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Want to know how to use twitter to grow your business? Discover here the best tools of the social network.

Can creating an account for your company on Twitter really help to promote the brand or is it a complete waste of your valuable time? This is the question that does not want to remain silent.

Respectable people in the world of business and digital marketing use Twitter as their main platform for disseminating and interacting with their target audience, given the communicative potential of this social network.

In this article, we will try to present you the main benefits of using Twitter as a way of interacting with your audience. We will also give you valuable tips on how to use Twitter correctly.

What is Twitter?

There are those who define Twitter as an instant messaging platform made available to the public. Starting from this perception and expanding it, we can also think of the platform as an accessible mechanism of micro-blogging, in the domain of writing 140 characters.

At first, that’s all you need to know. Another interesting detail for you who are interested in having access to thousands of people to promote your brand is that every 5 days, 10,000 new people create their Twitter accounts.

Current estimates of the total number of subscribers to Twitter reach around 300 million users. This means a great opportunity for disclosure for established brands and beginners in various segments.

How does Twitter work?

Twitter allows you to post updates – called tweets that are small 140-character messages – as often as you want. That way, when you follow other people on Twitter, you can see your tweets on your timeline. When they follow you, they also see your tweets.

As you can see, this is a continuous flow of communication. The good news is that you can turn it on and off when you want all this hype. In addition, Twitter also maintains a public record of all its updates, which can be accessed and searched through the Search tool.

What are the best tools to optimize your experience on the site?

Twitter offers a whole range of support applications available that you can employ to get the most out of the service for your business. Here are some of the best tools for you:

  • TwitterFox: This Firefox browser plugin allows you to view tweets within your internet browser (in a pop-up menu). This is very useful and eliminates the need for you to have to constantly visit the site in a conventional way.
  • TweetLater: This powerful service allows you to schedule tweets (much like the scheduling function for sending e-mails). Another very powerful feature of this application is the ability to receive targeted emails from Twitter’s most pumped hashtags. This allows you, to participate in a conversation, to track topics and trends that interest you.
  • If you have accounts with many services, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, this site allows you to post updates to all of your social media profiles at the same time.
  • Twitter to Facebook: If you are on Facebook, this application converges your tweets directly to your Facebook profile as status updates.
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Why is Twitter so important to my company?

The main answer to that question is that it is a network used by many people. Many users, despite not tweeting, follow posts from famous and widely followed profiles.

There are surveys that show that 70% of twitter users access and follow company profiles in order to find out about news and promotions.

How do I attract followers to my company profile?

A valid strategy to promote your brand in the twitter universe is to create posts with exclusive promotion links for followers and information about your products and services. All of this, of course, aimed at increasing clicks on your tweets through the dissemination of exclusive benefits and really useful information to people.

How to get the best out of your customers ‘and followers’ feedback?

People on Twitter follow company profiles looking for more than just promotions, they almost always have a lot to say. Therefore, focus on answering your audience’s doubts and effectively establish a solid communication with your followers.

Know that social networks invariably have a tendency to become true online SAC tools, so live well with that.

Even what may seem like a crisis between you and a dissatisfied customer, inflamed by your negative opinions about a product, can represent a great opportunity for you to show all the transparency and openness to your company’s dialogue.

Use this open channel of customer contact as a tool to improve your product, always.

Get closer to your audience

Remember to interact with your followers and get closer to your audience. Companies that participate and interact with the public are much more successful on the web, and thus become champions of retweets and clicks.

Use hashtags (words with the # symbol) to extend the reach of your tweets. In this way, your messages will reach an audience beyond your followers., This symbol will serve, in the language of Twitter, as a subject classifier icon. Hashtags that are more shared are a guarantee of Twitter’s success.

Use Twitter as a platform to interact with your company’s audience. Remember to always interact with him, this will guarantee your success on the social network.

As a communication tool, Twitter asserts itself as one of the most innovative and successful of recent times. It is a mandatory stop for those who want to set foot in the age of communication.

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