing strategies. Bounce rates, read rates and a number of other numbers help to analyze the success of submissions.

Frequent monitoring becomes important and provides insights for improvements, corrections and optimizations of strategies. In Mailify, you can access and track all these numbers.

Advanced A / B testing options

How do you know which email model will perform best and impact the recipient? The best way is to test, using A / B tests.

Using Mailify, it is possible to automate the firing of different emails, but with the same proposal and funnel step. The tool itself brings data regarding deliveries, showing which performed better and indicates which should be chosen from that.

If you have a small or medium business and want to be successful with your email marketing strategy, Mailify is the most suitable tool. Take advantage of all these features to manage your leads, engage them and turn them into customers, always with the possibility to optimize your actions!

But don’t stop here! Enjoy and understand more about deliverability and how this rate impacts your email marketing strategies!